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  1. Been locked out of one of my chars for well over a month. What a sick joke.
  2. And a casino and player owned homes and a cooking skill and the option to buy APB$ from Gamestop and 7-11.
  3. As it is, Gold threat is too polluted. Add a new threat above Gold, like Platinum, for example. I might be assuming too much here but each and every player should technically have a hidden ELO. Automatically make the top 10% of players with the highest ELO Platinum and make a server only accessible to those players. This segregrates the top tier players and let's them play with other similarly skilled players while preventing them from completely destroying the average player. Dethreating would be a possible danger here but seeing as only the top 10% of players would get this new threat, their ELO would also be extremely high. Again, not sure if they actually have the tools to monitor this but hopefully they do, but LO could just monitor and see if anyone was losing a lot of ELO intentionally in a certain time span.
  4. Hence why I made this new ol uncanceled thread lol
  5. If you read the actual post, you'd know that they cancelled the OCT 2 name release, not the entire thing. All the problems LO is quoting as the source of the delay was pointed out on the original thread about the Name release more than a month ago. Wake up. It's been almost 3 weeks since they cancelled it literally 2 hours before it was supposed to happen.
  6. It's been almost 3 weeks since the last second post cancelling the name release.
  7. The people who do that are usually the same that call tRyHaRdS
  8. The most use out of these nades will come from dealing with carplays. As in people who have their pioneer/espacio on a leash and jump in the moment they get shot once.
  9. The same people that want the NTEC nerf think that anyone who disagrees with the nerf just want to "protect their favorite toy". How is that any different from you lot with the Ursus? The skill gap just in Gold alone is way too varied. The only opinions that should be valid in terms of weapon balancing should be from the top tier players. Players like @rooq, @Flaws, @PvE, and @zeals.
  10. I am a Gold. I have been since 2012. I have used my fair share of the Ursus and NTEC. If you honestly think the Ursus is harder to use than an NTEC, I'm sorry if I'm going to hurt your feelings, but you should re-evaluate your own skill level. @crusade seems to understand where I'm coming from.
  11. You slaying Silvers and Gold Plated means nothing. > "Ursus is hard to use" > Opinion discarded
  12. Please elaborate, I'm genuinely interested in debating this with you. At least you have a decent grasp of the English language, unlike Alanii.
  13. What? That's the exact opposite reason why I want the Ursus nerf? As stated before, multiple times, the Ursus is already an easier to use version of the NTEC. It's a pretty well established fact that it's the handicapped version. If the main argument for the NTEC nerf is that it's too easy to use and too versatile, WHY WOULD YOU OPPOSE THE EVEN EASIER TO USE GUN BE NERFED. It baffles me that this many people do not understand this simple concept.
  14. This. If you're all on the nerf NTEC band wagon, but you're against changing the URSUS, the "git gud" argument prevails.
  15. With the proposed changes to the N-TEC incoming, please take a look at the Ursus as well. As it is, the Ursus is already a handicapped, easier to use N-TEC. If you're going to nerf one, nerf both.
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