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  2. ^way ahead of you xD Anywayyyyyyy the map that was mentioned earlier can be found in different renderings on different locations in the game, like on boards / walls and ticket machines. There are way better comparisons though if you google for it. Midtown is just a name given to it, This so called Midtown District was meant for APB RTW, that much is sure. It was cancelled later in development when RTW went south. You can find it in the lore and even in videos (3d parts). At some point the APB creator community even wanted to finish it for them, this should be still on the old forums. Anyway yeah it became a no, no after things went south. Too expensive if the game on a budget like theirs doesn't thrive. Dem feelings. Anyway... And yeah the racing district is another pretty amazing idea if you ask me!!!! Would almost forget about that. WeW. They indeed had so many idea's. Time flies doesn't it. Have a good new year! It surely was by RTW. Too long past for most people though. Can't blame them. At early stages that is. Very shortly. So technically you could say Matt is still right.
  3. Literally applies to any damn game-mode on any damn game out there. (roflcopter)
  4. I'm just gonna say that if we ever get the final district, I'll believe we are in an alternate reality after-all, and are here to make things right again. (if you look at the APB maps found in-game there is a district missing - iirc it was referred to as Midtown) APB is already pretty amazing. so close, a happy new year in advance ppl.
  5. @MattScott Holy cow - just realized that I tagged a "lookalike MattScott" named "MattScot" (see my post above). @mods; there is a "lookalike MattScott" account named "MattScot" xD. What-the-bleep.
  6. People forget too easy. IIRC the idea was: running out of ammo --> melee. With ammo being in shorter supply than what we have now. And like, today we don't even need to visit the Joker Ammo Machine to resupply anymore. TBH it wasn't really that stupid as it sounds today because the game was different. Still it was sort of silly and got removed. :)
  7. @MattScottVery cool. Maybe entertain the thought of having any sort of leveling progress with the challenge mode/ alternate districts. That is, any new ones and the ones we have now. Being able to grind a bunch different stuff just helps a game. To give a totally random example; always thought having 'FightClub level' would be a 'nice to have', even if it's just an repeating exp bar and a number behind our names. Obviously we got joker tickets, but yeah, new initiatives maybe. Having *a* FightClub level. (Matt if I could ever get an edit button that would be awesome, lol)
  8. Oh cookiepuss, well cookiepuss as SPCT knows a lot of stuff / can help ... didn't want to bother the upper echelons without reason is all ,I guess. Also cookie has lovely PM's you should try ;) @MattScott if you could help me with my previous post (upgrade to 'member') that would be great! Enjoy Christmas, everyone.
  9. First off Lixil is in the 'Technical Administrators' group. Could you please elaborate why people shouldn't have any discussion with Lixil? Sounds a little worrisome?! Secondly, if you delete the conversation you will not get any updates. I'm not sure if this is a 'starter member' thing as well, but we tried it. For example; start a conversation with a starter member, have them delete the conversation, send another message in that same discussion you still see, the person who 'deleted' the discussion will not receive that message anymore. You can send a completely new message aka start a new discussion, though. Again we obviously tried this first. Did you, even?
  10. @MattScott Hi MattScott! Merry Christmas! Question! Would it be possible for you to 'upgrade' my account to 'member'? I PM'd CookiePuss first but CookiePuss couldn't change it. I only have one (1) PM/Message discussion open in my profile and that's with Lixil, however this one discussion blocks me from PM'ing you, or anyone else (It tells me to delete the current conversation first). If I delete the discussion with Lixil I won't see any replies anymore so I'd rather not do that?! (For now anyway). So that rather long-ish explanation is why I'm asking here! Being able to edit my posts would be nice! I did read about the 'upgrade' here. Been here since 2011! Almost 2019! Bye bye and again have jolly holidays!
  11. Truly blessed Christmas and 2019 to all fair players out there, many of my fair playing old friends never log back in anymore , but I know there are some decent people out there still! Embrace them for 2019 APB.
  12. Merry Christmas cheater community. You might like what you are doing, some of you might even be smart enough to make some money off it, but, maybe, just maybe, one day you'll understand all you are doing is faking it, ruining companies, breaking a nice game and generally making the world a worse place for everyone to be in including yourselves. Not like you care, right?
  13. Jazeker


    A few people have been (toggle) cheating in the Christmas event districts for days now, when a GM joins they stop, when the GM leaves they shout about the GM leaving and they go on again. Reporting them doesn't seem to have done anything perceivable by players. The best option is just to ignore them. It is just a complete joke. ggez - have it one video btw nobody cares btw battleye btw
  14. No. Cars mechanics are near perfect as they are now I'd say. Some cars are a bit weak, maybe. Would like to remove mods from my old premium cars though but that's another topic I guess.
  15. Aye and over the course of a few years that's literally nothing I'd say.... sound advice. Not to mention the double loyalty reward events we had back then so check your progress towards it. Like, I seriously remember someone buying the N-HVR 762 (yes, i know I know but it was widely used for a while back then, way back) from Armas along with some Jokers.... and then getting the PSR 'Harrier' in their mail (reward boost as also going)... they forgot to check about their next reward. The ranting on TeamSpeak oh lol... oh gees that's still funny. * (reward boost -was- also going) I guess my message about the account upgrade hasn't been read yet. (oi, mods have holidays as well? )
  16. I like the event, still, if you had a few of these days occupied you'll be unlocking Christmas gear and decals after Christmas , seems a little...I dunno? Well at least those folks will have the goods unlocked early for next year Maybe we can start a little bit early next time around... people want to design stuff with those as well I recon? I dunno.
  17. Sneak up really close and spam that key. Not the proudest tactic but still a valid one. and avoid any yellow snow
  18. It's true that is was more easy to complete back then though. Being able to open these yourself for the time being might be a good idea.
  19. Wait... really? Can someone 'upgrade' my account to member? Please? That would be better. Or who do I PM?
  20. Kind of agree but .... it's not too hard to figure out which car that is, and well, you should remember this particular car, after figuring it out. Your opponents can't be too smart for this tactic to be really successful is what I mean. In my personal opinion this mod just asks for a different type of offensive from your team; a more alert one in open spaces, and like, one guy switching weapons to do hard damage, to counter it, etc. These days people get fed up with having to switch weapons to counter a specific enemy setup though. People pulling out a field supplier gets more rare every day. No idea why that is. Bit lay-z
  21. Not sure if this helps but; in the past I had a SLI-setup and experienced microstuttering with SLI enabled for APB. Turning this off always fixed it for me. I dunno, I just use one powerful card now, but that's what I remember from it. Also if you are talking about 'loading' stutters, then a SSD for gaming does wonders... but you probably mean the gpu / graphical thing. Only had that problem from SLI myself.
  22. ♪ tried so hard and got so far ♪ (sorry just had to :D )
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