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    Good luck. I'm sure things can be better but yeah this isn't a downhill thing.
  2. I kind of like seeing them progress and getting the hang of things, it sort of gives off a nostalgic feeling, being in the presence of a developing beta, a new company, or something close to that. Looking at what we got here and knowing they are busy with the update as well, let's just say that I think if they keep this momentum it's going to be interesting indeed. This game is a raw gemstone and not ez to cut right, besides that a part of the community is being ggez selfish as ever, but, APB surely holds this promise of being its own thing and this is looking like progress again to me. oof
  3. ... if they just keep playing in the district? The pop is too low to switch districts, and besides, with the way anti-cheat currently runs, it isn't a stretch to see new filling-up districts having the exact same problem. Now, the angry in-game chat versus the downplaying (+hiding) on the forums shows how embedded this inconvenience currently is (for legit players anyways). Please get it sorted out a little. Doesn't have to be perfect, it really doesn't have to be perfect.
  4. Yeah you're not the first, besides people buying the expensive packs to get that one nice mask / config / those shoes and them now seeing those specifically on sale for 99g1c, these 'exclusive' thingies go as well. At first it'was kinda sour to see this as well, but in the end this is better; just a sour leftover from how bad the greed was before LO. Really. (Also throwing looks at my lost-meta expensive prem-guns, and never-to-be-used again prem-cars, might be an idea to put those on sale as well. Can enjoy those, but for a better price I'd say. Or update them )
  5. To save little fingers; would the 'always run' idea be possible to implement after the update? Like, revert what we now have (optional). Would be nice. (yes yes there is a trick to edit existing config-files and bypass the LO launcher file-repairs to get a 'run-stickey'-key, that's not what is meant here and should be a no-no anyway)
  6. Big topic.. I like some idea's .. anyway, I think it was kinda OP how it was and with the state it's in now, yes it certainly isn't that OP, however there still are wayyy worse legendary secondaries. So, I don't really see why this one has to be buffed back while looking over at those others, some of which are just a waste of inventory space to be quite honest (yukon still isn't, even though it isn't as OP anymore). Yeahhhh
  7. I'm kinda curious as to people who have to wait 'months', like, kinda made it a habit to spam support with (duplicate community) questions?
  8. These two posts above me describe everything anyone currently needs to know about the game. And yes you are entitled to your own opinion on which approach is the most 'toxic' here. Good luck APB!
  9. Yup. Nice alternative forum account btw. Legit people even seem scared to write this stuff here. Come on LO The forums will always be the forums they have been for the last decade, but your game, these people ruin the game, giving it a little more attention might be smart. Report system sounds nice, but does it work as expected is it fast enough? People re-roll really fast, maybe validate the 18+ account requirement? These checks already exist on the net. Just random ideas and I know I know, the update is super important ... but, just take some consideration into account about which / what kind of community you want to drop your hard work on, when it's done. The game is great I'll always say that. Playing against these people isn't. And hey that's exactly what those people want. Good luck APB!
  10. Wait you mean that post rights to talk warn people about cheaters post which disappeared to off topic post where nobody looks? really? wauw. must luv dem chators thats amazing
  11. Yeah but that's exactly why people think it's kinda weird I think That's just weird as well.
  12. 2011 1508 posts just APB things (but hey thanks for the info anyway)
  13. seriously i need to find that edit button
  14. Hey my pictu.... omg the irony. Exploding sides. Well played. p.s. agree on only 1st place getting the skin, I just think people who already won should get auto JT and not counted. I mean currently 1st, 2nd, 3rd place could be the same people over and over again as well... you'd fix it for like one round otherwise. ... my pictures man come on those were quite fumy ... you guys
  15. For even better trolling the cheater who made a mistake and got recorded changes his name and then recreates the old name on a dummy account.
  16. Like banana says in the intro; aren't you worried you might be having a problem? laughing out loud oh my gosh, come on people time to hide this thread by a volunteer? why aren't they doing anything about the actual crap going on? are you guys sharing servers with them or something? lol hey it should be Banana ... it's an actual name .. nice coding
  17. cheaters are out in force today ... again XD XD XD complaining seem utter useless in the current game version though, this battleye version might as well be off *seems (all off xD)
  18. Some people can buy more some people can buy less. Some people can farm. Some people can create. Why not put G1C as an option in the new Trade Window? Would it be possible to do this safely? If so it's win/win for players and LO. You'd only sell more g1c, never less.
  19. is possible. personally like the idea and about new players... as said elsewhere on these forums ... new players actually have to stay, which they don't atm. this community fucks over new players gg ez
  20. uhm.. around 1000 bucks and up i'd expect account bound stuff which you just get in the mail when you create a new character, i mean if you don't want to be passive until support gets back to you (busy times) and yes as said, definitely support
  21. Alt accounts are usually a great indication stuff is going on....people usually don't use many alt account / names BUT if you see weird names ingame or weird behaviour (including a usually barely used voting system on a pretty dull forum) ... expect alt account xD i mean these people have inofwars like issues, but in a noob way xD noob *infowars lol
  22. Technically its not the zone but the server acknowledging your position in it. Understanding stuff and all that.
  23. wauw amazing but good luck with that and expect to rustle pro jimmies
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