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Found 2 results

  1. Well, since the battle royale appears in the APB - I want the battle pass. @MattScott A battle royale cannot be a battle royale if there is no battle pass in it. You want to battle pass in APB battle riot royale?
  2. Battle Royal - simple version - Battle royal in districts (finan. & waterf.) with matchmaking off - groups of 4 team deathmatch (the option to see where are the rest of players ; skill based battle royal) - 80 players auto grouping (20 groups) when enter district (also after every battle) - only groups of 4 already made can join district - when player dies gets out of the battle and can wait till ends (cant make damage or whatever) - time limit for each battle: 15 min (will ends even faster) - all weapons,cars and mods players have are allowed - reward for the winners: similar to easter,halloween events Additional explanation: cant be solo,no wall closing,no event boxes to open,no restricted weapons,cars,mods etc because many reasons i thought about it Matchmaking Removing threat and threat mission districts.Only open conflict to stay because matchmaking is not working anyway.So basically open conflict with matchmaking off (ranks to be visible,current solution only ofc not long term) and another finan. & waterf. districts called battle royal Customization and weapon roles - increase number of clothing decals for free players from 3 to 7,vehicle decals from 7 to 10 - remove weapon roles rank 16 (players can unlock chrome skin and 3 slot weapons on rank 15 completed) small changes like this i think your players gonna appreciate P.S. I add alternative to the battle royal check my last comment
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