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  1. After some testing can say, I prefer the jg in a over b and live. The csg changes i dont like, the csg still gets dominated by the others. I feel like the live csg is in the perfect spot. also lets just say you shoulve kept the fire rate of live for nfas as it feels like it still dominates all shotguns if not even more than before.
  2. can confirm this isnt just a nivida issue having same issue on r9 290x
  3. ye but now the ntec is pointless compared to far and star and far will just dominate like current ntec
  4. nerfs seem kinda pointless as you aren't touching star and far at the same time
  5. so did you mean to nerf rate of fire on test b?
  6. Ursus is basicly middle ground for obeya and ntec. both have there own strengths
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