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  1. throwback to when missions were playable and the most you faced was the odd tbotter or macro user here and there
  2. yea and even if you have completed everything previously guess what? you have to do it ALL over again :DDDD ...... for what reason? none other than to ruin your life
  3. Iazer

    Female Heart Iris

    Males have 6 total options for irises which is one more than the female and the extra is a heart shaped iris, why do females not have these I want to ERP with my cute red heart eyes
  4. how long are the valentines weapons supposed to stay on armas for? (and why was there no xmas classics bundle considering there is a halloween and easter classics bundle)
  5. omg don't even, I hate hearing people say low quality is cheating, the only thing that would be cheating would be removing particles from the game which gives you an advantage and disadvantage but SOME people just don't seem to understand
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hsSuEyIemp9ikNyScOOxnUwZ2kZhvT5PTDR3WpvVArI/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Iazer

    Armas Items

    There is a lot of items that are in a limbo state where they are either only in-game or only on Armas, for instance not all of the 99 G1C items are in the joker store. Why? To add to that I would like to see a few weapons that are only available in-game currently on Armas available for purhcase account wide, this being the N-TEC 5 Dvah Stock, OCA 626 NFCP 3 Stock, JG-1140 Tactical. These are the only 3 slot weapons that are unlocked through progression outside of an event that aren't on Armas, disregarding explosives and LTL ofcourse. Finally why has the weekly Armas content not changed for at-least the past month.
  8. Testing this myself after changing character 5 times I lose all icons, I believe on the 4th time it was partially broken with some showing and some not and the occasional few randomly appearing and disappearing
  9. we'll start by making sure that SLORP is max rank
  10. 1. No xmas dump trucks. 2. Being stunned in the nutcracker event whilst holding a snowball gets it stuck in your hand if you don't die and just stand back up. 3. Achievements are hidden again. (EDIT. Or is there none? Where are the ways to get skins from previous years?) 4. No holiday contacts in Financial. 5. FPS stinks for some reason. 6. Dynamic Event Financial and Waterfront are showing up for some reason. 7. The 12 deaths of xmas role overlays over itself when maxed (see image below)
  11. Right to start off lets sort out PC specs: 3700x @ 4.2GHz - IF @ 1.8GHz (APB designated second half of CPU) 16GB 3600MHz Ram 1070 Yes this is actually horrible going under or over 2.2 just completely ruins the colours and after seeing what consoles colour scheme is and how much more like Live it looked it makes me wonder what changed? Another big one, it's HORRIBLE. It takes me to go into the graphics file to set the lowest options with on everything apart from things I care about eg. Players and Vehicles to be able to get anything resembling acceptable framerates. Another thing, when it comes to changing these graphics options I would rather be given something more like what the advanced launcher offers currently. Just writing Low quality / Medium quality etc isn't very representative of what you will experience in-game, I would much rather we are given an actually advanced menu that allowed you to see the LOD values, this being Min, Max and Bias as it will allow us to have more customisation with what sort of graphics we want. It just doesn't look right, cannot really say why but it just doesn't feel like what I'm used to. The game overall is more dull which gives it a more relaxed look but again this is only applicable with brightness 2.2, anything else just completely ruins it and throws it off. I feel like this beta was more something rushed to get the community excited for something but it just hasn't done that. It can't feel like live if it doesn't perform like it. The feel of the game isn't just about how the gun play feels and how responsive everything is, it also comes down to the physics, looks, movement and most importantly framerate. As I said above I did manage to get usable framerates but this was tested on an empty district almost and was only properly >120FPS in Financial in most places. When I changed to waterfront to try I still experienced FPS dipping to below 80 mainly around the Fortuna Mall location. The UI within this version of the game is also moving away from the style that looked good. In my personal opinion the district select menu from live looks years better than the boring district select this beta has, if the issue was due to performance then I'm hoping it is eventually recreated in a more efficient way because scaleform whilst it might be better in this case just doesn't look good. The font on this menu also doesn't help it, I'm almost certain I read that the font was going to be reverted >3 months ago but we still haven't gotten it. Please explain that one. Other issues that are still present in the console editions of the game still work in the beta, for some examples this playlist should help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3EMy8SLEPM&list=PLFuwzKH5e3ZS2kxYvxmTCTsXLxwwhYjmJ
  12. Sure do miss arcade shooter APB, this is boring. Maybe it's time for me to uninstall
  13. It is also ridiculous having extremely high damage output weapons in a third person games, and for the opgl it is incredibly ridiculous to have a heavy grenade launcher thats explosion radius is 7m inside such a confined district such as asylum.
  14. Whilst it would be nice, unless something is also done to matchmaking that isn't really viable and names would become an issue between NA and EU due to there being so many people using similar names across both servers. In my personal opinion hiding threat all together would make for a much less toxic environment but apparently that's just my thoughts on it.
  15. Whoops looks like something was missed from that hotfix ;D
  16. but I wanted sorting by cost in the clothing designer to crash me and I wanted Anne to give me free Resupply Boxes every 5 days
  17. Iazer

    Dirt bikes.

    but this is a very serious topic that @SkrotN would love to have a discussion with the community about
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