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  1. [size=14] text pls edit: makes sense as to why everything is all over the place wrong wrong, again that's a long rant about... cheaters? abusive gms? GM's should not be messing with players, unless the GM makes their intentions clear AND the player is okay with it. Under no circumstances should they intervene in a mission that is currently in progress, it's just poor form.
  2. yo are you like best buds with that socks dude? its a sunday morning on an Canadian thanksgiving weekend / US 'Columbus Day' thing (neither of which are an EU holiday) what do u really expect ?_? go be with ur family
  3. ?_? If u constantly lose missions or get score lower than the average opp in ur mission you lose ELO therefore u lose threat
  4. 7 days later and still no update on the situation. ?_? nice one !
  5. iazer is now following you


    creep 4Head


  6. we have some HK guy who bought apb :^) HK is basically china
  7. neato! good job! totally not what was expected when it was first announced.
  8. neat, ill still play fc though due to the fact that very few players will play in Gold.
  9. He speaks Russian, but I believe he is from Occupied Palestine or something. Yeah, 9k followers and 100k on Instagram lmao. Yeah, I was being sarcastic about that. They shouldn't need to /detect/ shit like this. They're blatantly streaming their content for the world to see, it should be an instant ban.
  10. I don't understand LO's stance on banning players. They refuse to ban players who are blatantly cheating on the idea that they will catch more of them... but this game isn't like CSGO where holding off and waiting will ban like 1000's more cheaters. In this game all the cheaters are the exact same people over and over. It doesn't matter how long they wait for the cheat, those same players will come back. They need to start banning individuals who are quite clearly blatant.
  11. It's hard to ban when they can't detect a macro/.lua file or whatever file the A4 Tech mouse uses. Therefore they won't ban said player. It's pretty pathetic of them to be honest.
  12. OBIR/FFA nerf is a good idea. The CQC effectiveness of it was too strong, 50dmg instantly then 3 shots with the FBW isn't that difficult. Low-yields needed to be changed 100%, I'm not sure if the fuse timer needed to be messed with but maybe it might work out.
  13. Ah yes, APB: Reloaded Reloaded 2.0. There's only so much they can do until that name is completely trashed. (if it's not reached that point already)
  14. news: LO sold rights to future apb titles ruskis getting bannered sick skins for ur rzr phone bro
  15. Yikes, imagine having an APB skin on your phone case.
  16. I was only riding this train due to the entire APB lore and IDEAS. Now that there is zero chance of a fully fleshed out APB 2.0 I'm actually upset. LO was looked at as the saviour of APB last year but they're just the same as old G1. I'm surprised they kept the game this long. It's just saddening. Congratulations @MattScott. You've actually lost me now as a supporter of this game, and your company.
  17. ?_? I am confused ?_? What isn't allowed? Like is the no fog allowed? Is the localization allowed? I'll guess I shall see what happens if I log in?
  18. The IP is the only thing about this game that is worth shit. What a poor decision to sell it to some Chinese company who will not have the same vision. I understand they won't have any say in APB: Reloaded, but the next versions of APB? You can't just keep updating APB: Reloaded and putting an 2.0/3.0 at the end of it. All the future APB titles will just be Chinese GTA clones. Good job Orbit, this is the worst decision you have made for the game thus far. I get that you are fiending for the cash after realising what this game entails but damn. I'm really not interested in what happens next.
  19. Yeah, neato. You're going to have to free up 'taken' names from the 2015 merge before/while this is happening. Also, make it so I can merge two accounts together, or just move 1 character to my other account. danke
  20. I agree that some of the SPCT aren't the best and there are a few that I don't believe belong there but not every SPCT has to be a top-tier player. The game should not cater towards the casual player, 100%, but to say that 'average' Golds get no say is kind of silly. If you're Gold you have some sort of understanding of the game which is what should be a requirement for SPCT. Guns should work in a competitive way and it should take time to master them, but they should also not be hard to learn. (It's hard to learn a weapon though when so much of it is based on RNG) The SPCT is only as good as LO lets them be, and honestly we don't have that good a community for LO to pick from.
  21. Not to worry, just like you, I want this game to progress so I can feel your frustration towards players who refuse to help guide the game in the right direction. I said in the other thread: I already knew before testing the weapon that it wouldn't be a good change. The RFP does NOT need any more range that it already has. The Fang is a big problem, so adding range basically buffed the RFP (the TTK wasn't really the problem). It's the fact that it can be such an annoyance at the range. The RSA and the ACT44 need to be viable, but with the RFP/Fang being so good at long range (and qsing being removed) they aren't all that common. Yeah, for large updates that completely change the meta with weapons, players should test them. Only after SPCT gets to test them though, and we need SPCT that know how each gun /should/ function and what LO needs to do. But small changes like these that can be seen clearly on paper, does not need players to test them before people can say it's 'terrible' or 'a bad decision'.
  22. I don't agree with the changes, so why would I spend my time testing them? Clearly me not playing the game speaks more than my voice on these forums.
  23. I mean, I could just play the game less and less as I have been doing. My option seems like a better use of my time.
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