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  1. I thought during old G1 they messed up the rewards, maybe I'm wrong.
  2. Question, with the rework of Premium, will they be fixing the rewards for APB$ and Standing bonus'?
  3. ye they can depending on their ego - source; me most good cheaters are just really good players with a little extra 'ompf'. - source; not me
  4. chill my dude it's just an event lmao
  5. i really wonder how you get the ideas to post and how you go about getting the arguements/points to debate do you realise that you're looking at an evening time in EU while NA people are in school/college/work at that time you're a sperg with that being said: NA is dead and most NA players went to EU.
  6. watch your video again bud, enemies spawn when you're like 34m/33m away from an item so they probably got the spawn when you were 35m away. (i agree that sometimes it bugs out and ppl can spawn like 10m away but pick a better video thanks)
  7. scaleform is the login and i think the tutorial section, but that is it. it hasn't replaced everything else as it was suppose to
  8. Will Scaleform ever become a thing? Or will that be scrapped to allow a new UI in 3.5?
  9. no snakes in ireland p.s. if anyone calls it "patty's day" i will actually noose them
  10. dont feed the troll ?_? i do see more players without premium than with premium these days. if they make all the cooldowns take as long as they do without premium the game will feel very slow.
  11. "You've spent 70,444 G1C resulting in a total of US$880.55" and possibly another like $100 or so on another account. 2013-2015 90% of that, 1 year break then 2016(ish) 'til now the rest.
  12. Tap is a R255 Gold, I'm not sure why he's spouting such shit tbh.
  13. I just love doing Manilla Vice and Mia Vice. Best missions ever. :^(
  14. rank 30 means nothing, just keeps the low level rerolls from coming in. it's not stopping the current cheaters. :^) garbage anti-cheat, and worse gm's.
  15. I remember seeing another ticket # being posted, and it was like 3k before my first ticket got seen to. September 29, 2018 10:10 was my ticket #83875 - Got answered in January. Roughly 3 months. this was for a name change issue November 06, 2018 17:18 was my ticket #85453. (less than 2k tickets later) Answered 4th Feb. 3 months. this was a cheater report (and by cheater i mean a whole clan of players selling their cheat and streaming etc) November 25, 2018 19:30 was my ticket #86277. (less than 1k tickets later). about 3 months later. answered Friday 15th feb. this was a title issue So, they are catching up with all the reports, but they probably have tons of them to go through. They said that /report filters cheater reports etc, but they still probably have tons t go through as is. More than likely they are understaffed though.
  16. remove all r195 mods from FC and also explosives while ur at it
  17. While it takes a while for support they do answer. One ticket I got what I wanted, another I didn't. At least they aren't just c+p responses like Reloaded gave us.
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