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  1. 1hr 20 mins of trying to get in. I had hope for this Beta. I had to go do IRL stuff and I was looking forward to coming back to the forums to people actually talking well about it. Talking about how great it ran or how fun it was or how excited people are for the future of APB. Now, I'm just like whatever. Time to ride the wave my dudes see you all on the flip side.
  2. Was looking forward to the beta, but login issue after issue...... yeah not a good look. Who's idea was it to import all the characters on the day of the release? Why not do it the day before, this way one less issue would be prevalent. 1hr 30 of trying to login, it I'm done. I got IRL stuff to do, thanks Matt.
  3. nice, thanks Matt. can we still trade/sell the legendaries that we get through Anne?
  4. yesterday 3 missions, 3 dethreaters /exit today join asylum, 2 blatant cheaters.. missions might be better? 1st mission blatant tbotters /exit thanks, Matt, fix ur game please. give me the money instead of BE and I will patrol the apb servers 24/7 with 99.9% accuracy
  5. IMO, the game needed these new contacts as soon as LO took over, even if it took a month or two from the engine upgrade. (i mean game needed these contacts yeaaaaaars ago but whatever)
  6. negative, the worst thing for apb was old G1 (techmech and tiggs etc) deciding to take a quick cash boost and have it go to consoles first :^)
  7. Nice to see you working on the Joker Store. Still a lot more can be done for it but it's a start.
  8. please release the names so i can give u guys money
  9. It's extreme yeah, but there's not very many other paths to take for APB in it's current state. It's to level the playing field for everyone... except when all the Silvers realise that not every Gold is macro'ing and they resort to complaining about whatever else.
  10. LO should limit all 195+ mods to the Silver/Gold districts tbh. The nerfs need to happen anyway to those weapons, but don't forget the manic and ursus. edit; 4 dislikes - dont worry all you r255 serial dethreaters you will get whats coming to you.
  11. Rust banned A4Tech/Bloody mice, so if you have one plugged in you can't play the game. I'm pretty sure you don't need the Logitech software either to use the mouse, so closing down the software before launching the game shouldn't be difficult. Not too excited about the change back to BE, gonna see a lot more sus players from a certain country I bet.
  12. Yup, same thing happened to me a few days ago. I just didn't spend the money, got Skip instead. :D:DD
  13. yes i need the next reward after the Euryale
  14. are explosives still in there, or was that category removed?
  15. nerf frags, 750dmg is too much for something that you can just throw at someone really far away and behind walls etc... what they really need to do is buff percs to 650 dmg at minimum because those require skill as you need to AIM at the person smh sarcasm btw frags are fine. concs need a slight buff imo
  16. Not the answer I was hoping for, so I guess I'll be waiting even longer to spend money on this game. noice thanks! I mean, he already had a warning out MONTHS ago for those in-active players. I highly doubt any of those players who didn't come to save their characters then will want to play in the future.
  17. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with what LO was able to display on the stream. Finally we get some actual gameplay footage of how the new engine works and runs. I'm not as excited as I was all those years ago, but I'm still interested. For the short Q&A, did Matt answer any of the questions about releasing those 'locked' names? I didn't catch it if he did.
  18. Thanks Matt, looking forward to seeing it in action. I doubt you guys are gonna spank streamers, unlike RIOT dev's did to fl0m, shroud etc. but it'll be fun to see. Glad to see the EU is almost here.
  19. alright last wednesday you fixed the stuttering issue and now you reintroduced it again nice game man really nice game im so glad i can get 80fps and constant fps drops on a 10 year old game man really
  20. game is for mature players only; The forums are like PG-13 or some shit. get the fuck over it and go back to erping with your bud in social and afking missions.
  21. Why would you disable blowtorch but not explosives? edit; 2nd game now where the launcher spawns and then I get within 150m to it and my game crashes. NEATO i guess i wont be playing the event then! nice one
  22. Oh wow, so by that logic Valorant isn't going to be a competitive game because it doesn't say it is? Listen, if two people are competing against each other to win a match there is some form of competition happening. These two players are trying to be better than the other. It doesn't matter if the only reward is basically to FLEX on the loser. The person who wins over and over will make a name for themselves, and will become renown on the game... even if it's only a 1k pop game. It doesn't matter that he has PREVIOUSLY cheated, Flaws still knows the game. He's put enough hours into the game to know how to play, how to counter etc. He's still a high-ELO Gold. Of course it's not competitive, they're clearly expoliting the games ELO mechanics and should be banned. Yet, if that same 4 man was in the correct district vs'ing players of equal skill then it'd be competitive. You need to step back from the computer, take a shower and clear your head. You are not getting ANY of the points that have been said in this thread.
  23. com·pet·i·tive /kəmˈpedədiv/ Learn to pronounce adjective adjective: competitive 1. relating to or characterized by competition. com·pe·ti·tion an event or contest in which people compete. Players COMPETE against each other. Every single match you partake in is an event where you compete against another player. So long as you're not a DETHREATER or a "play for fun" type of person, each match, each fire fight is a type of competition. I'm sure once LO completes the APB EU and get everything figured all those will be added YET you'll still probably be the person to say "oh apb isn't competitive". Just because you can't be good at a game doesn't mean no one else strives to be top. Good job, if the ELO system in this game worked as it should you'd be artificially inflating those poor players ELO causing them to play against better players faster... which could possibly end with them leaving the game. That is, if it happened constantly, 1 win against a low ELO gold/silver shouldn't match them with high ELO Golds.
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