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  1. guy on Twitch said 150 cheetermen on 1 service... not even that many opp xD Fewer cheaters than you think tbh.
  2. I'll make sure to send this to every bronze & silver i frag in game.
  3. are yellow mods a mechanic? if so, ill take a complete down-grade of apb to the 2013 version with 255contacts. apb would be fun again
  4. Threats are important for many reasons, and tossing new players in with veterans of the game isn't going to help ANYONE. Having optional threat-districts with the population as low as it is now will just further increase times between opposed missions or limit Gold players opposition. Merged. cant add ur quote to my post above... ur actually dumb. There are cheaters yeah, but there aren't as many as you think there are. Not every Gold is cheating, not every Gold cheese wins. You just refuse to improve as a person, you're a fucking BOOMER. get good. P.S. It's a video game and ur crying about "letting you guys into bronze is Fraud" and that "These purchases were made with the idea that threat segregation was a permanent thing.". No, you spent money on a video game from a private business that you in no way - shape or form - signed a contract with that the game had to remain the way it was. Insults removed. - Azukii
  5. same issue, didnt know if it was because i had a config installed or not. makes changing characters to look at activities a PITA. add it to the list of everything else that is ABSOLUTELY BORKED with this game
  6. AndyJames is the best player NA has ever seen. Oscar legend, you could learn a thing or two from him, kid.
  7. apb has always had potential but none of the companies took care of it. people dedicated to the game have a feel for how the game could be and were able to make those changes.
  8. Matt sold IP, yes. There is nothing that he can do now besides add updates to this version of the game. There never will be an APB successor. Maybe some shitty mobile game that is designed to take as much money from you as possible, AGAIN. G1/RP of old done that, and that is basically what LO have been doing. They don't care anymore. The servers are cheap for them to keep up, and enough people still spend money for it to be profitable. They don't even spend time here, they don't come to the forums to talk about ANYTHING other than their shitty maintenance.
  9. this game will never see ue4/5 you might as well just face the music now.
  10. there will be no new apb, matt sold the IP some some Hong Kong company that has no history of game development or any history at all lol future is dead
  11. ah yes playing the same gamemode for years on end is f.u.n............... oh wait all i do is fc because everything else in the game has been the same for years on end. sadge
  12. in game moderation ecksdeeee maybe if there was even an active community manager the game wouldn't feel so dead, and maybe people wouldn't be hesitant to put money into a game they enjoy playing. instead g1/lo have created a negative feedback loop that just causes the game to spiral downwards.
  13. no i meant what i said to sound like how it came across. would have been awesome but Matt sold APB's IP to some random Chinese company that has no information on them LOL WHAT A BLUNDER
  14. so there was a blog post 8hrs ago, yet no one posted it to the forums lol sick management https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2022/1/29/apb-2022-roadmap nevermind, was posted just on the second page revert game back to 2013 and start development thanks
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