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  1. Something similar with a different name would be good. i freaking love apb and hate that it is going to waste in the way that it is. Merged. well that explains why progress is so slow. That's such a damn shame. disheartening almost. i have always wanted an apb 2 with more modern content and graphics playstile and everything else. damnit matt! Merged. yeah sure mate, you going to fund the millions it would cost to do it? i'm just saying rather than waste time and effort on a game that's very out dated and due for retirement, invest in a new updated game. one that they could build from scratch. in the long run it would be better and easier for them do to so.
  2. So this might be a long shot, Probably just a fantasy but I returned to APB after a long time away for a couple games recently and was disheartened to see the state in which APB is in. population wise and obviously that the game after this many years hasn't been engine upgraded. I have been saying for a while that APB should just end and APB 2 should be made with a Mordern Graphics engine 4 or 5 i don't care. with the same great gameplay that APB had to offer. the city could be updated as it is years since it was made the maps could have expanded either more destroyed from years of urban warfare or grown into a more developed city. you could do so much with a brand new fresh APB rather than trying to put a bandage on an old out of date game as APB is. personally i feel as though APB is beyond saving and i think it is time to retire. however i spent years on this game and thousands of dollarydoo's so it would be cool if you could transfer the currect account's into the next game. just food for thought but would love to hear what people would think about APB 2 and ideas for what the new game could have. Please at least consider making a new game L.O i absolutely love this game and it's such a shame and such a waste to let it rot into the nether of forgotteness.
  3. Was actually looking for something like a roadmap just yesterday. Would love to see what they're working on and what is gonna be implemented soon
  4. I'll be returning to US servers soon after a year break. Hopefully there's enough people on to find me a game or 2. Out of curiosity anyone still playing that was on the old joker US server? Would be great to re connect with people i used to play this game with!
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