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  1. Hi all... Please ask the administrators and this new working group to be on top of the HACKERS REPOTS !!! It is impossible to play this game and the truth that I have been playing since its inception. I understand the issue of the lag, I understand the subject of the PIN, I understand the hosting of the servers, but what I am not seeing is the desire and time to get the HACKERS out of the game, so I ask that they work urgently on the cheats or really They will lose good players that we leave our money so that YOU owners of the game or work team in charge of this do it at once because they will live a few months just with the cheats that do not put money and between their traps they are going to Tired of playing it and the new ones don't even come in, remember that APB already has a very bad reputation for the HACKERS !!! to work with this guys !!!
  2. Good morning everyone... I understand that the game at this time is not going well ... not to say that it is not going ... My problem is the next one that I estimate will be repaired as soon as possible ... My Joker tickets and my money are not there. Thank you for your time and response.
  3. Please guys stop complaining so much ... The company is working and the only thing they find are complaints ... First instance the game is free for everyone ... So congratulations on this great improvement that hopefully improves the temita of many years "LAG" I will eagerly wait for my gift! Come on guys keep it up ...
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