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  1. Today was really funny clan event! HOT PURSUIT The officers cathing the bait van! First place: @Kettie - EOL Deep Impact Second place: @FrankoOfficial - 100k Trid place: @LollyPanties - 50k Special thanks to @TheShadowDrifter for his anti-grief service Special thanks to @DJGiulio45ITA for volunteering as associate referee Special thanks to @KJ (Nirzi) for the (pro) photos Special thanks to all of you who put up with unusually complicated rules and managed to still have fun
  2. it should be, coz we have balanced nano + obeya, but now ALL secondary guns are uselles coz 45
  3. Well atleast +1 bullet for the kill from this gun
  4. "We moderately decreased the effective and max falloff range of the Colby .45 AP." Thats all? This gun is broken, we need more nerfs for it
  5. Well there in another problem too - griefers right in your team on a mission Im literally had one on my mission - he just trying to kill me with my enemys
  6. The cheater problem for APB always was and will be so hot problem. I hope EasyAnticheat will com soon and change situation for the better.
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