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  1. yikes on those RFP changes haha why are 3 secondaries in this game as good or more less better than primaries, unique balancing philosophy. and why are there realistically only 3 secondaries worth using (though aren't they just second primaries at this point lol) so after this rfp change what is going to happen to the ACT 44 and RSA now lol? Did you forget about those guns, they're going to be relegated to nothingness, they're so unreliable (as they should be though since they're secondaries). What happened to having secondaries that we're ok'ish, fall back weapons which the RSA and ACT 44 currently fall into.
  2. The font's are in a phase between console and PC font. The PC font is being put back into the UI so you're going to see an odd mix at the moment.
  3. robots, aliens or whatever no doubt they fucking stankin' after that apb sesh
  4. I asked melocide, his game crashed after he alt tabbed. his teammate was thankful though as he wanted to quit. 100 games in one session is one way to get swampass
  5. Do take note that a handful of players from an unofficial discord with a fraction of the active player base doesn't mean that it wasn't well received. That and I didn't really advertise it anywhere. It was spread by subscription feed and word of mouth in the community before it hid trending. And before it hit trending it had almost no dislikes so whatever i guess. I just don't want you to get the wrong idea that what ghost is saying is true, he just has a bone to pick with me for some reason.
  6. No it's just you really, just your mannerisms with not only me. And the typical 'u salty' sadly just looks that way. Of course I can take criticism, if I couldn't I wouldn't have gone at this for so long
  7. It was well received in my subscriber base and well received to the viewers it was recommended to, which was to all the people outside of apb who watch those types of videos. It may have not been well received in the APB community, tbh I didn't hear much about it... just means that the negative reception is irrelevant really. And honestly the byproduct of this, the advertising shouldn't even be aimed at the current APB community at all lol. The reason I call out 'people' (you) is because you keep going on about it lol. Everywhere I lurk I just see you commenting on it lol, so odd. I do these videos for fun really, for my subs, not for you. I didn't expect them to blow up but you just seem so damn salty that they did and you try to downplay the reach they had so much. A lot of new accounts were created but of course the didn't stick around. If the engine update does come along I'll try to do another out of what free time I have. Not sure if it will hit trending again but who knows. By all means though I think people should make these videos when it comes out, the youtube stuff really does help the game and LO with free advertising.
  8. going by the like to dislike ratio on both those videos and with the amount of nice comments I got I'm glad that you're objectively wrong and in the minority thankfully After the second video I was told by staff that they noticed a lot of new players in early Jan when it hit trending. I do want to do another but not in its current state obviously.
  9. This usually happens by accident by getting out of your speeding car and having it push you along, since in most cases you cannot you're awesome with your car. Even though it is in most cases an accident, it is fully reproducible by just positioning your car so that it pushes you a long distance. This bug was introduced somewhere in 2015. When it's happening to you, on your screen it looks fine, but to other players you're skipping all over the place. I reported this way back in 2015, here's a clip from then. https://youtu.be/i1vxLCoPE88?t=49s Watch it from the time stamp of 49 seconds to see another example. Steps: 1.Drive your car and swerve it to the right at full speed. 2. Get out so that your car pushes you along. 3 You should be desynced. Or 1. Push a car or drive your car into a player with valzipram tablets. (slow enough so it doesn't kill them) 2. The other player should be skipping around and desynced if done correctly.
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