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  3. simple white face mask as a freebie for covid social distancing, the current face coverings in game are just not the same. hoodie or shirt that is worn around the waist
  4. BattleEye has now started kicking for this - https://www.kovaak.com/mouse-acceleration/#:~:text=In late 2015%2C Povohat and,OS and in any game. Was working in EAC and in the first week of BE.
  5. The few times I've been on console it's been gangs of players all bantering with each other. When PC voip used to work, micspamming music in social was commonplace way before console versions came out.
  6. I love the idea at 16:40 to put in console and PC crossplay into social (hopefully not PVP obviously). Having the console players have access to the PC player auctions could only be a positive both parties. PC players would be double rewarded with a super lively console voip experience lol
  7. Misery - Personally think the main issue I have the misery at the moment is the recoil getting bigger and more random with ever shot. Strife - I kind of like the Strife where it is now, I don't see it around often either so I don't think it's really deserving of a nerf just yet, I think the clunkiness of the gun is one of the reasons it's not seen often. It's just one of those guns I feel is really satisfying to use. It's not really competitive either too (mainly due to the refire rate), but thats OK because its fun in a way. Not every gun in the game needs to be meta or compete with meta. Some guns can just be a gimmick and the strife kind of fits that role of being a gimmicky niche gun thats fun but has big shortfalls. Scout - I don't agree with the scout nerf honestly. I am on the opinion that needs to be more mobile than it's counterparts. ACT/RSA - I don't think the ACT-44/RSA need to be fundamentally changed with their recent buffs. Maybe the golden act needs a tone down in some way (change of mod maybe) OCSP - I dont agree that it's one of the worst secondaries. Underused sure, it's very accurate and honestly probably a "model" secondary. If anything the fbw should be less of a primary and more of a secondary like the rest of the secondary guns in the game. It is a secondary afterall, a backup weapon. Everything else in there I either agree or sort of agree and I understand the reasoning behind the suggestions. A couple I don't have a real opinion on.
  8. It's good to see the document. I find myself agreeing with with a lot of the suggestions there. Some I don't agree but it's whatever. The document is useful for the devs for sure with regards to the bigger picture as the main problem is the forums are quite incoherant a lot of the time with unconstructive feedback.
  9. 450 sounds like a decent test but would you say that it might hurt the range on the OBIR more as a unintended side affect? This switch nerf attempts to make it less effective at cqc whilst not really hurting the range. The 450 burst will hurt both, maybe morso on the range maybe, especially if you miss a bullet or two on a long range burst. Not against the suggestion though btw, just a thought. Still, I think the sprint delay needs to either be almost non existent or at least less than the bolt timer so OBIR users can basically sprint as soon as they stop shooting (which is what the current switch to secondary was useful for). Not sure why its so high on the OBIR.
  10. yikes on those RFP changes haha why are 3 secondaries in this game as good or more less better than primaries, unique balancing philosophy. and why are there realistically only 3 secondaries worth using (though aren't they just second primaries at this point lol) so after this rfp change what is going to happen to the ACT 44 and RSA now lol? Did you forget about those guns, they're going to be relegated to nothingness, they're so unreliable (as they should be though since they're secondaries). What happened to having secondaries that we're ok'ish, fall back weapons which the RSA and ACT 44 currently fall into.
  11. The font's are in a phase between console and PC font. The PC font is being put back into the UI so you're going to see an odd mix at the moment.
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