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  1. Those complaints are pretty much what I expect from a vet. I agree with the whole thing and they all need addressing. Personally think missions need addressing as a priority in my opinion. With desync bug being the most annoying
  2. - Utility Pouch (L) - Utility Pouch (R)
  3. Shini

    Shotguns are great.

    I really don't care enough to create alt accounts to win some really petty forum battle. Quit being triggered dude.
  4. Shini

    Shotguns are great.

    Me? Wasn't me. And obscure? Not really, it's a really well known meme in the CSGO community and general esports meme. This community does have some overlap with both of those topics and well, we're all gamers. So no, i really wouldn't say its obscure. Why you being serious anyway lol. My comment was a meme in itself.
  5. Shini

    Shotguns are great.

    It's a meme you dip. - https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/4y62o5/hiko_gets_csgod/d6lpx5g/
  6. Shini

    Hotfix 1.19.7 discussion

    Nice on that quick fix for arresting
  7. And another, I am wondering if the team even knows of this bug.
  8. This is actually such great news to hear.
  9. I would second this regarding the Jump shooting nerf that is present on test B
  10. its fixed now, thumbnail too might be added along the way
  11. Shini

    The State of APB

    Love me some Tyler1. That addicted part is too real for me though ;_;
  12. Personally...i think the cool down times on mods for premium should be given to free players since it kinda does effect direct gameplay. Compensate that by increasing the standing gains for leveling contacts while premium. Money increase should remain the same as it is now. Customization benefits remain the same as they are now. Basically anything that influences gameplay can be seen as p2w, even if its slight it should be removed.
  13. The secondary isn't out of this world. Literally just came out on siege too a few months ago. Called the Baliff on that game, again based on the Judge - http://rainbowsix.wikia.com/wiki/Bailiff_410 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJOwiozWZpc
  14. to be fair, apb boxes are only $1, i think the % is a lot higher than CSGO's or PUBG's crates which are a tiny fraction <1% like 0.03% or even less. And they cost $4-$5 in apb, i am inclined to guess its somewhere around 1% for APB to get a legendary. even more with the gold joker boxes at $4. Personally I bought 100 and got 1 showstopper and also back in the day JMB1/2 the rates were much higher and premium was given out like candy. Its expensive but not that bad when compared to others