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  1. They said its already planned.
  2. It's been like that for a long time. They're aware of it at least -
  3. Thanks for looking into this Androvald
  4. Ntec isn't really OP just very versatile which in APB is pretty neat. If theres one thing annoying is it's great in CQC and if there was one thing I would do to reduce that effectiveness is to make it less sprammable. Remove 6 bullets from the mag size, thats one full kill...from 32 to 26. Thats it really... Changing the whole gun and making it useless would be pretty crazy.
  5. I think thats what happens when you dont pay the bills for PB
  6. Thankfully my 3rd corsair waterpump broke so I no longer have to run their godawful software anymore. Hunk of metal heatsink (noctua) plus a basic b***h temp reader is all I need.
  7. Oooof yay BattleEye already is pretty sick! But the prospect of 1000s of unbanned refugees with no money coming over to social is
  8. I mean, despite what reddit says I rarely saw cheaters when I played PUBG. And saw none on Fortnite. I did see some cheaters in siege, but after BE launched I saw none for almost year. Now I see some cheaters in siege but they're only in high elo and it's very rare at that even. Better than the nothing we got now for APB
  9. I am not against it, mods like car surfer can be pretty disgusting in the bronze districts.
  10. I'm not spamming my channel but you sure are spamming bullshoot.
  11. I am just feeling pretty for the gm dude. It wasn't that bad.