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  1. Kiida

    Music themes

    Yes, certain themes that can damage your hearing could result in lawsuits against the company. Report them to support.
  2. Kiida

    Do I need serious help?

    What OP described isn't much more than anger issues related to possible depression and/or bipolar disorder. I know this because depression-related anger managemnt problems are something I've struggled with for many years. I was also misdiagnosed as schizophrenic at one point after an anxiety attack. One of the worst things to misdiagnose someone as, being fed antipsychotics that you shouldn't be taking. Edit: It may also be possible that OP is somewhere on the autistic spectrum, given how anger and aggressive outbursts are sometimes associated with autism. I wouldn't settle on this but if undiagnosed and left that way then it's unlikely things would improve. Either way, professional help needs to be involved.
  3. Kiida

    Do I need serious help?

    It is NOT schizophrenia. Do you even know what that is?
  4. Kiida

    Low yield

    Grenades have long suffered a few bugs. One where they release lower than your intended arc, and one where they're thrown at a weird angle when standing next to a wall/vehicle.
  5. Kiida

    3 Words Fix-The-Lag

    Yes it was. We've been having massive DDoS attacks on a semi regularly basis for years now.
  6. Sadly these DDoS attacks have been going on for so long that we've kinda become used to them. Appreciate the information though.
  7. Kiida

    Do I need serious help?

    Is there another relative or even a friend's parent you can contact to assist you in getting help? It sounds like your relationship with your mother isn't all that if her main concern is a couple of holes in plaster. Counselling may be a big help to you but at the very least you should look into some anger management techniques. There's tons of it out there and it doesn't hurt to give it a try. And for the love of god take a break away from APB while you try to sort these issues out. This is one of the most frustrating games there is and will only make anger problems worse. Trust me.
  8. We were seeing that, until the servers crashed.
  9. can you please stop copying and pasting these on every thread he makes I didn't. I said it once.
  10. Error code 10004 doesn't let you log in at all to test this out.
  11. Usually you should be able to log back in but on occasion an account can be locked out for up to 15-60 minutes. If it's continues for longer than that I'd suggest trying to contact support or @ a GM here.
  12. I don't feel like it's worth reporting, nor that it should be. I just think it's pointless making new threads every two hours where the OP is praising LO. Like, sure, we're all glad they've taken over and given APB another chance, yay, but it's so unnecessary really. It's like a third of forum topics are made by the same few people in the end.
  13. Everyone usually gets this error code if they're logged in when the server crashes. Nothing to worry about.
  14. as opposed to the 3 dozen “lol wat hapen 2 server” thread spam Which is exactly my point. Everyone spams new threads on either the same thing or just complete nonsense, clogging up the forums and making the good topics harder to find. Public forum bro. It's everyone's business. And I'm allowed to give my opinion on whether or not someone's threads hold any significant value. Most of which don't.