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  1. He didn't quite part on good terms with the old GMs/devs...
  2. I've only seen a couple go legit and stay that way. Most don't, they can't stand playing without that ego boost.
  3. Nerf the tanks so people stop fucking hiding behind/inside them 24/7.
  4. Remove shoulder switch too while you're at it.
  5. Customisable. The Firebomb really isn't worth using, way too situational. It's also pretty buggy, Meteor doesn't actually activate half the time you press it.
  6. Nah I like this. In fact, I want it re-enabled in regular missions so I can hunt down afk'ers.
  7. The servers will all eventually be merged into one anyway. At least that's Matt's plan, one world server but with localised districts. It's how APB should have been made to begin with.
  8. You're kidding right? That's was a warp from lag.
  9. This isn't even a reportable offence.
  10. tbf the entire NA gold population has been banned at least once anyway
  11. No. Removing threat will be the final nail in APB's coffin.
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