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  1. https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/329214-not-so-lazy-ideas-for-map-changing/ I assume you mean things like this? Sounds easy on paper but pointless to do as an update to the current game. I'd rather see them put their time into the engine upgrade and consider these changes afterwards.
  2. Nope, just my gay side ;D
  3. Can we get pink glow in the dark skin for Valentines pls? :C
  4. Kiida

    Pink Valentines Weapons

    Pink glow in the dark skin when?
  5. APB was built as a complete mess from the beginning, it doesn't come as a surprise that you may hit obstacles here and there which can cause delays. The hard work is still greatly appreciated.
  6. Kiida

    Is this bannable?

    Considering the clan, I wouldn't mind it being a perma ban. /shrug
  7. For some reason I highly doubt that.
  8. Kiida

    False ban wave?

    False bans have happened in the past, but nowhere near as many as people try to claim.
  9. G1 may have abused Fairfight at times and there may have been some false bans (people vastly overestimate the amount of false bans there were), myself included, but I'd still argue that it was the best anticheat APB has ever had. I wish they'd take another look at it. The first several months after FF was introduced were bliss. The game actually felt enjoyable. But as it stands I haven't really played APB since July, as BE never seemed to do anything from the start. Things were quiet for the first week or two, those blatant cheaters we'd usually go against just sat in social the entire time out of fear. Then after everyone saw a certain group continuing to speedhack and aimbot without getting banned, things just went back to how they were before. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for LO taking over and I understand why they've done what they have, but I just can't play APB until the engine upgrade arrives. It feels more like a chore than a game.
  10. FFbans led to literal doxxing of players. No thanks.
  11. Are you being serious right now Ray? This is a $250 NOTEBOOK with a dual core APU, 4GB RAM and no dedicated GPU.. Of course it's not going to run APB. I'd be surprised if it could even run Runescape well. Literally nothing to do with the operating system.
  12. Don't start up the fucking game if you don't intend to take part in missions. Thanks.
  13. Kiida

    New SPCT team

    It's pretty simple to balance guns without taking threat and matchmaking into account. The SPCT group have players of all skill levels and will likely go through missions of 4v4 anyway. Golds aren't to blame for this problem though. G1's poor decisions in 2013 that introduced mission scores and district segregation caused dethreating on a mass scale. Most of those high silver-low gold (yellow) players couldn't handle the competition in gold districts and so dethreated so they could play in bronze. This led to gold district populations dying and forced golds to start playing in silver.
  14. Kiida

    New SPCT team

    Except it's not just 'five people'. Everyone who plays APB has a chance to push their suggestions towards improving the game, just many choose to fuzzy bunny and whine instead. SPCT are mainly there for balance testing and finding bugs to fix.