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  1. I'm no expert but I'm fairly certain bulges to that level of detail aren't allowed. It's basically a blackened dong.
  2. No, can we stop with these ridiculous nerf suggestions already? Fucking hell.
  3. Ban Exoticz and car gameplay will drop by 90% Easy fix.
  4. \APB Reloaded\APBGame\Config Open APBInput.ini Search "sprint", first result Change Bindings=(Name="Sprint",Command="InputSprinting | OnRelease InputStopSprinting") to Bindings=(Name="Sprint",Command="InputStopSprinting | OnRelease InputSprinting") This makes you sprint by default, pressing/holding shift to slow to a jog.
  5. I'd rather wait until the full engine upgrade is polished and released before Summit shows interest in APB again.
  6. >Darleena Why not just invite EpicGoat and Film to stream it too.
  7. Kiida

    Arrest Not Counting

    This isn't really a bug, as far as I'm aware, but a way to prevent people farming arrests. Re-arresting rescued players has never counted, and it should stay that way imo.
  8. No, I love getting RSI before I even play a mission.
  9. This has literally always been an issue for as long as I've played. LO's takeover has nothing to do with the poor work done by RTW and lack of effort by G1.
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