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  1. Kiida

    Nhvr nerf.

    Another quality Katchwi thread.
  2. G1 could track scammers through name changes so I'm LO can do the same for cheaters and otherwise too.
  3. Kiida

    GM can bite me.

    There are quite a lot right now, yes, and they don't bother trying to hide it. But making a thread like this never helps.
  4. You'd be better off using it on a car or spraying on boards around districts, hardly anyone will see it on your clothing. But no, it's not bannable. As long as you're not advertising cheats or cheat gameplay you're all good.
  5. Sigh. I really wanna call OP out on all their bs but I'm keeping my hands tied this time.
  6. I'm certain a few of us know full well why OP might've been banned given their previous behaviour in-game. /shrug
  7. So Frosi's arrests wouldn't have even counted lmao
  8. So uhh.. what's the DMR like now?
  9. Several APB players reach 100 viewers every time they stream. If it wasn't obvious from the clips posted in OP, it was Shini...
  10. It was done three times total by Frosi. Once by accident and two to confirm the bug to report it. How else can you report a bug if you don't test/confirm it? Doesn't mean others weren't also trying to get arrests though, or that it's the only bug related to the event currently. I experienced several crashes right after the patch but didn't see anyone get stunned, so who knows.
  11. A GM was already made aware of it in-game, and yeah, the whole it being broadcasted to 100 viewers anyway... already public knowledge. :S
  12. Kiida

    Did the hamster die?

    There's a bug that causes districts to crash. GMs have been made aware of it. jk it was frosi single handedly ddos'ing them tbh
  13. how very original of you katchwi
  14. so does this mean we're gonna finally get tails and animal masks?