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  1. So, from my few hours of playing missions on Financial just now I'm fairly impressed by the performance improvements so far. On max settings, I initially averaged about 200fps on Financial (generally between 170-230) and 230 on Waterfront (170-250). Game ran very smooth, with maybe one fairly big stutter every 5-10 minutes or so - about 95% of my stutters in general appear to be eliminated, though the district population never reached higher than 20-20. The main issue I did notice was my fps gradually lowering over time, and after ~90 mins of playing it averaged about 100-110. Any other bugs relating to gameplay/environment that I noticed have already been mentioned above. i9-10850k @ 4.8ghz RTX 3060 stock 32gb 3600mhz DDR4 1920x1080 resolution Installed on a (very old and worn out) Samsung 840 Evo
  2. Another quality Todesklinge thread
  3. Seems like a you problem. Kevlar gives 30% health but makes you slow. Mobility is everything in APB.
  4. ok but only if we bring back voerman too
  5. Many EU players have characters on NA, we don't want to go there anymore because there's no chance of playing missions. It's hard enough on EU half the time.
  6. In an ideal world it'd just be completely removed along with car spawners. /shrug
  7. Remote det slipped through the cracks again. Needs a proper cooldown on par with the 4x4 Firebomb so it can't be spammed. All I have to say. Otherwise great patch.
  8. This. Fragile got a direct nerf the moment G1 unnecessarily nerfed sprintshooting. Flak jacket effectively had the same problem with the low yield nerf. Meanwhile kevlar is just all round bad and I abandon every mission where I see a teammate using it. Having that bit of extra health doesn't make up for being slower than an 90 year old on a zimmer frame.
  9. Removing visible threat will never be the answer. 1. Revert the mission system to how it was pre-2013 - this would mean the removal of mission points to start with. Too many achieve gold simply by doing mission objectives. 2. Reintroduce negatives for playing in a district below your own threat (25% less cash/50% less standing, no role progression) 3. Take players who haven't logged in for a certain amount of time from the threat pool (3+ or 6+ months) OR reset threat for everyone on a seasonal basis. I have been suggesting the above on these threat threads since 2014.
  10. Spotter duration was always meant to be 8 seconds. For years it was BUGGED and lasted 15 seconds instead. On a 45 second cooldown (which was also too short anyway) that's way too long. One change I'd like to see next though is a buff to radar jammer since no one actually uses it. Give it the ability to nullify any spotter/flare gun tag on the player who activates it, while maintaining its current use for the rest of the team. Also remote det and Firebomb both 90 second cooldown pls.
  11. If you've been unable to make $12m in APB since 2013 I don't know what to say. I have the same join date as you and earned easily 5x that amount through missions and FC alone. There was also a time when the FFA dropped to $6m in price after a flood of power JMB giveaways.
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