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  1. Kiida

    Obeya CR762 is broken.

    No. The Obeya is fine, it was simply reverted to how it was before an unnecessary nerf. Unless you'd rather the only competitive long range gun was OBIR again.
  2. because your suggestions totally have this
  3. No. My suggestion would be giving them a unique 3-slot gun (I would do the N-TEC) variant with its own skin, named something like a Joker CR2-XB & CR2-PS. It'd work similar to promos other games do - taking Warframe as an example, where players who logged in on Xbox got rewarded the skin below. I assume making two skins for one gun wouldn't be too difficult of a task. Plain-ish black and white or whatever with some sort of glowing green/blue design elements, doesn't need to be over the top. Licensing shouldn't be an issue with copyright-friendly designs and naming. But if you want me to be blunt, I don't think LO has any obligation to give anything to console players beyond account migration. It's G1's mess. /shrug
  4. congrats dud, you're part of the problem
  5. bro you are literally the one who brought up the OPGL-CD in relation to the TG-8 saying they are both equally the worst guns in the game. what are you on about. but I'll humour this 1. You're wrong 2. You're wrong. 3. It is situational, if you're a solo player. Pairing an OPGL-CD with a team of LTL is almost undefeatable, especially with at least one other OPGL-CD 4. I use it on 6 enfo characters. 5. Literally see teams of LTL all the time. I even partake in it myself. 6. Oh boo hoo 20k for a 10 day lease, that's like 3 missions. 7. Literally one of the most overpowered weapons that's locked behind a a difficult and annoying role. Worth the challenge, but still at the very least needs a nerf on the blast radius, and stamina having the same benefits that clotting agent gives to health. 8. Skill issue. Git gud. Claro?
  6. How is the OPGL-CD one of the worst in the game? If anything it's literally broken with how wide the blast radius is and stamina having very low recovery time.
  7. Just don't shoot it at max ROF. The TG-8 is what I primarily used for levelling the cop role to max I think 5 or 6 times now and I rarely had issues when I just slowed my firing a bit.
  8. pls stop complaining purely for the sake of it be happy the game's getting any updates at all, let alone major ones like this
  9. I'm sure when someone gets at least 2x PB 1x FF 1x EAC that EAC is the problem
  10. when the same people get banned multiple times, under different anticheats... i dunno man quite possible that they're guilty
  11. #bringbackjumpscout Also give us tails. Don't need to be animated. Huge moneymaker y'all are sleeping on.
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