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  1. G1 may have abused Fairfight at times and there may have been some false bans (people vastly overestimate the amount of false bans there were), myself included, but I'd still argue that it was the best anticheat APB has ever had. I wish they'd take another look at it. The first several months after FF was introduced were bliss. The game actually felt enjoyable. But as it stands I haven't really played APB since July, as BE never seemed to do anything from the start. Things were quiet for the first week or two, those blatant cheaters we'd usually go against just sat in social the entire time out of fear. Then after everyone saw a certain group continuing to speedhack and aimbot without getting banned, things just went back to how they were before. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for LO taking over and I understand why they've done what they have, but I just can't play APB until the engine upgrade arrives. It feels more like a chore than a game.
  2. FFbans led to literal doxxing of players. No thanks.
  3. Are you being serious right now Ray? This is a $250 NOTEBOOK with a dual core APU, 4GB RAM and no dedicated GPU.. Of course it's not going to run APB. I'd be surprised if it could even run Runescape well. Literally nothing to do with the operating system.
  4. Don't start up the fucking game if you don't intend to take part in missions. Thanks.
  5. Kiida

    New SPCT team

    It's pretty simple to balance guns without taking threat and matchmaking into account. The SPCT group have players of all skill levels and will likely go through missions of 4v4 anyway. Golds aren't to blame for this problem though. G1's poor decisions in 2013 that introduced mission scores and district segregation caused dethreating on a mass scale. Most of those high silver-low gold (yellow) players couldn't handle the competition in gold districts and so dethreated so they could play in bronze. This led to gold district populations dying and forced golds to start playing in silver.
  6. Kiida

    New SPCT team

    Except it's not just 'five people'. Everyone who plays APB has a chance to push their suggestions towards improving the game, just many choose to fuzzy bunny and whine instead. SPCT are mainly there for balance testing and finding bugs to fix.
  7. Kiida

    New SPCT team

    LO gave everyone a clean slate when they took over. If they haven't broken any rules or cheated since the then, who cares? Much bigger problems to think about.
  8. Kiida

    New SPCT team

    It's okay Matt, we appreciate your honesty.
  9. Kiida

    Nhvr nerf.

    Another quality Katchwi thread.
  10. G1 could track scammers through name changes so I'm LO can do the same for cheaters and otherwise too.
  11. Kiida

    GM can bite me.

    There are quite a lot right now, yes, and they don't bother trying to hide it. But making a thread like this never helps.
  12. You'd be better off using it on a car or spraying on boards around districts, hardly anyone will see it on your clothing. But no, it's not bannable. As long as you're not advertising cheats or cheat gameplay you're all good.
  13. Sigh. I really wanna call OP out on all their bs but I'm keeping my hands tied this time.
  14. I'm certain a few of us know full well why OP might've been banned given their previous behaviour in-game. /shrug
  15. So Frosi's arrests wouldn't have even counted lmao
  16. So uhh.. what's the DMR like now?
  17. Several APB players reach 100 viewers every time they stream. If it wasn't obvious from the clips posted in OP, it was Shini...
  18. It was done three times total by Frosi. Once by accident and two to confirm the bug to report it. How else can you report a bug if you don't test/confirm it? Doesn't mean others weren't also trying to get arrests though, or that it's the only bug related to the event currently. I experienced several crashes right after the patch but didn't see anyone get stunned, so who knows.
  19. A GM was already made aware of it in-game, and yeah, the whole it being broadcasted to 100 viewers anyway... already public knowledge. :S
  20. Kiida

    Did the hamster die?

    There's a bug that causes districts to crash. GMs have been made aware of it. jk it was frosi single handedly ddos'ing them tbh
  21. how very original of you katchwi
  22. so does this mean we're gonna finally get tails and animal masks?
  23. GTA online is an inferior version of APB.