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  1. Due to the current state of the game and overall lack of updates/new players, 1 weeks ago we decided to make the decision to freeze the APB clan and move onto other games. Thanks to all of our 250+ members over the past 9 years, its been a good run and we've had some great memories and events to look back on. More information can be found on the CSA community discord server linked below: https://discord.gg/csasheriff
  2. Some screenshots from yesterdays Demolition Derby event, congrats to Snekfen for winning the bloody mary!
  3. A few screenshots of clan bits from last nights CCC, taken by Kjaerbo and Xenise!
  4. A few screenshots of clan stuff from the last CCC, all taken by Xenise & Kjaerbo
  5. Clan event tonight at 7pm GMT Showstopper "Thunder" & 400k prize pool Races & Demolition Derby A photo from a previous event.
  6. A couple screenshots of clan cars from last nights CCC, all screenshots taken by Xenise!
  7. Last event was a decent turnout once again, congratulations to Kjaerbo & Lukesso for winning a Cap40 "Sergeant" and 300k.
  8. CSASD End of spring OPEN Event (Cash and Legendary prizes!) The planning of our next event is underway and a date will be set over the next coming days. This will be an "open to all players" event in order to try and show the community what kind of stuff we do. The event will consist of various activities such as racing, king of the hill/demolition derby and more clan related activities at the end such as promotions, screenshots and medals. This post will be updated with the date once its set, as well as this more information will be posted on our discord: discord.gg/csasheriff A few images from previous events can be found below:
  9. A few screenshots of our clan cars from the recent CCC - big thanks to xenise for hosting it! An image showcasing one of our new TSU interceptors. An image showcasing a couple of our patrol vehicles. A photo showcasing all CCC participants.
  10. Another great turnout at last nights clan easter event, thanks to all who came and GJ to the winners announced below. Van Competition: @AmberAmbi - 200k Main race 1st place: Kettie - Bloody mary legendary sidearm KingoftheHill#1: @LollyPanties - 150k KingoftheHill#2: @AmberAmbi - 150k Clan cars getting ready for the warm up doltan broadwing race Clan cars getting ready for the 2nd warm up doltan broadwing race. Contenders racing in the main race for the legendary sidearm. Clan members lining up into positions for the end of event DB. The winning van from the easter design competition.
  11. MAJOR EASTER EVENT - TOMORROW 7PM GMT (Cash and Legendary Weapon prizes - Sponsored by @Box ) Hello all, we've decided to set the date for our next event tomorrow at 7pm GMT - activities can be found below. This event will be open to all deputies (Clan members) and volunteer deputies (Honorary Clan members). Act 1: Easter van design competition: We'll be announcing the winner of the easter van design competition, the winner will win a Bloody Mary Legendary Sidearm. (Minimum of 5 participants for the legendary to be won, otherwise an alternative prize will be given to 1st.) Act 2: Doltan Broadwing racing: Similar to before there will be 2 small warmup races and then 1 large race. Large prize for 1st place, 2 small prizes 2nd and 3rd. Act 3: King of the hill (Dodgems): 1 warmup round and 1 prize winning round, 1st place will receive a prize. Act 4: Clan misc: We'll do a debrief in which medals and promotions can be handed out, after that we'll do a photoshoot for units, members and cars.
  12. Easter Car Design Competition (Bloody mary Legendary weapon 1st prize) Hello all, our 1st part of Easter events will be kicked off with a car design competition. You will have 7 days to create a Easter themed Packer Ceresco (Van). The winner will be announced at the next Major Event. 1st place will win a Bloody Mary. Any Clan member OR volunteer deputy may take part - more info available on the discord.
  13. Once again a great turnout at the mini event last night, next event will be a main event with a legendary weapon for 1st place prize. (mini event screenshots below)
  14. CSASD Clan mini event tomorrow - 7pm GMT - 500k prize pool Clan members and Volunteer deputies only - DM if you are interested in joining the clan or becoming a volunteer deputy. (Next large event next monday: Legendary weapon & cash prizes)
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