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  1. thing is regardless of when you push this beta there WILL still be bugs, even those we will find when having full asylums and stuffs. thats what beta is for...to TEST So do it matt
  2. +1 I hope my 7700k gtx1080 can have a stable 144fps...
  3. i guess someone that tries hard? or... "too hard"? Let's say league of legends a plat player buys a bronze account and straight up whoop everybody's butt in a normals game
  4. feels for a while now APB's ping has been a lagfest, and VPN will make it worse. i already tried vpn so
  5. strife is worth going RFP strife combo, 1 pistol shot quickswitch strife bam, strife alone does +85 but sometimes the pellets are confusing as hell doing +15 on a full shot
  6. Art is 1 of the guns that will be outplayed by an ntec Dog ear is a sniper that kills in 4shot under 85range if you dont miss 1 of them, that sometimes also gets outplayed by an ntec
  7. a lot of buthurt people here about their precious ntec...if u dont like the changes start using other guns Besides range nerf and that jumpshooting was really needed tbh NTEC user here...
  8. maybe after matt fix the game and put EU3.5 as to what im saying...maybe in the future its worth having it
  9. summit is like 1% of all the other people trying APB again after the engine upgrade lol
  10. well i got an aoc 144hz monitor a 7700k evga sc 1080 PNY Vengeance 2133mhz ram And i get 140 in financial and 90 in the middle of waterfront (130 and above in other area's)
  11. Some people play to unlock stuff, some people play to grind(level characters up) and some people play to have fun. I'd like to have fun and grind at the same time. i've been "play just for the sake of playing it" for almost 5years and stopped around 2017. So while i am waiting on those new contacts to be delivered, i'll be playing other games that has my interests. It's not that hard to understand lol. I mean i do get what everyone is saying "play populate it help growing back" but ye man this has been going since 2012, even if it was owned by a previous company the fact remains that it's been going on since 2012 and people slowly start falling off to something else. A successful UE3.5 with new contact will bring people back.
  12. i have every single item in the game... on both of my accounts I believe in LO but i just do not have a reason to play. I don't have nothing to grind for. And APB is like 1 of the 20 other games i play which i do have things to grind for there. So yes i log in like once a month and play but atm there's nothing to get me to play apb now. UE3.5 with new contacts will give my 16 characters new reasons to grind lol
  13. Because we don't have a reason to play yet. Some of us have been waiting for something to get us back since 2014 lol If LO delivers what we've been waiting for then you will see the warriors return to the game
  14. apb pulling moves.... sadly i only buy hard cases so when there are double layer cases available.. i'll snag some :')
  15. just when you thought engine upgrade news will hit about whenits gonna be in OTW, bam server merge...i'm not that mad about this lol
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