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  1. I mean if UE makes game look like that, then something went wrong with fortnite ("insert Kappa here")
  2. they should be back tomorrow but tons of tickets were submitted from friday to now so give them time
  3. Ye but remember... its multiplayer, lets say that player has 20ms while the one shooting him has 100ms... while you ran to cover, you were still in sight for him(the enemy). Thats just how latency works. in every multiplayer you have this, even APB. But APB has something extra. Instead of dying from someone who has a higher MS, everyone in the district lose connection from the server for 2seconds and teleport back to where they were 2seconds ago, aka "Mitigation"
  4. PUBG has bugs but i do NOT lag every 5seconds and desync and teleport.... APB doesnt have much bugs as PUBG but lagging and teleporting, desyncing every 5 to 10seconds is much MUCH more annoying in my opinion. But depends how everyone see things u know
  5. when i played last week wednesday it was smooth...last weekend it was unplayable i logged off and went back to PUBG
  6. WTS Ursus or trade for ffa R&D or yukon (will throw extra cash) [JERICHO]
  7. Turn off mitigation, we are lagging like crazy!
  8. Loot boxes isnt an issue in apb... people spending like 1k dollars and not getting legendaries while someone else spending 20dollars gets 1... which to me is still gambling... fix the jokerboxes and give those who spend allot of money good items for what they are throwing at the boxes instead of 3day atacs... atleast that
  9. i dont have a problem with the music as to i delete it as well...because when other people play stuffs we cant hear their music sounds FKING LOUD AFFFFFFFFFF
  10. Are we getting blogposts once a month? or how is LO gonna inform the community on how things are going?
  11. so far so good tbh... i still wanted to ask matt if we getting blogposts every month or something, keep us updated but i came late..
  12. Forums looking great. So far so good.... Keep up the good work Little Orbit Now back to kempingtons stream
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