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  1. idk why other people b*tching about but this is some interesting shit. I see you put in some time in this. good job my dude
  2. +1 and thats probably taxes tbh
  3. Don't worry guys. wait for riot and UE3.5 for pop to start rising again
  4. yep...i mean we only been waiting since the anouncement 2012, Q1 2014....so i can wait another 8years if they decide to push riot with the engine(which honestly should be the best thing to do) So i'll keep lurking for any good news...one day...or a blogpost/livestream on progress...or just NDA and silent just like the G1 days
  5. I have no idea how to show you but if you find a way to see it, i wanna see too .-.
  6. this really killed me lmfao That's kinda cute tbh lol
  7. *reads title* Alright whats see what my dudes doing on april fools *clicks* ... yyyep
  8. did someone say accountwide tin foil hat????????????
  9. "I am michael McCruden and this is the rich life of 'insert name here' after he went famous on an online video game called APB Reloaded."
  10. hit W then reverse then nitro 3 and W at the same time #ez
  11. it should be CTW but ye... U can't counter this logic
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