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  1. Link us up, thats what we been trying to find
  2. yep, on OTW atleast he did say OTW tho
  3. Judging by the halloween event that is like a very new game mode that i kinda did enjoy tbh, recycling xmas event would be fine if it helps speeding up UE3.5 but then again we never know what all is happening atm in the office
  4. I know LO is busy with a lot of stuffs but just wondering if we are getting anything related to UE3.5 this year if still on the table
  5. So the new event takes a while to learn and yall complaining? It's like everything they do is bad... Thanks for the event Matt. I was happy to see 3 full districts in jericho last night.
  6. will we get a little orbit pumpkin head in the Halloween event?
  7. the best config is the one u feel comfortable with
  8. Well the thing is, depends how u see it. In most cases defense missions are easier than attack IF you have 2 squads with equal skills going against eachother. If the attackers have greater skills than the defender, most likely you will go on to the final mission and maybe get the victory as well, and ofcourse if the defenders have greater skills than the attacker then you prob won't even finish the first objective. If i see it as 2 equal teams going against eachother then the defender has a greater chance to win in most missions Most of the times i get offensive missions too if i am playing solo because u automaticall get allianced with 2 to 3 other solo players,while if u play with 1 friend your chance of getting a defensive mission is higher(with my experience)
  9. did guy didn't do much in "research" didn't he?
  10. so oct 30 we will see some interesting things on armas?
  11. Well even if it could be tomorrow wouldnt we atleast get a post today? wednesday is the day we usually find patchnotes or something from Lixil or Matt
  12. Got bless steam wallet with your linked steam account. Gifting disabled tho so if wifey plays apb there aint no gifting
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