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  1. using your debit card and pay $5 for 500g1c seems like the way to go tbh
  2. I had a dream we were gonna get it on OTW before 2019. January is almost ending and besides the blogpost, we don't know if we are gonna get any news regarding it besides "SPCT is testing and is under NDA"
  3. You can't do him like that cookie jk good job m8 I only care about winamp. It really whips llama's patootie
  4. waiting on patch 2.0.0 eventually :')
  5. Welcome back mydude! still cant connect tho Will do as soon as i get access to the FTP
  6. i know the feels...been playing on 4:3 on csgo too, so much easier to move and aim lmfao
  7. if u had 3x 1080p monitors they would of been perfect... u play stretched or black bars?
  8. Keshi


    this is one sensitive topic...
  9. The most important step that a lot of people don't do
  10. oh noted...thank you for clarifying that my dude Really getting excited to see good news end of 2018...
  11. Something i am missing tho, there are only 11 players and they will be testing the new engine and the new riot mode. How is 11 people gonna help with stress tests or heavy loads? or is that later to come? Maybe i missed something I am just asking lol
  12. @CookiePuss Don't let us down. Don't let me down atleast. Test every single thing you can :')
  13. I have authy for my twitch account but, i wanted to make sure i could use any, and used google authenticator as an example because idk if everyone was familiar with authy lol. but thx for letting me know it works!
  14. ah the 2fa we thought we were getting since the trading system. LO Still delivered. good job EDIT: 1 question, since google chrome authentication addon is being used, let's say you format your pc and reinstalled, logged in your gmail account again. Will your account stay saved? or do u need to remove the 2fa before cleaning your pc or reinstall browser or w.e. ? question 2: Can we use an authenticator from our phone? Like google authenticator for example?
  15. I didnt participate because when i am home its over, and when i am at work people are participating. sadly lol
  16. Sometimes finding some cons can get the discussion to a more interesting state and add more to the table...in this case, well there is no cons xD So all we can do here is agree with OP lol
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