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  1. I'm just gonna keep sending my car on the tracks till UE3.5 comes out. eventually.. hopefully before i crash it one day
  2. just when i thought ima get some dust off my account today i read this
  3. well they are doing the best they can do lets just hand in there and support them
  4. great news p.s. on a sidenote the n-tec compact was already in the game, never used tho <_<
  5. morning?... what PC do u have at work? lol
  6. Soon™ prob not anytime soon if they planning on launching it with UE3.5 (which should be the case so they can start promoting the game and get new players in) badum tsss i mean it was still announced by G1 in 2012 tho
  7. I'm just here to verify if our dreams are the same
  8. last minut changes... was hoping it was today. Idk if i can tomorrow but i'll try
  9. Even tho things didnt go as we all wish it would of, LO still putting work. been waiting for changes...for ages but LO is keeping my hopes up a bit so. this should be the year my dudes...this should be the year
  10. thank you for the clarification @MattScott i got home from work yesterday and played fine. Only to open the forums today to see that things wasnt going well the past few days i wasnt home xD Good job tho!
  11. classic market...been like that for ages
  12. thanks for the news @MattScott and not staying silent about it either!
  13. i hate the espacio and pioneer...its basically what almost everyone drives. its tanky as hell and has good speed. Easy acceleration when you hit nos
  14. so far so good LO so far so good.
  15. meh i just realized today's test is between 4pm to 7pm and i'd be somewhere at work
  16. basically. this is the only thing that needs to work. os let's hope for the best in the future That's because LO is gonna start populating the game once 3.5 is out, and what better way to do it with a new game mode that most players be playing these days? (BR)
  17. Havnt bought premium in ages..just waiting on UE3.5 to start spending money again
  18. i was here thinking my calender was on 2020 or 2018 since my 4/20 is on a saturday lol
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