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  1. they broke the gun balance and refuse to fix it or do anything to the game for that matter they let the game be ddos'd for months straight they let the servers keep the game unplayable for two weeks a majority of the playerbase quit they released riot mode tests, something that took development time I'd kill to see it put anywhere else Only good thing I can say we got is BE, trading system, and communication. overall I've been very disappointed in LO
  2. yo LO ready to fix your game yet revert shotguns to before you touched them
  3. it's still good, it just strongly encourages a campy playstyle rather than aggressive
  4. when bad aimers use macros they blow through all their bullets before hitting you lol
  5. yeah I know. I was just saying the Thumper feels much more balanced due to the reasons you listed and the spread, but if you aren't against using cheesy weapons there's no reason to use it over an nfas as it's a direct upgrade in every way.. actually, it's practically a direct upgrade over all shotguns right now.
  6. nfas counter is the nfas after testing, I found that I had just as good results killing with it by holding LMB down and rapidly flailing left and right over the enemy, as compared to tracking them. in fact, the average hallway I can aim directly in the center and not move my mouse and still ttk most of the time.. The spread is so large, yet so damaging that you can't really miss with this weapon which makes it an unstoppable wall of death. The dow thumper didn't need much of a buff either, but the spread on it is so much tighter that it requires some degree of aim in comparison to the nfas. really would like the pre little orbit shotguns back
  7. no one is looking for a medal. I just fail to see how making fun of people for going legit is a good idea.
  8. Very true. Speaking of giving clean play incentives.. One thing I never understood the mentality of, is shit talking ex cheaters for not being as good as they were with cheats. I personally can't grasp the concept of making fun of somebody that decided to stop ruining the game and started doing the right thing. Being incredibly toxic towards them for their choice to play clean is only going to encourage them to go back to their old ways. Yeah, it's their decision and entirely up to them, but making fun of someone for playing legit is pretty stupid and toxic if you ask me when we should be happy they are no longer a negative part of the game.
  9. Right now, vehicles basically give you a form of invincibility the moment you hop inside one. It's incredibly easy to drive away from someone. A team of 4 espacios on defence can be very difficult to counter. Vehicles have been like this as long as APB has existed so I'm sure plenty won't want a change but it's hard to deny the benefits to car gaming and it can get pretty tedious at times. What are your opinions on the current status of car gameplay and what are your ideas on fixing it? (if you think it should be fixed)
  10. good changes. can all players start with ca3 or even 2? Trying to heal can be very hard. still would prefer if cash didn't purchase your weapon loadout because it defeats the purpose of finding other weapons in the world, which is the coolest part imo.
  11. anyone who has ever cheated in a virtual game should go to prison, you heard it here first boys
  12. both the nfas and oca are broken right now and need to be reverted to their old stats. same with the rest of shotguns. shit is ruining the game for me right now and they refuse to fix it
  13. More often than not, our one active silver district is Financial. Waterfront does open up on occasion but it doesn't stay populated as long as Financial does. This results in a lot of NA players being unable to rank up. The only option is to wait (which can take a long time if you are busy on the days Waterfront is available) or dethreat, which is frowned upon, hurts the game for others, and can take many hours. We need a solution. Could we temporarily have rotating silver districts? From ddos experience, certain districts can be made to not appear on the list. Maybe make it so every other day it swaps between Financial and Waterfront at the very late night for gold and silver districts. I don't think Bronze needs this change as I often see two of them. I understand a few players may be effected, should they want to roam around empty districts, ram raid, or scrim, but I think it would benefit us more to be able to rank up consistently and obviously there will still be other empty districts. Of course, if we ever get a population increase then just put it back to having both districts available.
  14. oh yeah I was already assuming that, I should have clarified!
  15. I'm not sure if ltl would be any easier than it is currently, but they could always make it so you can't use any ltl guns with it as not to disrupt their balance.
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