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  1. am i the only one noticing that the pack prices has increased?
  2. it is when u add premium. max 5 missions to finish the first starter contacts in wf and fin and bam...
  3. i have a strong hate for griefing.
  4. welp. Time to get that permission my dude jk.... no seriously...don't try anything, be a good cookie!
  5. with all the 30 different legendaries i have and the 10mil on each character combined...all the lvl3 mods all the cars I guess we ballers?
  6. I thought we were brothers man. How could u do this to us
  7. well played... k where the real screenshots at :v
  8. Honestly this is all what we asked...without screenshots but if spct's can post screenshots...that's all most of us wanted. Now @MattScott i have posted a video 5 months ago with a freecam in the new UE3.5 and you said that what you guys had back then is nothing like what i had. After reading your post i would like to ask again. Was there any difference between the video i had and what you experienced?
  9. Some people (like me) just want to see news, something.... if LO made a 3minut video in the office showing what they are doing for example, showing progress and such, people wouldnt even demand "i want UE3.5 now" or w.e. Some people want a reason to believe since they've been waiting since 2014 thats all. +1
  10. I don't think OP was talking about "where the engine upgrade at" or "when is it ready" It's more showing us stuffs like pictures, video's..anything than just writing texts on blogposts and keeping testers under NDA like G1 did since 2014 I mean i kinda agree too...
  11. i had a dream that we would see screenshots and video's of the engine progress (pc version) in january...think i have to start dreaming for february now
  12. It's only been 7years of waiting so. Nothing to much... January is almost ending tho lol
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