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  1. K...this is really excited...i'm ready
  2. i'm sure it will go hire once the engine upgrade is completed..maybe 2022?
  3. if each player has a purchase history, wouldnt u know what all they "bought"? Let's say "stovavich" had keytothecity and keytotheworld pack. "give him $125 worth of g1c" idk lol
  4. I mean i just said "use me as a like button if you've been waiting for years for any digita/visuall info on the UE PC" Never thought that would be a problem on the forums tbh..
  5. You can be a prostitute. JK JK I think the labs thingy was removed so sadly no... Well 1 way is from your mom and dad(which is a NO as i can see) or 2, i'm sure u can get small jobs to earn some money, and let ur mom or dad, or any family member/friend who can buy you g1c with your money
  6. honestly...i don't see the issue with stretched image...it's in your nvidia settings. U can't prevent a game from having it. You can set your default screen resolution in windows on 1024x768 for example and stretch it in your nvidia settings, making your game think thats fullscreen so it won't matter anyways
  7. So any time soon those NDA's can be lifted a bit, for the testers to share some stuffs with us?
  8. I mean, thats the point of a game usually :v
  9. is that with or without the $1 per 100 g1c change?
  10. well if its now, its probably server issues, depending if EU or U.S. But what OP is trying to say, why can he login fine and enter a district but his friend can't Maybe its resolved maybe not but it's an issue i had back in the days too to find out my ISP was being sh*t lol
  11. I'm hoping we will get more updates...or atleast some screenshots from testers end february/begin march
  12. Well it might be your ISP. Usually this is not allowed but let your friend try using a vpn and see if he can connect. 95% he can if he gets a good vpn to connect somewhere in the u.s./eu or something, then launch the game and join district
  13. only your friend? or all of you
  14. i only like the style and the sound. Other than that it's just an obir indeed lol
  15. Am i like in the 1% of people who do NOT own the 3d glasses? :s
  16. So...any chance u can gift jaboi here? xD jk jk jk thats cool lol. I mean giveaways with ingame items also helps keeping the game alive!
  17. its sad that playing since 2010 i dont have 3d glasses because i never bought KtdW idk there's like 30% of things worth in that pack so i decided to not buy it..unless 1day they reduce it to like 5k g1c ish then maybe i'll buy it lol
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