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Found 7 results

  1. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftsAsTO9eMw[/youtube]
  2. (Click for video) ✖ NASCENCY ✖ ††† Actually finally got around to finishing a montage for once rather than letting them die at like 25%. Pretty happy about getting this finished even if it was a little rushed. I've always edited little section or started on something larger but never got it finished. Or uploaded. Or Just procrastinated like I did in the case of this. So the past few days I was scrambling to get it finished and unfortunately some parts are pretty sketchy and there was still more to do on it. But overall for a first 'completed' montage I am satisfied. The majority on the clips are on good golds only, including some ffbans in there. APB is not an easy game to both record clips and edit for. Numerous clips get thrown out for little reason if you're wanting a high standard. Meanwhile once you finally do get clips the game is pretty much dragging you down during any edits. The HUD elements suck, no free cam capabilities on NA, no replay functions, stutters sometimes mess up recordings, and the gameplay itself does not lend that well for montages. There are some things that I've learnt from it/would change for the next one: - Continued thematics (It was about half way where a theme started to develop, better to have it there from the start for the next one). - More varied camera angles/less repeating. - Some sections could probably help from a redoing (Mainly the four cinematics before the first kill. Entire first section after the cross could do with some more love overall). - Working on smoother velocity and flow of shots (There is some purposeful stuttering and frame slow in there, but others in sections that i struggled with). - Some motion graphics/integrated 3d vfx. - Additional audio samples (Both in sound space and game samples). Thank you for watching. Sorry for no lewd thumbnail. ††† This was submitted to Nevv's video contest: Contest Thread. ††† Recorded at 4k/60fps and dropped to 1080/30fps. ††† Music: killshot w/ explore & mo vibez - Josh Pan soundcloud.com/joshpan If you enjoy the music please support the artist. ††† Some additional frames for those interested:
  3. brought this one together over the night it's short simple and non-serious but fr, i just freakin couldn't get this idea out of my head since this track's release. gonna upload something more immersed this or next week
  4. keep in mind i'm new to this. any feedback is appreciated and no, i don't dethreat.
  5. this is my third montage so far. as always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  6. I had planned to do this post as soon as the video went up but my fat patootie decided to sleep trough the upload and 2 hours after that. None of these videos are monetized, I'm just hoping to bring some new players to the game overtime. Please do let me know what you think, I am open to any feedback. I would love to improve with each video, I love making these.
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