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  1. I will be deleting my account through support, if anyone wants my name i guess it will be available when support Removes my account.
  2. I just explained why it can become another color, even if they use the correct ones, im not here to defend anyone. They are the ones that should be more clear on the rules, Like "how dark" "how light". I see very light colors, borderline white or "eggwhite", and i see very dark ones borderline black. They should also have stated Tattoos/bodypaint clearly
  3. Just to show some funny examples, this is colors that are allowed on the contest. The fact that orange can become red is cus you change the opacity of the orange over a dark purple you can get alot more colors than this, this is just an example
  4. I am going to take the moral highground here, just like so many others try to do. Here are some points: -Only missfits and evildoers make any sort of symbol or cloth to show the female form -Jeans are way to sexy on female characters -Male muscle are way to large, they make me feel like a betamale -If i see any "melon" symbols on a wall/car/shirt i feel like im going to puke (i get so dizzy, i do not know why) -When we see any nude design it ruins our killing experience, i think we all can agree on that -The buldge on the male underpants is WAY to large, i do not think any male can live up to that standard Now that i have the moral highground i show myself to be a very grown up man, and i demand respect and attention from others. also, the only solution i can see is to make every character wear a fatman-suit
  5. That grid is a great idea, i just use my fingers. Anyway, if you want to make complex symbols, you have to find ways to make more with the least amount of layers, creating symbols in apb require alot of problem solving.
  6. Zlayer-EU2

    Old threat system

    Giving spiteful remarks wont get the suggestion anywhere, to simply agree with the points you agree with and building up on it would be optimal for progression and explaining. The old sytem had 30 ranks of threat displayed, the one now only have 4. The old threat icons basicly gave people something to strive for, status is a thing most people want(similar to mmr in any competitive game). But the way i see it, it isn't only for status, you could use it in combat to see who to look out for and to handle them differently. Also, the problem with the current system, the skill gap from a "low gold" to a "top gold" could be more than a bronze to a "low gold". And during matchmaking you can't see the balanse on the teams, even if it is a full silver team aganst a full gold team, there might not be alot of difference in the team skill(example Top silvers vs Low golds).
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