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  1. Getting .45 permanently for JT was a good move
  2. Thanks, mines already fixed somehow, probably after rebooting without fast startup
  3. nope, doesnt work it does say "start" and nothing seems fishy and all but after i pressed the button the thing pops up again
  4. has anyone ever experienced something like this? it happens multiple times even after i repair the launcher and download the necessary files needed, it always ends up like this. i've tried reinstalling the game through steam and stuff and it still ends up the same. i've sent a support ticket already, while waiting for the answer on the tickets. 1. has anyone ever experienced this? 2. what are the solutions? 3. is this the game's problem or my software or somekind? thanks
  5. Yes even thought i've tried reinstalling the game with a fresh download. At this point im not sure what else to do.
  6. So for the past couple of hours since 11 am (GMT+8) to now, i cant seem to be able to login to apb for some reason. (have tried this on several accounts and through the steam login and the basic login (email & pass) and nothing has changed. Any ideas why is this happening ? and how do i fix this problem? much thanks
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