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  1. Hello , I wanted to share with you my last video part 1 /part 2 coming soon. Have fun and enjoy !
  2. Only after this update its going like this what is going on ? only i have it
  3. i have about 78m + 100 legend weps but its just a game who care about cash lmao in game
  4. I think he's just good. some people still think when someone playing like that they cheating i could share again video of the guy that triggerboting - twitching apb reloaded but its against the TOS
  5. Textured Is Recruiting! Who Are We? Enforcer clan that located -Citadel Server What are our Requirments? x-Being able to at least understand basic English. x-Gold theart x-Semi Gold x-Threat and Skill Requirments. x-Discord /Working Mic x-Active In APB:R x-35K Kills + ------------------------------ Good Luck For Everyone . Contact in game : Leader :Twixe Discord : https://discord.gg/xa2dax
  6. who said its croshair its just added crosshair on effects , playing the game from 2011 my aim is fine
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