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  1. If you have Discord, Add me Aband0n#2878 and we will talk about it!
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- West Midlands Police Clan are now recruiting!!!! Hello Im Aband0n and im a Clan officer and I will be talking a bit about the clan, what we offer and our requirements. Info: We are an enforcer clan in citadel EU with over 30+ active people from everywhere around the globe playing together laughing in Discord, just having a good time. The clan is run by Gbud1 and our discord is run by TheCoolGeek. Clan uniform and Clan car will be provided once in the clan. We have a Medic department that focuses on the aesthetics and looks of paramedic uniforms and cars. We have an amazing group of staff which will always help you with what you need. Every Saturday there is a clan event planned that can win you loads of different stuff and have a great time socializing with other clan members and just enjoying your day. Our main goal is to have fun and be a part of something in the game we all like, and we support whoever you are or you whoever you want to be no matter the age, gender or religion. Requirements: Follow the rules (the rules will be mentioned if you're interested) There is no Rank or Threat requirement to join up. There is no Requirement to be talking in discord while you play, although some of our members think it is important to achieve the maximum amount of happiness. How to join: The first thing you do is private message me in discord @Aband0n#2878 and I will provide you with more info as discord rules and basic information. When you are apart of the clan the only thing you need to do is follow the rules and respect other members. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- King regards Aband0n Clan officer, Discord Officer of West Midlands Police Clan
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