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Found 2 results

  1. Event powered by SocialWave and Criminal Lounge ! a new type of clan made to preserve citadel's community, and unite them ! learn more here. CarFight! Hello everyone ! Welcome to one of my bimonthly events, i call this one "CarFight!" yeah not very original i know... anyway let's get straight to the point ! What is this event ? Alright here's what you have to do here, basically you will have to get the starter car, (Macchina Calabria 127), a friend and a FBW Basically this will be a mini tournament where you have to fight to death! but as a team ! there's a few rules you need to respect. Every team will be of two people, one driver and a shooter, you, the player, will fight against another team with the same equipment as you do. Your team and your opponent will get into a mini arena where you guys will be able to start fighting when i say so. This will be the spot where we are at : (This is in waterfront close to the boat) What are the rules and requirements ? To participate to this event you will have to be an enforcer, as you only need the starter stuff, you can just create one, as the default car and FBW is all you need to participate . Here's the rules : -The drivers can only drive the cars, and can not leave the car, or use any weapon. -The shooters of each team starts the match inside their car, they can use their FBW, and leave the car if they wants to, no other weapons allowed. -Each team's shooter has access to field supplier, no other modifications/consumables are allowed. -One team wins when they killed ALL members of the opposite team (so when the driver and shooter is dead). What can i win and when will the event happen ? The event will have a prize pool of 2.000.000 APB$ ! the first place will get 55% of the prize so 550 000 APB$ The three best teams that didn't win will get each get 15% of the prize so 150 000 for each team ! ALL participants of the event will get a Legendary Donut which is a special item that you get for being loyal to my events, they will be useful for one of my coming events (which will probably be one of the biggest I've ever done). That event will be happening This Sunday at 18:00 UTC on Waterfront 1 Big thanks to Kristaina for being the main source funding the event! Also thanks to Zinnedine and Kevkof adding money to the prize pool ! See you ingame !
  2. Wild FAKEPLAYER appeared! [31/8 ~ 8/9] *Event suspended* Apologize to let all of you hear this, due to the event lack of population. This event suspend temporary, until more players request host this event again. Hello everyone! I am glad to present this event to all of the players in Jericho NA server How do we play? It is pretty simple. Just like Hide N Seek. I will hide in random spot inside the map. All you have to do is find me before the time limit. The first player find me wins the game. The time limit is 5 minutes. There will be 3 hints about my hiding spot. The first hint will show up when 3 minutes left. After the first hint, the other 2 hints will show up per minute respectively. If no one find me in time, seekers will lose the game. Is there any rule to play? Yes! There is one simple rule to play. Just to make sure everyone playing this event fair and square. You cannot leave the spawn until I yell "Wild FAKEPLAYER appeared!". Players can report to me if there are any player taking advantages in first minute. That player after investigation will be judge by me to give warning or disqualified. Is there limit time to play? Yes! There is limit time for this event in Saturday and Sunday. This event only open to players 5 times per day. (Which also means there is only 5 players can be the winner!) Where and when will you play this event? There are 2 maps I will hide. Saturday: Missions-Waterfront-1 Sunday: Missions-Financial-1 Starting at 9:00 a.m. in EST What are the prize if I find you, Fake? Here is the list of chance to earn prize if you are the first player in the game find me (Will keep update this list if supporting me in songs ) : *Limited* N-HVR 243-SD 'Reaper' 0.01% 0 left *Limited* EOL 'The Hammer' Mk4 0.01% 1 left Rapier F-Studio Demo Car (0 slot) 1% FakeCustom Bishada Rapier (0 slot) 1% FakeRacing Mikro (0 slot) 1% Random modification 3% $50,000 10% Random theme made by FakePlayer 25% Random song made by FakePlayer 75% *Please note that the percentage stands for how much chance you can earn this reward, not the total chance to earn reward. **For those limited prizes, after giving it out and it cannot earn again until in stock again. ***The better crowd play in this event, the better chance to earn exclusive reward. How do I know if you are scam or not? Don't worry, I will take a screenshot when I make a giveaway. It will post at here so stay tune. Also there will be a congratulation message in here and the server we playing in. Please let me know if there are any improvements for this event. Hopefully you guys enjoy this event!
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