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  1. Just the regular district disconnect error with connectivity issues or server might be down one. I understand that it might be the issue, what do you suggest he should ask the ISP operators? Opening some ports, but which ones? I don’t even want to know how many people downloaded the game and had the same issue, but gave up immediately. Thanks for the help and sorry for the late reply.
  2. Hello all, mostly users because devs don’t look at forums and don’t give a crap about making this game work for 80% of people that most likely had the same issue but gave up. I have been playing this game for a long time, for me at home it works (not gonna talk about performance). Anyhow, got the game on my laptop, tried it at home both on wi-fi and cable connection, worked like a charm, so I pack it up, go to my friends for a lan-party night (like a real boi) and when I got to his place, magically I can’t connect to the district server (from my laptop) nor can he from his pc. note: tried with my laptop both through wifi and cable. Filed a ticket from my friends account, two weeks passed and no reply. (There was a text file with ”tracert” from CMD included) Does anyone have a solution for these kinds of problems? p.s. when connected with the same pc to mobile data/hotspot/tether from a smartphone it is possible to connect. let me know if you need some additional information.
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