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  1. Bump - We still need new members.
  2. WTB a clan outfit for my clan, for APB$ /w me ingame Scentia. or join our discord: https://discord.gg/aEJFBQc
  3. EngLen

    ExoGenesis [Crims]

    Thanks for membership Desmila.
  4. When oposeing Enforcer team calls you a crim NOOB, you be like:
  5. SOLDIERS OF MAYHEM We are a a new crim's clan on EU Citadel, Whom are looking for members :3 We belive in fair play and non toxic game play! This is important, as we wanna create a friendly inviorement for new aswell as veteran players. We have some rules and they are: Do NOT herass other players or taunt them. Be respectfull to the APB community and clan members a like. Dont be toxic and a drama queen, instant kick from the clan... period. we don tolerate aimbots or macros. When that's said we welcome you to the clan, Soldiers of Mayhem. Everyone is welcome, bronze silver and gold alike, we wanna form a awesome community! Will you join us? Clan logo, outfit for male an female is comeing soon! Regards Scentia. Discord Ingame Name of leader of the clan: Scentia
  6. Im a crim on EU Citedal, and i wanna team up whit people, preferbly new players and you must be able to voice talk ingame or on discord ! Easyer to teach if you can speak right ? anyways its just and offer, hit me up if you wanna do this! Regards Scentia Ingame.
  7. Jackie won! gratz and good luck whit your prize :D!
  8. Oh ok Will do at at 5 a clock, but i might poatpone sine im in traffic stop on the highway-.-*
  9. I do Indeed ITS summer time, thanks for noticing Sorry! I postet on serveral discords and Also postet og here. So i copyed og from there i have corrected it
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