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  2. Yeah. I got idea for my skin since 2011. And honestly I wouldn't even mind if others would be able to use it.
  3. Yes tiers. As cars land in the same price tag there.
  4. I dunno what you two argue about. Both factions can use all equipment with expection of equipment specific to faction - meaning key to cuffs and handcuffs. All rest are equipable by both factions - although only certain factions can level up roles related to it and unlock better version of equipment. If you find it problematic, just buy equipment of the opposing crims/enfs and equip it.
  5. Enforcers get tier 1 starter cars, while criminals get tier 3 starter car - newbie enfs pay 25$ per respawn, newbie crims pay 100$ per respawn. Cars inferior to Espacio include Broadwing. Only tier 3 cars are left. Honestly leave tier 0 cars as starters - although I think there should be choice which 1-slot tier 0 car you receive. I love tier 0 cars for one sole reason - they are free to respawn so it's great option for poor newbies.
  6. Oh my. Just bought mine and gonna check in moment in social. Edit: It's just you pal. Unless they fixed it.
  7. Well I though they gonna roll it beforehand or after update directly. Would make sense. Plus it's 6 pm in Europe so don't blame me.
  8. Can't be just me. https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/index.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=65&subcatID=210 If somebody found it tho. give me link. I want to see price of it at least.
  9. Nano is pretty balanced weapon in my opinion and pretty easy and fun to use, especially as finisher for stun nades. Problem is that others weapons might outclass it (especially RFP)
  10. You could buy Jeep Wrangler for that. But noooo, you decided to pay for APB.
  11. Kvass is hell of a drug. As slav I dunno how people can drink it honestly
  12. If you want to do quick calculation, use this: https://ffbans.org/tools/G1CCalc Then (if you logged in) go there to copy purchase history: https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/purchase_history.php?gameID=20 Copy it into tool on FFBans.org (second one) and click calculate. Tada, you have total G1C spent + total US$ spent on one account. In my case it was 82,962 G1C which roughly translate according to site to 1,037,03 US$. Ouch. I could buy new PC for that money.
  13. Yeah. Each weapon should have it niche and AR niche should be picking off people at range not suited for weapons of their opponents like sniper in CQ and smg at distance.
  14. God almighty AsgerLund, that is even disgusting for your standards!
  15. People are angry at N-Tecs, ATACs and you have nerve to actually advocate the reverse of nerf. ARs are so bizzare nowadays that in some cases they are more accurate than smgs on their own close distance and recover better than some distance snipers in long range.
  16. I want compensation too for all this toxic playerbase from Russia driving everyone else away. Russian cheaters should be additional compensation Seriously, get some grip...
  17. At best it fires up 2 times and then fires Cross Gun Event. AT BEST. And it's usually 1 Egg Hunting event and then Cross Gun Event
  18. Not like i'm having choice to when i'm in it (I'm only for egg hunting and this event is packed with it) and switching district every 2 events don't make sense (and even then I drop into cross gun event often on other server) So quit your bullshoot.
  19. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  20. That is correct. You get 100 JT for each rank. (It's not stated in APB:DB)
  21. Steam wallet is even more unfair in G1C count.
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