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    Sudden Instance Shutdown

    That's how mafia works. Btw. They probably run backup copy then after catastrophic failure.
  2. Mitne

    Support is trash

    Honestly after my last talk with one of support staff I'm pretty sure support don't know a dime about game. Still it's better than talking with bots although be ready to prove your cases. My example: I received only one Halloween weapon skin but I done everything to get 3 skin selectors and was 100% positive I didn't click JT reward. 3 months of waiting later (Ridiciolous waiting time if you ask me) and I needed to prove to support staff that in Halloween we had 3 chances to claim each Halloween faction skin from skin selector/JT selector. Basically he told me we got only 1 chance to claim weapon skin. Thank God I done it on one of my casuals just to see what is going on with my main as 2 skin selectors attached to rank seemed to be bugged to me and didn't gave me anything. Casual account was basically proof that I should've received all Halloween weapon skins... I guess I should start using shadowplay too other than documenting bugs via screenshot... Just in case.
  3. Disabling everything because it don't work is not way to go. Fixing that bug is way to go.
  4. [Go to jail] [Resist arrest]< [Pay $APB]
  5. Mitne

    computer setup thread

    I would show up my setup but it's covered by huge pile of trash.
  6. I would say at best that they should remove remote detonator but alright...? It's Fight Club - here my biggest issue are spawn system and some occasional cheaters passing by. Other than that... I really don't see problem with mods in FC.
  7. What about all this lives killed in explosion?
  8. How about option like "surrender"? You surrender match and other team wins game and gets medal for other team surrendering. Problem is... I see also it can be abused by some of players...
  9. Both valentinees weapon roles unlock permanent version at contacts from what I remember.
  10. I'm suprised LO even noticed this issue. I think R30 is fair. At least allows only players who spend some time playing this game rather than this who created "alt" to troll someone they don't like.
  11. In fact you did block every crim spawning there from "playing the game". It's default spawn outside mission and waste of time for player spawning there. That's griefing. You might harmed few missions thanks to that.
  12. One glaring problem. Both criminals and enforcers are equipped with slim jims...
  13. Stun OPGL is so op that I prefer lethal version over stun one. And stun nades only instant-stun if you hit someone litteraly directly with them. Unless you are clueless player, you should be pretty fine countering this...
  14. But he just tries to get his point across without listening. I understand being angry at some things but not what he is. It's litteraly game flavour.
  15. How about you read what I wrote fully. Jeez.
  16. Mitne

    Potential stutter fix

    I wonder if this would work with Windows 8.1 laptop as it seems to be affected by stutter issue. I try it out. And post results later. Also any side-effects of that fix? Other than what cheater supposedly says gonna happen? (First time I hear flushing RAM is destroying RAM sticks... I though only overheating them does but okey)
  18. I don't know what you understand under "core" mechanics. How weapons work, how cars work, pedestrian AI, civilian cars spawning, gameplay?... From what I saw it's how cars and pedestrians are. If out of all things that bothers you then seriously I say we take that loss. There many others things which were driving out "thousands" of others players. At reborn of APB under G1 we had peak of ten thousands players on each server. It's safe to say that at least 100k players took interest in APB. After cooldown of CBT and OBT we lost about half population and it stabilized. Safe to say they probably weren't much bothered by game mechanics if they stayed, right?... What drove away were numerous G1 decision and incompetence. Bad anti-cheat enforcement which made cheaters a constant problem, threat segregation which massively introduced dethreating, unstable servers which constantly made game unplayable, zero response to players problem, using engine upgrade as constant excuse to not do anything, idiotic "automated" support etc. etc. 95% of population quit either because of one of this issues or all of them. And all this issues weren't part of "core" game mechanics. But you list car mechanics which are flavour of APB. . .
  19. Mitne

    ARMAs: Add "weapon subscription".

    Hey. Mitne with another "revolutionary" idea (as with my all ideas, probably second human already benefit from it). What if we add "weapon subscription" option to ARMAs? TL:DR at the bottom What is weapon subscription? - Weapon subscription is my name for option in which you subscribe for weapon for some time and at the moment of paying off price of gun with subscription you receive permanent version of it. What is purpose of it? - There several purposes of such feature: Players might consider getting subscription to try out weapon since it will be something like temporary 3-days or 30-days lease but you gain chance to get it permantely if you pay rest of price. It sure adds to attraciveness to current non-subscribing timed leases (my whole new suggestion is to replace 30 day leases with that option). What would it cover? - Can cover both character or account-wide options. My suggestion would be character-wide options as there is option to expand to account. Economically it sounds right for developer (additional pay along way). How would it work? - It's pretty simple. Let's take Joker CR-5 as example of how it would work. Current price of character-bound Joker CR-5 on ARMAs is 2,999 G1C (2399 G1C with premium) Depends on what type of time stretch you want to give it, usual options in my opinion would be 6 months, one year and two years. Fee would be monthly in my case. I think one year option is the most sound one so I will give example on it. For normal account without premium it would be 2,999 G1C / 12 ~ 250 G1C, for premium account it would be 2,399 G1C / 12 ~ 200 G1C. In both cases you might notice player would lose basically 1 G1C with that option, last subscription fee can be lowered by 1 G1C to correct that of course. Subscription can be cancelled or renewed at any time. Lease tied with subscription runs out the moment G1C balance on account is not meeting subscription monthly fee in moment of it running out. Subscription CAN be renewed either indefintely or with some sane time limit (1-2 months for example) after failing to pay monthly fee. In my opinion 30 days lease should be removed to make option for that as it would make subscription "better option". If you though decide to keep 30 day lease (I don't know why), I would decide to make price of it be the same with monthly fee or lesser. I discourage also against making subscription overall price bigger than character-bound weapon on it's own as people would either save up money or resign from trying. So what can I gain from it? - As customer - different option to pay for permanent weapons which bases on "leasing" type of loan. You own something as long as you pay your loan. As developer - possible bigger income from ARMAs TL:DR: Replace or add option similiar to timed leases (in that case monthly lease) which would at the time of paying up price of character-bound weapon give permantent version of that weapon. So... what are you opinions? Would you fix something or that? Would you approve or disapprove of it? Please, comment in the section.
  20. Here's my idea which is good compromise to people who can't afford APB guns instantly, instead it's offered in way of subscription which final reward is permanent weapon: I think it will solve this problem. 3$ per month don't sound as much, right?
  21. Phenomenon I always saw with criminals while ram raiding is to ram as much as possible, go N5 (or N4 under radar) and drop it off. That way enforcers such as I catch criminal having on hand sums of money like 50k, 100k or even once... 200k. Few hours worth of ramraiding. My honest suggestion to criminals would be to drop it off as soon as you hit N5 (or N4 on populated server) as it makes no difference mathematically - you get the same money if you drop it off at the same notoriety with few ram-raiding sessions and one ram-raiding long session. If you do several ramraiding few times and split on-hand money into few parts, dropping it at the same notoriety in every part - you will get exactly the same money. If enforcers catch you... it will sting less if it will be 5k than 50k... right? ~ Fellow Enforcer, Mitne.
  22. I'm almost 10k away from 100k myself so I don't find it strange. Some on Citadel got like 200k and more even.