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  1. Many find it problematic only because it's too open. As in, not much room to anyone who use close quaters weapons. Is that terrible map? Not really. I guess general idea was that this was supposed to be sniper vs sniper type of map. Many open areas and alternative paths giving open view to eventually camping opposition shows that. Financial is more enclosed with few expections. Seems to be more balanced as there is place for close quaters weapons and distanced ones. It's kinda funny because this map was supposed to be close quaters map. So yeah - attraction to financial over waterfront is caused only because of how map is built for fighting. For some reason financial is also more memorable and waterfront look more generic. I guess skyscrapers got more charm to them than warehouses.
  2. Never did criticize. I used that gun to max out LMG role. If you want to trap people by jumping from corners, sure you can do that. But in my case it worked more as fast deploy and obliterate gun most of time. And no, in many situations - unless you litteraly jump to throats with said owner of CQC gun, you pretty much at lost position. Not of course if he is not aware of you but that can apply to any gun. Even sniper rifle is viable option then.
  3. I got some artefacts in Citadel while loading to abington yesterday but I don't think anything similiar.
  4. As we know AMG family is useless in CQ unless you crouch down anyway so I dunno if that really matters that much. Unless deployed and hidden he would rely on his secondary most of time anyway. What if he would strap it with one of orange mods? Or red? But that aside. I would surely recommend from legendaries Ursus. In my opinion it's one of the most easy to handle frp, primary legendaries there and straight up update from N-TEC 5.
  5. Hey. Welcome in technical hell I'm stuck in. Get ready for having 30-40 fps in year or two. Meh, kidding. But it started the same way for me. Steady FPS with breaks and then each other patch started to eat away FPS. I dunno what is to blame here, engine of this game or OS as quality on how others games work didn't even drop a bit 2010 to now.
  6. Better I propose something more permanent. Medusa. Unless it's build-in mod got broke, it's pretty decent LMG. And still... AMG.
  7. You both realize Euryale it is locked behind spent G1C paywall? Cause we talking with newbie here...
  8. You would think as SCPT chosen from players with "a lot of experince" he would know this shit. But nope Also explains why he unjustly shittalked a lot of people about some issues which were valid. Another silver moaning about cheater in Jericho, git gud. Add it to the pile. Was that good enough?
  9. It never was. Half of legendaries were good options. But y'know, with newbies it's mostly talking to wall about that. I dunno. Somehow we got a lot of players who "don't know what to do with them". So it is really that bad? If you play daily... no. Plus you got FC if you really badly want joker tickets (sure FC would use "clean up" (if you get me) but still is the best option for JTs if you don't need to do missions in action). (EDIT) Also this update done miracle and FC started to fill up with normal players for once. Actually that is false. We got some people who buy accs from black market and cheat on them so you think that such time investment will stop them? No, unlikely. Constant harrasment from LO will. Everybody by now know it's failure. Eh. I must complete level 10 now in this weekend I guess. Last weekend I spent one whole day to level up one damn level. Honestly it's just cherry on top of shit cake, if you ask me. Dethreaters, cheaters there and there (wish population was bigger so they weren't presenting themselves every few matches), performance of game which is breaking apart, overall boredom in comprasion to other modern games etc. Counter bar is bugged. My bar at level 6 was whole time somewhere in middle even when I was like 500 standing away from level up. And also there is still bug with progression if you die before bribing stage from what I'm aware. No, that would be N-TEC at current. Gun which 0-slot version you can take from one of tutorials anyway. Rabid is unique LMG. Look up stats here: https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_LMG_Fanatic_Slot3_Joker
  10. I don't know how many we have but last time I checked it's not getting any better on Citadel. Maybe population need to drop to Jericho levels so this cheaters actually get bored or lonely.
  11. AMG is also good, way more mobile also. It's good if your aim is average like me. If you somehow keep your aim at target all the time, then PMG is better option. If you can't aim, then it's not good option. N-FAS is good alternative for sprayers. Defintely not easy. And N-TECs. No. And it's not easy weapon to handle for novice anyway. Not recommended for novice player. OSCAR is easier one.
  12. Wow, you just discovered what everybody know for years, Cooky. (Not like I done this experiment 2 years ago - probably nothing changed for better.) You are SCPT, talk to them. Because for years it falls deaf to ears of developers, each time I rise issue - they tend to ignore me. And that's what I meant when I said that "community is responsible for death of this game".
  13. It doesn't work if you don't quote a post. Nice try, but lacks finesse. Also quote because it was aimed at you
  14. Still doesn't hurt to drop ticket to support as well. Who knows.
  15. If you got nothing sure. I can imagine some guys who spend hours to make fortune to buy this guns and then seeing that go to some fucker might be super angering. Just saying...
  16. Said that you should contact him in-game: that involves e-mail when is offline or whisper when he is online.
  17. That's why i use two-factor authentication. Did you changed your password after January login account details leak? And to anyone looking through and who still didn't changed their login details... I strongly advise to do so. Who knows if list with vulnerable logins is not circling through known internet or even TOR.
  18. Just quit forums, problem solved. You're welcome.
  19. Honestly people keep leaving anyway. It won't matter. Especially taking that waiting time if it's not peak of day are hours... RIOT as I said was mistake. The only reason I'm forced now to play is skin and max level at contact.
  20. Seiyo Espacio but you need to build it inside yourself! #Campervans
  21. Well if game would be dead, I wouldn't had choice. And don't try to be saint. You play as well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. If LO gonna go the same way, maybe it would be for the better. Giving it as any point is like praising some big company for buying out some cola brand because there are some customers who still buy it. Sooner or later it turns unprofitable and it's closed anyway and big business though they gonna make some niche shit.
  23. You all gonna be effectively pushed to silver. Such micro-stutters from 100 ms alone can throw you off-balance. I suffered it first-hand for some time. Also Australians gonna suffer even more. Probably only gain are on Asians - dunno why they didn't put them on Citadel after Han. Probably to fix Jericho pop. But still, seriously. Bad. Idea. Either way one side gonna be hurt by that merge.
  24. I would say "camping" get whole new meaning now.
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