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  1. Ysalines small shop, Patriots female "designer", always hated that word lol.
  2. WHAT THE ..... i just realised, with the new forum all the good stuff are gone..... F*CK !!!
  3. "pastechi designs" sure, totally want to spam your name all over the forum, nice
  4. ohhhhh duuude, so cool ye i hope it would go on continuously
  5. "ALOT" of clothing .... okay, what ever you say my guy. on what server tho?
  6. Funny, this unbanning thing attracts the old trash. Even on the forum, people whos been gone for years are actively posting.....
  7. what does it have to do with anything, APB have more pressing issues then forum
  8. wow this SUCKS ass, i hate the fonts, pages, everything...... DONT FIX THINGS, THAT ARENT BROKEN *snip*
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