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  1. Ah thanks - yeah, not something I've messed with. I ran a repair and still not working unfortunately. Very odd.
  2. Thanks chain, that's very helpful! I am slowly getting better. I think my favourite is when I manage to ambush or surprise an enemy player, sometimes even maxed gold ranks get careless. Most of my deaths happen in direct shoot outs - I always try to review what gun killed me so I know what to particularly avoid confronting. Against some players/guns I seem to have no chance most of the time, but I can still sneak in and finish an objective sometimes when the enemy are distracted by killfarming. Still learning about my TTK and optimal ranges on different weapons and trying to switch up based on what is needed. I actually started with an HVR because I was dying a lot and range gave me a (false) sense of safety - but I got my first kills in that way. Then I switched to the SHAW and learned it's pretty good against vehicles. Then I went onto the JG cause I saw first hand how much it hurts up close, and I've had some fun with that - especially given how much I like to rush objectives, seemed like having something closer range would be good. Then I started playing with the STAR which I originally hated when I started because I kept reading it's actually a decent gun... and I've had a lot of fun with it and some good kills. I recently unlocked NTEC KasatkaV2 and the mobility sling feels quite a bit different, so I've been using that, as I've been in Waterfront a lot lately and having something that can handle a bit of range also feels helpful on that map. I'm no expert but those guns are my favourite go-to's so far. Do you guys have any recommendations on what secondaries to pair them with or work towards unlocking? Also, what do you mean by 'cheesy spots' and 'clip brushes'? Still learning the lingo. I honesly don't like watching other people play all that much, but I'm sure it's a good way to learn. I've seen some clips on YT that showed me how people move around the map. Do you guys have any recommended streamers that might be good to watch and learn from? Thanks!
  3. Hey @Ketog, thanks for your help. What do you mean by config? I'll give the repair a shot in the meantime.
  4. So, I recently started playing the game (about a week or so ago) and started grouping with a couple friendly people. One of them kindly gifted me a teal Bishida Rapier Sport S1, saying that when he was new, years ago, a nice player gave him the car and it's now my legacy. I fell in love with it - I still feel it's one of the best designed cars I see on my server. It features this very recognisable ACE logo - and as a hopeful future APB designer I really wanted to know if it's a game original or player designed vehicle. Well, I got my answer finding your thread. Some truly amazing work here, very inspirational - well done!
  5. Hi all, I'm about a week old in APB. As many of you know yourselves, it's a steep learning curve not helped by the matchmaking system and current state of the community. I routinely run into silver or gold players in Bronze districts advising me to uninstall the game, but I tend to try and engage them in a little chat and they admit some of the problems they experience in higher districts themselves and sometimes even end up sharing some tips. Still, despite the fairly grim state and attitude of much of the community, I'm still enjoying unlocking things and improving my kill scores. That being said, could any veteran players share some tips or strategies you wish you knew when you first started? Or something you wish new players would know that maybe you take for granted? (e.g. one thing I learned the hard way - by being shot at - is to wait for the opposition to join before completing objectives) Some things I try to do to improve is check what weapons have killed me and (if I can unlock them) try them out myself to test the limitations and learn what might counter them as well as what types of guns I have affnity for (though with so many out there this is a slow process). Something that is definitely still holding me back is an inferior knowledge of the map and routes, but slowly but surely that's improving. I've got a grip on hitboxes now though due to their size a lot of 'half cover' feels fairly useless. I am continually trying to improve my awareness of my surroundings, but again, it's a slow process. Do you guys have any tips for approaching or improving these skills or knowledge? Thanks
  6. Hi all, I recently picked up APB and noticed a problem. The Music Player is not working for me. To be more specific: All sounds are working for me aside from the Music Player Others can hear my music, I cannot The volume is switched up on the Music Player and the tracks are shown as playing I am using Windows 10. Does anyone have any ideas for solutions I could try? The problem continued with several patches. I've seen mention of a possible codec problem, but I don't know how to go about resolving/updating/fixing it. Thanks!
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