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  1. Not noticing any issues with Paypal, Bancontact, Visa ... The only one I was getting some trouble from is PaySafeCards
  2. What payment method are you getting that with?
  3. Wait a bit longer and then enter the same code again (on Authy, wait until the second half of the timer)
  4. These are indeed not fully brand new contacts, but they likely weren't ready yet. Otherwise why would the old team not have taken the 'free money' of releasing them?
  5. As many hopefully know by now, the report system looks like this: But there is also a way to report players directly from the chat without having to use this interface. You do need to use the correct categories/arguments for that though, of course. The system is quite straight forward, you type /report name category. The one downside is that I haven't yet found a way to add additional information to this, but for a quick report this should work just fine. The different categories are the following, with example messages of how it's done /report name car /report name character /report name cheating /report name communicationharrassment /report name dethreating /report name griefingharrassment /report name hatespeech /report name links /report name missionblocking /report name personalinfo /report name rmt (Real money trading) /report name song /report name spam /report name symbol /report name teamkilling /report name theme /report name vehicle Only use the one word after the name, that should send in the report. If there's any issues in the spelling of the category or any other aspect it will just bring up the graphical interface so no need to worry about spamming in 'bad reports'. This covers every category of report apart from 'Sexually Explicit'. I'll keep the list updated as much as I can here on the forums and my page should I find any other information about the report system. If you want a quick way to send this info to someone, just send them the webpage https://kevkof.be/report As always, if there's questions or issues about anything I've typed just ask/reach out
  6. I'll probably make a more in-depth post about this, but there is a way to report players with cyrillic's in their name. Nearly all categories of the report system have a variant that you can enter directly in the chat. This is not a full perfect solution by any means, but it's a way to report players who have typed in chat (clicking their name from the full chat) or in your match (the whisper button on the scoreboard). The commands would be like this: /report <name> character /report <name> cheating All the catergories I was able to find so far are: car, character, cheating, communicationharrassment, dethreating, griefingharrassment, hatespeech, links, missionblocking, personalinfo, rmt, song, spam, symbol, teamkilling, theme, vehicle I'll keep the list updated as much as possible.
  7. The nekrova server was merged with the Citadel server in the second half of 2019, that's probably why it seems there's more Russian in chat now than before. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/8220-nekrova-migration-update/ <= This post has most of the info on that merge/migration
  8. Let me present you this post from October 2013 back when Reloaded Productions (aka GamersFirst, to many people) had the game. https://apbreloaded.blogspot.com/2013/10/colliding-with-gta-v-train-and-getting.html Please do have a read through that and then get back to me
  9. Consoles are already using the newer engine, but still need a lot of updates that LO is working on. You had the newer engine since console came out ... G1 announced the engine update in 2013 but never delivered on it, other than the consoles which are in an abysmal state as they are. Once they can get the console versions patched it should improve for you guys as well, but the core engine of console is already the newer one
  10. I played 2 hours ago, worked fine. Were are you connecting from?
  11. If you are not in the mission when they leave you won't see them as having dropped out of the mission, I assume you were called in to defend an objective?
  12. You can't start a mission with only one person. Each and every mission starts out with 2 or more people and then people leave the match either with /abandonmission or by just leaving. So you're ending up in a 1v1 situation, but not because the game allows 1v1. It would be nice if the game auto ended missions where you're alone, but for low population moments this might not be such a bad thing
  13. It was only supposed to be up until the 8th of january as mentioned here: Time based availability is often a thing, but you already had the chance to pick it up for more than a month more than was originally intended. It would be nice to have everything available at all times, but you had enough time to pick it up imo
  14. I highlighted a word in your post that should make the reason for that very obvious ....
  15. Check your antivirus/anti-malware, that could be blocking it
  16. It's happening during the patch window next week, this is probably just a reminder of the guns being available only for a limited time. I guess reading the line right above yours was too much to ask ...
  17. It can help to remind people to pick them up if they wanted to get them. I already assume someone's going to post less than a week after they're removed "I missed them, can you bring them back?" It's still a change being made, they also post when other items are being added/removed
  18. Gun seems to be an issue, but the quiver is the preset one. Are you checking that section of the clothes?
  19. And where did you read that this will be 250$? The full pack is 12594 without premium and last I checked that only comes to less than half that. It's still a lot of money for pixels, but it's nowhere near 250
  20. The kill values posted are total kills required, not just to complete that level of the role ... Pretty sure those number are accurate, you just expected other numbers
  21. CSG and TAS20 share the same stats, those are just remodels of the same weapon. The Strife's other name is the ApocWar based on the pack it's in.
  22. I would need someone from the US to confirm, but don't quite some stores in the US display the prices without tax?
  23. Removed deleted content. - Azukii This is not the final version, but guess everyone missed that post ...
  24. This has been happening every year, It could be that the guns are only able to count for 1 thing at a time. That would also explain why the love guns go back to counting for the regular roles when the Valentine event is gone
  25. I didn't find this mentioned anywhere in here, but this is just a temporary change. It should get more work to it at some point And the current way it works is just that it doesn't allow Heat 5 (So both Notoriety and Prestige 5) players to shoot, or get shot by, anyone that is not in their mission
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