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  1. It's a good idea, but it'll still feel like a waste of space. Now to see if they implement that in the armas update
  2. Until you have that one permanent as well and what then? I'd rather not get my mailbox spammed with 4x4's that I'll never use
  3. There is no check within the box for that, it would be an interesting suggestion but I fear it'll leave some of us getting the same few things over and over.
  4. While we already knew this was a way to replicate it, I don't think I've seen it this reproduce able on live. I was getting it on the 4th join, another SPCT got it on 3rd join and yet another test subject got it after 5. We had QA trying this on dev before I believe, but they weren't able to reproduce it there. I'll try to get them to try again with the exact steps and settings we were using.
  5. JG, N-tec, N-hvr, OCA, Carbine (at least those I've gotten so far)
  6. We have been working with the devs on this for much longer than I even dare to admit. Trust me, we've been down this road before. I know it sucks, but that's just the point we are at.
  7. Let's blame the servers when you're the only one mentioning issues. Check your own connection and ISP, probably far more likely
  8. Actual steps or just when you do x a bunch ?
  9. As always, bring your suspicions/proof to SakeBee and if appropriate they will be dealt with. At this point you're just making wild claims without any basis at least from my point of view
  10. World queue =|= district queue, but valiant effort. And it would still give the same issue of limited population per instance
  11. I didn't know them telling you to shut up and stick to the TOS excluded them from looking into the player you're accusing. You're still breaking TOS, maybe in your mind it shouldn't be against the TOS but it is.
  12. Kevkof

    Out of Memory

    Lowering the settings can reduce the amount of crashes, but there's no fix available at this time. Yea, gonna have to wait for the engine update, which brings the game to 64 bit. No ETA on that though
  13. Kevkof

    Out of Memory

    Nvidia GDDR6 GPU by any chance? And system memory doesn't matter much for a 32 bit process. That's why they're working to get it to 64 bit
  14. Probably better to remove most of that as it does give away your characters and possibly even more. Looks like a fairly generic answer, was this just a straight crash to the desktop or did it throw up the error catcher?
  15. The only officially allowed changes are the advanced launcher, which they've actually linked themselves: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/8/29/message-from-matt All the rest is up for action, should LO want to crack down on it fully
  16. Where are you getting that and can you send a screenshot of all the info in the error screen?
  17. That's quite literally what we're already seeing in the beta clients for the engine update, so that's coming.
  18. Kevkof

    Walking out of bounds

    You remember correct: This is from the second Q&A
  19. That should still just be working. Maybe you were on an older version. Grab the correct version from https://media.gamersfirst.com/gamersmedia/apb/Advanced_APB_Launcher.zip and try that. It can also be a good idea to fully reinstall both the game and the Advanced Launcher
  20. Hardware related maintenance from the provider side as well (Explains the length). And last I checked LO is not based in EU contrary to their largest player base. The timing sucks, but if you can do so much better just buy APB and organize it all the way you want it.
  21. Players who volunteer their time to test. So other than access to the testing builds/servers, we're just players. The original announcement.
  22. This wasn't at all announced before hand and having to do with provider based maintenance. Get off your high horse and chill
  23. This wasn't at all announced before hand and having to do with provider based maintenance. Get off your high horse and chill
  24. Knowing an issue exists doesn't automatically mean you can reproduce it reliably and from there be able to determine what exactly is causing it to break
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