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  1. I used it for years.. great gun to use but I haven't used it for maybe 2 or 3 years as a consistent option. I was very good with it so I know the keeping a constant fire rate is important. The person I was playing against who was using the joker had a perfect fire rate. when they killed me they would move on to someone else and the fire rate sounded perfect. This is not humanly possible.
  2. Sick of the macros firing at super constant rates with guns like joker carbine, SHAW etc etc. Lol im sick of paying to be beaten by people who are cheating. I am paying for APB to support LO but shit its been a year + now and we are still seeing the same crap day after day. Guy with macro using Shaw - never misses a shot and recoil pretty much under super control Guy with Macro using Joker - super accurate fire rate, never misses a shot as its like playing with a full auto gun with better accuracy and range and recoil pretty much under super control Whisper the guy to "turn off macro". Get a string of Russian text back. Subscription cancelled.
  3. try it and let me know how you get on
  4. Some rich kid has bought APB IP as a personal toy thinking they can revive it. If this person has been playing APB for many years as the post says, its obviously some guy who has plenty of spare cash to throw around or some rich parents who have more money than sense and have just picked up the IP thinking they can do something with it. lol. They do know this collapsed a £100,000,000 company which qwas built from the ground up by a guy (Dave Jones) who made some of the biggest games in the entire world including GTA!? lol, just do it! lol APB is not a small project and G1 and LO prove that just because you have all the bits in place to play with, that you cant just mix them around and come up with something better. Remember 400 people over 7 years made APB. this is not for indies. Although well done to Matt and his people for offloading it and getting the money together to continue hosting the game as is right now. Will we ever see the engine upgrade in full swing or will the money be used as a recoup for the past investment from LO? Another thing I would really like to know is, when APB IP was handed over to the Russian developers, what did they do with it once they shut down that part of their company? Someone has a copy of the IP in Russia; what are they doing with it right now?
  5. especially with the amount of hackers still in the game every day. Lol who would be stupid enough to buy it ?
  6. as long as this doesnt effect the game.. I cant see APB be a game for Mobile though? erm also does this mean you are working or not now on APB2 ? I dont think you would ever be able to build this anyway as RTW had 400 staff working for almost 7 years on the current game.
  7. this pastes the russian names but wont let you press the button.. i tried this last week..
  8. players may not identified by their names. They will all have a number (integer) in the database and this is their ID. Name will most likely have little to do with anything especially since their is no way to report people with Russian names in game.
  9. lol just lol.. what more can i say.. just lol.. SEE YA!
  10. I think what you mean is that they are shooting at a consistent rate without shot degradation. Not improved speed of shot (which cant be done). This is happening allot that I have also noticed. Its like the Ntec is being shot as a semi auto weapon using a macro so not excessive bloom or other bad effects on the shots taken.
  11. Im a low silver and have been playing for years so I have no comment on this.
  12. lol the hackers. have a few games on citadel. For about the last 3 weeks its game after game of trigger and aimbotters. What seems to being done about it? Pretty much same old shit, different day. - its like G1 never left! Its amazing how many times the corners are prefired and as soon as your in view your dead.. This is especially the case with long distance semi auto guns which are firing like slower full auto. (although 2 guys the other night with aligs were just taking the total piss, again up close no chance of hitting me.. at distance ever shot lands) Anything less than 20 meters these dudes cant shoot shit. I just watched my clan mate being gunned down from around 60 meters from the enemy. - this was almost exact same time I was killed.; 2 shots on me from both players in the same spot at the exact same time pretty much. He was right behind the corner and the two dudes we were playing against shot him in the same spot at the same time. When we got close to them they run around like headless chickens not able to even nearly shoot us. Right now on citadel, APB is a total joke. Im not joking ive never ever seen it this bad. Ive been reading the hack forums. They are laughing that there new trigger bot is not being detected and hasnt been for many many weeks. Ive went from winning around half of all games, to winning around 1 in 5 and with score of 1 to 4 kills for me to around 7 to 10 for them . My normal scores were always pretty much even. Either over the past 3 weeks I have suddenly reduced in skill drastically and not noticed any change in my game play, or the entire population of APB has suddenly got at least 30% better. Ive been coming back to play day after day and seeing the same thing. Im really losing hope for the game.
  13. i think people under estimate Stadia. Maybe you should watch this video
  14. in the US you have these numbers but not across the world. In the UK we have NI numbers - the phone idea should be implemented though. 1 chance. then banned for ever.. you could only go through so many friends to say "hay I got banned from APB can i use your number"..
  15. if they migrate to Stadia it wont matter if you have the crappiest PC going - as long as it can run Chrome browser you can play ANY game on Stadia. No need for anything special what so ever! I can play the best looking and most graphic intense games on my Chrome Book at full speed!
  16. how do you know this ? I have 100meg. If this was put on Stadia the amount of people playing would balloon to a massive amount so the new people who played would all have the right speed or they would not sign up to Stadia. APB seems to pander to people who have shit PCs and shit internet (see twitch) - it should be moving forward with the times. Not giving in to the old shit systems people have.
  17. Put APB on Stadia. This will prevent hacking, people using graphics mods of all kinds and will also instantly drive more people towards APB than any current type of advertising could even dream of as Google will advertise it for you and you will be able to allow ANYONE with even the shittest PC to play APB on the best settings. Honestly you dont need to thank me for the solution although I dont know why you didnt think of it your self @MattScott
  18. what if you want to talk in english in general chat as its ment to be?
  19. Seedy


    what is the concept ?
  20. i like to play against Golds when I play in the Silver (high threat) district as it gives me satisfaction when I beat them. I dont like to play against golds when I am plying at my own level (Bronze low level district) as they should not be there. If I were a gold ranked player, I would not go in bronze district as I would be outplaying the people there. I dont go in green districts. According to the logic of people here, as I supposedly want to shit on people that are not as good as me, which I can assure you is not the case, I would prefer to go play green. If I really wanted to be the best I can be, I would join gold districts surly. As I am a casual player mostly, I prefer to play people at my own level, hence I join bronze. I really dont know why I just typed that. The argument from people who are golds right now is that they are so self righteous that we lesser mortals dont have a valid reason for playing bronze or even for playing against them as they are SOOOOOO FUCKING GOOOD!! Yet you say you have no one to play in your own gold district so you play silver which is your get out clause. This is the purest form of contradiction and bullshoot you mongs. I play bronze because I am not good enough to play GOLD! understand that - I dont tend to play SILVER because I am not GOLD! You play SILVER because you think there is no one to play GOLD with but if every GOLD played where they are supposed to play, the GOLD district would constantly be full and you can play together buy NO you have to play Silver because you say your district is empty. Its empty because you dont have the balls to play against your own level of players! Yet you say people like me are killing APB because I wont play silver district all the time! Its because you are all there exploiting the silvers and bronzes! If you cant see that then you are obviously in denial. People who are also saying people like me who are low mid level silvers will get some sort of shock when phasing comes in are full of bull shit. Why would you think if the matchmaking system is going to be fixed that suddenly Golds with high rank will be playing silvers with mid rank? Lol do you understand logic and maths? If I were ranked at gold level say 8 and you are ranked silver rank 2, there is very little chance I will be pitted against you! Also phasing will also depend on ping and other factors so for me to be playing against someone from the west coast of the USA or even from the east coast of russia is very unlikely. People saying yea I cant wait to see seedy in district when phasing comes in bla de fuckin bla are more stupid that the forums spell checker is giving you credit for. You surely dont understand phasing at all or maybe you do and I am missing something! Which tbh I find very unlikely.
  21. Tried to report a russian guy there for blatant hacking. Cant report due to special characters in name. Maybe this should have been thought about and tested prior to the migration. Also how many russian golds does it take to fill a bronze district? this is not a joke; there are at least 15 in Citadel Financial Bronze right now. Just played against a group of 3. 2 were 255 and one was 232. GREAT! Maybe the joke should be, how do you drive APB right to its last breath in 1 week? Add a shit load of Russians who are going to hack and cheat constantly without reprisal.
  22. yes i know but the amount of golds in bronze district is even more of a scourge. I was playing in silver today and every game was against golds. Most of the time I was the only silver in the whole round!
  23. considering there was no real obligation to transfer anything, I think that not appreciating this transfer is people acting like spoilt little pricks. If I were you matt I would have not done this transfer at all. It was not your problem and not your company who owned the Russian stuff in the first place. These people have treated LO like dirt and shown little to any appreciation for the work carried at LOs expense and all done for FREE! Also the resources you have could have been put to better use. Another lesson learned about the lovely APB community.
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