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    Keep falling for their baits with detected pasted shit lmao. Perhaps you should try buying it so you can get your dumb patootie scammed, cuz that's what you seem to want.
  2. You must be so famous, right? I mean, you must be, since you're too worried about playing against "randoms" in a 200pop game. Couldn't expect more from someone who plays this game for years. yet still can't handle playing against decent opp. Keep doing your thing killing the game by playing vs newcomers on bronze servers, you're doing fine bro!
  3. Still, we have less players than EU and that's what OP is trying to say. Is no segregation the answer for our problems? No, but we would have 2 districts with players open for golds, silvers or bronzes, and even 1 full/half-populated in situations where we only have ~80 players online. What could save us or at least manage the lack of players is phasing, but it doesn't seem to be arriving any time soon. If most of you believe that having one server up is the best way to keep the population stable, keep it that way then. I believe that a system where segregation is removed on low-pop times would be a great idea. What do you guys think? This could be applied for EU and NA.
  4. OP's comparison was wrong indeed, but NA's peak on prime-time is still low when compared to EU. It's not about timezones, it's the fact that when NA hits 200 players at its best time, EU hits 600 and even 700+ sometimes.
  5. NA can't have segregation removed, man. Otherwise, 4fun players aka dethreaters will start crying on forums; claiming that they're the 99% of our player base and how they don't wanna play against "tryharders". But one thing is interesting: they can't have fun, unless when stomping new players on bronze district. I wouldn't try to convince this forums if I were you. x)
  6. It's unfair to give good people rewards? Ok. Weak/noobs shouldn't be playing against good players, it's matchmaking fault. You don't seem to understand that the death number isn't the issue here, getting N5/P5 can determine how a mission will end if it were close in scores. Why would dethreaters ask for this to be removed? I'm not an old player, I've played on bronze for a few months before I stopped oscillating between silver - gold, but I amost never had played against new or even silver players there. All I remember from bronze server is a bunch of bad 255s abusing explosivees and trying to stomp newcomers.
  7. You can't master randomness. I'm not bullying anyone though, I'm barely average and I'm pretty much aware of it. I just can't see the point on people defending such system; this leads to the only thing I can assume which is the fact that they aren't getting challenged enough, otherwise they wouldn't want a random-based mechanic to be their's mission decisive factor. That's all. I also agree with gold not meaning anything, but if you're running away from your original threat you're just a loser making new players suffer on bronze districts to boost your ego-- not aiming at you, just saying what some people can't accept.
  8. Jesus, this is pure cancer at this point. Bounty system wasn't made for the current game's state, devs didn't think 10 years ahead when players would be mastering the game. There are infinity situations where it would end up fcking you up. Matches aren't always unbalanced; sometimes you get good opp and this means the match will keep going until the last stage almost 100% of the time, getting N5/P5 can mean how it'll end and it's too RNG to be a decisive factor. Stop saying it is a balance factor, in this case bad matchmaking is what should you should be arguing about. You never doing well or getting close matches matches doesn't mean everyone is in the same situation, some people are actually getting close matches. I don't even fall into the "good player" category as you've said this entire thread, but still I get alot of those close matches. Also, can't see a reason why bounty wouldn't be a punishment for y'all too, unless you were playing all day on bronze servers to boost your ego.
  9. Do you want me to @ him so you can feel a little better? Grow up, all I'm stating is that the game was dying even before LO, not because of a patch. And @CookiePuss was probably talking about NA, which doesn't even avg. 250 players /week according to will.io ---can also be used for more numbers, since steamcharts only counts steam users, but will.io doesn't make the avg. /month only weekly numbers.
  10. The game havent avg'd 600 players since January, 2019. Removing bounty isn't what "killed" apb, the game has been losing players since 2015. Source
  11. LO didn't add any of them, buddy. The publishers of the game in their countries gave up on APB; G1's the one to blame, they were the ones to create the migration system to begin with. As a BR myself, we don't enjoy playing on "your" servers, all we ever wanted and ever will is having our on server with decent ms. This can also be used for Russians, I belive, but not only for them, as Australians also fall into the equation too. Do you actually think people enjoy having to play with high ms? I don't give a shit about your xenophobia, but at least be accurate on who you're putting the blame on. How can EAC be an "utterly ineffective anticheat"? It's used in one of the most successful games in history, it's basically at the same level of BE and only loses to FaceIT Client which is a absolutely invasive AC. Some other points that you check before saying it's ineffective: P2C providers vanished almost completely since EAC was implemented; R255 cheaters used to almost rage-cheat in FC servers, now from time to time you only see some r40 doing this on EU, which means that some of them ARE getting banned; Fairfight is obsolete, which means that EAC is already superior to it. Also, take in consideration that LO claims to have something else to analyse the gameplay pattern of reported players, so it is something already. Support is working as intended. I just had a problem with my account and the max waiting time I've had was 2 days, which isn't bad for a small team of customer support; There are weekly updates and patch notes, those not having sales sometimes doesn't mean it's bad; Fairfight never worked for this game, and it never will. Fairfight is an obsolete system in general due to the "evolution" of the cheating scene mainly with randomization (let's not get too in-depth on this one, but can check a forum with u and c and do some research on FF); Check steamcharts for the recent numbers pre-LO and post-LO, you'll see that the game have been losing 1k players each year since 2015, so LO isn't making more people leave, they were leaving long time ago; They were unbanned because G1 manually banned alot of them, as you've said.
  12. Game was WORSE when it comes down to cheating back in G1 days. I won't change my mind on this one, and it's quite clear if you actually sit down and remember those days.
  13. Well, look at the brightside, at least you didn't dethreat to silver on purpose. You know you're gold, that's why you queue on Silver servers; you know that you can play fairly well if not soloing against premades. I mean, the thing most APB "play-4-fun" players will eventually do is dethreat to silver on purpose, this way they can keep a fake ego stomping actual new/bad players. You didn't do that, you kept playing even though you were losing and that's what makes you different from the rest. I don't wanna go full motivational coach type shit though, you still did only 3/11 on those matches so you must be doing something wrong. Leave the "better than me = cheating" mentality for those who are either really bad or "too good" to the point where they can see if someone is cheating. Also, don't focus on your hours, man. Mastering something is a damn long process. When it comes to apb it is even worse since, currently, I can't recall any game with such specific mechanics. Still, that's fixable. Unlike the delusional ones who run away to Bronze servers, those will never learn the game even when they hit 10k hours. Another thing that might be a little too obvious, but I'll say it anyway: stop caring about winning/losing or being silver/gold, this will help you with the "devastated" feeling. Just don't let this stop you from grinding.
  14. I don't know how you guys says that removing a broken mechanic which was pure rng is making the game more "generic". Come on, we have fully customizable characters/cars, a whole symbol system which you can make almost everyhing, theme creation with pretty advanced stuff and much more. Bounty doesn't make the game unique, all it did was annoy people doing their missions.
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