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  1. you can always play push it to the limit while running around in the mission with the dump truck objective
  2. would not be shocked if they forgot with all this bullshoot going on
  3. i play female players ingame and make them look like a girl i would talk to. sometimes this fools them into thinking i am a girl, however i am not but i talk to mainly girls so i know to act a part and play the fool this has gotten me many ingame items in fallen earth from guns to chips apb however i get "a girl? go suck a banana fuzzy bunny" like no i play female models because if i have to look at something for 3 hours it sure as fuck isnt going to be a male butt. also do you think they could add animals? get attacked by a sewer gator maybe a lion escaped from the san paro zoo? maybe that could be a fight club event. crims free animals to attack cops cops have to LTL animals and get them back to cages i don't really like beans i just see them while drinking and start laughing my patootie off like HAHA BEANS IN A MOSIN CLASSIC MEME or something what do you think about the state of mods in and out of game i don't think they do there job up to par becuase of some of the shit i see, but i never read the rules of the game so i have no idea. however i have been told i need to be pg-13 on forums due to the fact they have pg-13 games even though i can run around in nothing but a thong and stickies and that is fine but uploading it here as a pic is basically nudity and bannable. double standards are not cool my dudes you need to fix that like why can't my male players wear a dress and heels? huh they could in fallen earth what if a guy who is gay plays this? huh what if he wants to recreate his favorite dress that his boyfriend loves to see him in and he can't huh? you know what year it is disrespecting gays isnt cool. infact you shouldn't disrespect people because you never know when you fuck around with a 4 foot 9 75 year old man that he might just round house kick you in the baby zone fact of the matter is i like making long post is because i know fourm mom is watching me like a hawk watches her babies so she has to read all these words in order to find something she can unjustly ban me for ( for like the tenth time) because i bet shes a player from apb or fallen earth who i annoyed the shit out of because i am the living equivalent of a hell spawn that doesn't hurt you or want to hurt you. i just figure out what makes you tick use that to annoy you and it works 90% of the time because people are stupid and get mad and can't see im doing it on purpose anyway we need a new gun something that says "why" like a blunderbuss or musket
  4. go lay down and take a nap and wait for the game to choke itself to death
  5. i miss it to in all it's janky "cars will stick to the floor unless forced" mechanics and the fact it had the most amount of armor customization i have ever seen in a game
  6. 1v1 is like trying to watch two fat naked people wrestle, you thought it was going to be fun but here you are bored and wishing you were some where else
  7. yea i'm fully sick of being forced to accept warnings this is a game forum for a game that has everything "bad" to most of the modern world from a to z and yet your here treating me like a child "no bad you said fuck time for you" is what it feels like i'm gone for two day weeks because clearly you more busy trying to figure how to run this hot potato then working on and hey we know whos fault that is but seriously when i leave come back its a 80% chance i got a warning for something stupid like "oh you posted a song the forum mom didnt like so that is like 3-5 weeks" its kind of bullshoot and feels like you got no laws on what your fourm mods can and can not do like i bet she will take this down and tell me "go talk to the head you little fuzzy bunny i dare you" becuase i know dam well it won't do shit becuase i have the iq of -50 and 100 at the same time oh all that is to distract you from this picture of a cat i found so jokes on you now you have to look at this cat and i'll get to the real topic why the fuck have you yet to add in more fancy clothes for females huh. you could do some simple retexture or coding right? i'm tired of my choices being nice lady A or nice lady B with a slight change to make me look less slutty the male chars look all to weird and gangly or just big buff body builders i don't like it. or we can go to cop which like everyone does (in fullblack) which is SO original why not do your cop armor and look like a lemon? or the human traffic cone all of you look the same and why do girls get swimsuits i do not recall ever seeing swimtrunks for dudes what about a wedding dress for girls? i got ideas but were stuck with weapon reblanaces and laggy lag that manges to lag the lag harder and faster the better your pc is which idk how that works oh and you ever made soup? i want a soup food truck weres the food trucks we got a million cars we could make. like a 50s cadallic truth be told i'm seeing how long i can keep going before the screen fills up with red lines because i'm typing with wild abandonment because it's about 2:15 am and i have ran out of shit to do and playing abp is like a hit and miss expect the pitcher is wearing night camo in a pitch black field and i gotta guess were he is and what kind of ball he is throwing and with apb that is normally a HV boweling ball what do you think of armadillos you people is a word i use alot to what i'm saying here is that we need more artwork ingame becuase i havent seen anything good in like 3 years what about clothing were did all the clothes go on AH now its like one hoodie a week painted a vomit neon green with the word "banana" stuck to the back of it how about birds were would you go if you could fly? anyway the real point of this topic is why are we allowed to use a name ingame like "unclefunkus" but that will get us banned here or there are you banned from anywere? of course you are becuase of the RED SCARE VIRUS wait that was back in the 50-70 kind of 80s to now all these kids want to be fuckin commies like it will slove anything you know what sloves things? NUCLEAR ENERGY becuase the plants are made to keep nuclear stuff from fblowing up and creating atomic bombs this is why american schools need to be better not depressing 50s bomb shelters to hide your failures to have safe sex from and it's getting worse will more welfare babys on the rise the real point of this topic is that spears are the best weapon man has ever made and the fact that someone should not have let me buy a keyboard becuase i can type alot of words non stop and not spell a single one right 59% of the time becuase typing "class" in school was typeajkfdhskjdnasjkdnasdlk;asdnaksldla 100 times and i told that teacher this isnt going to help and was banned from that class for "refusing to do the work" when i knew and still know playing fallen earth at the time and talking to clan mates and the chat friends etc helped my spelling speed and writing 100 and 50 times more then school did infact the local library and online and people i knew and know today help teach me more then public school ever did. and i see that schools do one thing the same as the real world and that is write papaers with as many words as possible on them much like this post in order to confuse you and do not think a dictionary will help you because it makes it worse anyway you ever barbecued pasta idk if you can but it's america so of course you can oh and why oh why did the the answer to all your issues is OCA whisper becuase its great in cqc and for long range use the sr15 and heavy barrel is the best mod and and and and and i can use the same word since 1672 they should add a musket to the game with a mod that makes it a OSOK, but makes the bloom when moving or still like 200% more so you miss like 99% of the time even with ADS why do people buy the loudist keyboards that sound like your throwing an old man down the starts like a fridge full of canned food why can i hit enter so many times if you want to see issues with your game look here i had more fun writing this tangle of a mess of words then playing my last 20 matchs each was a slog people quitting lagging can't kill them no matter what it's like shaving your sensitive areas with a dull broken razor and praying god has mercy on your poor dense cranium oh and one more picture for the road
  8. yea LO balances by listening to which kid they like the most cry. the shield could be used to make cars crash by car surfers which idk why that matters. and you have no idea how annoying it is when your trying to guard an obj and some ***** sucker is drying ammo boxs and car supply and spamming concuss at you for 5 min straight, of course now with the nade nerf most are stacking flak jack which has made using nades only for cars oh and don't forget people spamming 100 med sprays for a single fight theres alot wrong with the game and the state of fixing all of it is "pray to god they don't fuck it up more" oh and why is the boombox timed? it plays music does zero damage and only other use is appearing on rader which only fools the stupid and yes the orange shield is trash becuase it has the same time limit as a resupply and if you got a lmg on you and your trying to reload and not die it just poofs and your open again
  9. no no riot was amazing. remember all the times dying to premades? remember not being able to get a match? oh the best part a contact that gave a stupid skin but you needed like 100 matches to earn. fun! honestly if riot was a set of events rather then fortnite it could have worked. because adding battle royal to a free for all game is like toasting already toasted bread
  10. will if your saying what i think your saying lets look at this way if your opinion is that all women are utterly useless then your opinion by default is stupid and pointless if your opinion is that we should use titanium over steel in reinforcing buildings then we can debate as to why your opinion could be right or wrong based on facts cost etc
  11. and some opinions are objectively set to a default value of being plain stupid
  12. i know hide hide everything. you have to win the match by going on a scavenger hunt for guns and nades then you can fight. who finds the guns first wins
  13. if we left it in the hands of few people names starting with a N and a A i will not name they would fuck this game harder then a lone nice lady in a brothel
  14. i put a stop watch on to see how long the game takes to balance out the fps after loading. you know all the textures and the a-z's. that was about 30 mins for it to finally settle on about 60-100 fps. i say it like that because it freezes for no reason and drops about 40-60 fps for 1-5 seconds. only game i have that does this for no reason.
  15. pve? you do know what pve is it yes. do you see me like in fallen earth shooting npcs that are human animal or something inbetween during gameplay? the answer is no the most pve you get is mugging are guns FUBARed? yes they are and why would you use iron sights in a cqc fight this isnt no COD quick scoping tbagging fest your here to kill and kill quick so just SHAWcopter the shit out of your foe. being honest if we want to balance guns we would have to rework all of them at once on a new system like projectiles as of right now they use hitscan which means "who lags wins" in most cases thats the fuckers from brazil because lets face it if you lived 1000+ miles from the us you would lag too and it makes an issue for those of us that do play in the usa or we can remove guns and go all medieval on each other, that would be fun
  16. cowhorseman

    Weapon balance

    how to blaance guns step 1 remove all guns step 2 add knifes step 3 ????????? step 4 profit step 5 MONKEY KNIFE FIGHT
  17. cowhorseman

    Raid Bosses

    only thing you can lower is particles, and if you put it at zero the game crashes
  18. cowhorseman

    Raid Bosses

    just remove them there useless
  19. you know theres enough people playing this game to fill a small house and basing it on your threat level is going to allow like 3 people to play at a time
  20. cowhorseman

    Raid Bosses

    wait the npcs that drive around and walk infront of me while i'm shooting are a reason the game runs like shit. how much code did they write to make them so shit? do yandre dev write it?
  21. i figured it out guys. the best weapon in all of apb reloaded and the only set up you ever EVER will need is the Norseman hoenir with hunting sight 3 ext mag 3 AND mobile sling and slap a harbinger r2 and some eight balls and BOOM no one will ever top you in any pvp again. this is 100% legit you can trust me i WOULD never EVER do anything to manipulate or confuse or lie to or any of that stuff on anyone, like a Politian.
  22. yea i go for this. i hate getting the same premade of 3 5 times in a row i can't even score a single kill on
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