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    Crash every day

    the newer your equipment the worse apb runs. this game was built around a certian set up, but not made to handle newer hardware leading to issues. and we can not not just use mod glue like new vegas to hold this game together not to meation NA has like 20 total players
  3. Don't listen to zombie he's just a sulking child hanging around the fourms becuase he sucks ingame
  4. lurking in the halls peaking through holes in the walls sneaking into bathroom stalls
  5. no you can not. there keep on separate servers. meaning FE classic (live now) is one set of data and FE old is the second set. it's still up in the air if we will ever get anything back or if they ever will use that data from FE old so theres a tiny chance you might get some of your stuff back
  6. we are the fourm stalkers. lurking in the shadows peaking in your windows
  7. make sure your at medium or lower and turn off shrud render and tree render. put actor render up to atleast 60-70 if that does not help i suggest saving for something that is more useful as a pc rather then a bread cooker
  8. account is still there. all toons and items are gone.
  9. would make sense after what. ten years of this game? so ten years of this shit for the civis yea they would take the law into there own hands seeing how the enfos did, and did it poorly seeing how much power the crims still have And pve is more fun seeing how i can honestly do something with some fucktard crying about me killing them or what ever they cry about this night
  10. is your other characters locked too? did you try unistalling and reinstalling the game?
  11. the code AMA2022 did work as of today so go buy something you fucks
  12. bet some kid got banned for doing something stupid, and now there mad and going after the server thinking LO cant touch them. or emily being the dingaling she is forgot to turn on the shutdown warning for server maintenance, or being that the game was ran by the dingalings at g1 the warning system for shutdowns is botched and fixing the code is like removing a honey badger from your face
  13. hey since i'm already here i was just informed about 2 mins ago your game crashed and is now saying it's offline. might want to see if some nerd is DDOSing the server again you know since this is waht 3-4 days or it?
  14. heres a good fucking question why the fuck are we wasting our time squabbling over some shitty fucking game that does not matter and should have been left shutdown much like fallen earth. what are we trying to save? what are we doing here? why AM I FUCKING HERE? sierously lets just move on go outside play something new theres nothing left here to reclaim or progress on these games have dried up and mummifed long ago and we keep poking the corpses hoping that some looser comes along and ressucets shitty long dead code that was made by some man ages ago. this code is untangling razor wire while your butt fucking naked anit worth your time your only going to get yourself hurt that aand the player base for both are so stupid so toxic and so annoying to deal with a rather shave with an angry shaken cat. infact i rather go running around a war zone in a fucking birhgt neon fucking yellow suit an d try and not get shot. god dammit this game has ruined so many people and wasted so much time so has fallen earth, and fuck theres zero updates on fallen earth BECUASE THEY NEED TO AMIT THEY ANIT DOING SHIT TO FALLEN EARTH BECUASE YOU WERE FORCED TO BRING IT BACK WHEN YOU WANTED IT GONE. ugiuhjsafakjlhdfaskdhaskdhajsk fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck arjkalsdkjasdjaskldasjkdl seriously log off the fourms go outside and go play with your dog or some other shit idk its your life go and not be miserable looking at sad pixels
  15. i just log into FE and play the game of "see how log i can stay on before i get asked about marry shipp, or if im her alt or getting accused of being her alt" world record so far is 5 seconds and the longest time is 1 hour 30 mins as for apb i can see how long before i get bored and fall asleep. happened twice since its a stuttery mess
  16. this is the only reason i still come onto the fourms. other then that i can just watch drama iname or fall asleep trying to play it
  17. why does your dumbass feel the need to crawl out of your hole once in a blue moon to comment some stupid shit? excuse me princess whora, but i am going to list out items i see here because not all these people want to come to this shit patootie forum because goblins like you dwell in the darkest corners. and besides your patootie does not play either, and when you do all you do is whine about how the game isnt to YOUR liking and YOUR standards and how the devs should, no MUST, change it to YOUR liking and standards sit down and learn to shut the fuck up. i can not name anyone who honestly likes you, and i know some pretty disliked players from this game, and i can atleast name 1-3 people for them that like them
  18. seeing how most pvp is at 55 in ctf rarely tc or tw i would suggest dropping illum in favor of a gt support helmet with a offensive suit up your pistol to 163 so that desperado puts you to 200 pistol as i think the heavy ap pistols get you +4 total so you have a bit of better aim. couple that your standard paste brandy gamma maxer (use a serum to cap on what ever you feel is needed i suggest lizard dog) as for ap weapons thats up to you but it depends on trinket if your going to roll the muscular regulator get gamma reg and hp with electric damage, and the fungal culture roll stamina electric damage and max hp i suggest atleast +25 hp on each, but again thats up to you in favor of illum you can go cali or if you want a 3rd cut go with GT. i also suggest dropping your dodge down to atleast 100. from what i seen theres little difference after 100. thermal is ok for some non aimmed damage can be used to suppress players heals. other then that the build really isnt much to write about seem a bit average, but thein on core stats but thats ok. hope that helps you plan it out
  19. i dont play now, but heres what people wanted above all else pack slot upgrades gore enhancements vault upgrades farming bundle items dye bundles more clothing like what you gave out at the shutdown event etc commanders kit and above all else SOME FUCKING CONTENT TO PLAY also if you are going to readd in the rp meracnht items consider unbanning those you permabanned for duping the items, at that point it's like punishing someone for doing something you told them was ok almost forgot the special vehicle keys. like choppers stripped fastback badland riders chicken mount and the special pets like feral hound electric ant and so on infact fuck it dive through all of the game files and start adding a rotating stock from a clothing merchant
  20. tap fire that shit with imp rifles 3 or heavy barrel 1.
  21. event is suppose to go to the 9th but they could change there mind anytime seeing how much of a cesspit this game has fallen into
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