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  1. good luck your number #765975497986 on the list
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfrQ8ZutmLE&pp=ygUedGFraW5nIHRoZSByZXRhcmRzIHRvIHRoZ2Ugem9v
  3. dude i get that i'm friends with marry and shes a lesbian, but that does not make me game or like men. your jumping to conclusions here buddy boy. And yes i do like the rears of females. can you blame me? the 2nd most importnet part, maybe 3rd is below there belt, but you gotta have a face and voice you can stand to hear and see. you know gotta be around her before you start looking into making her the one, but you would not understand any of that because your girls are 2d and have feminine features the size of walmart
  4. forum does censor words, however with how awful aoras writing is i'm having a hard time figuring out if he meant patootie or something else. and your not to far off. aora does think hes tough becuase he can pvp....a crafter with no means of taking out a pvper.
  5. mack you know better. people here rather scream and shout and cry there right becuase they said so rather then prove there right. You know they think being popular = being right. as if being popular in apb means anything. go ahead and shout that one out on social media people will be asking you what game that is.
  6. do you mean exploited halloween as in vegas jumping? i have seen kerry do that, however the vegas is a glitchy car and tends to grow wings at random and go sailing through the arm like an over weight pegaus which really isn't cheat even if he did go OOB as t he game will teleport you back in after a set time.
  7. seeing how you care so much. i like girls. infact all i talk to is girls as i got 3 people i can trust enough to call friends. i don't know who this other man is i've never met him until like a week ago. See aroa normal people do this thing called "socializing" were they mingle with random strangers on friendly terms. we don't have to be friends or anything we can just talk. and seeing how were talking about someone with an IQ of a toaster oven i'm sure we can get along great.
  8. i doubt you are a woman you act more like a 6 year old boy. and hours? who cares it's FE i quit already at around like 7k if you got more cool, whats there to show aroa? the fact your lonely with 8 cats at 43? hell marry is more of a woman then you, and thats saying something
  9. no he really does not. he seeks attention while claiming everyone just can't get enough of him. even though the only person that wants him is....well idk
  10. it's aroa. he kinda exist here, but no one really cares about them as all they do is cry piss and moan about everything. he's also very good at shit talking if he kills you 1 time in pvp
  11. If you were not a terrible player you would still have it
  12. hey you think we can spam our way to 50 pages
  13. see as i've gotten older i seem to have contracted a serious case of "i don't give a shitidous" and it makes it very hard for me to care about threats or threaten people. doctors say this is normal though so i'm not worried
  14. oh that was a threat? i thought you were an edgy 14 year old who owns a katana and your icon is vergil from devil may cry
  15. you would think they would give a bit more right? not just "heres a few items we may or may not add in the next year. k thx bye
  16. so how well did this go. i have time but i rather waste it doing anything that isn't watching some garden gnome talk about a dead game.
  17. matt is more concerned about the well being of apb. You would be lucky if you get so much as a fart. If you feel however there is a twitch streamer i believe this tuesday and matt will be taking questions. You can find more on the apb forums
  18. do you ever feel like a meatball drifting through the sea of marinara sauce
  19. Hey when are you going to do something about fallen earth? those guys would sure love a matince every sat and sunday. you know a tiny bit of attention for them? a few already got a bet running you won't respond to me here about this
  20. did i miss something or did that post barely anwser anything what so ever
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