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  1. I mean thats kinda what i was hoping they would do. because its only 3 items and not like cat ears or other single part items, or maybe selling them as single items /w the title only being in said pack.
  2. Not sure about you but 6 dollars for 2 clothing items And a title Seems steep for just one per a player. i could understand this if it was for the account but it seems a bit unfair as other clothing packs give you more items (cars,guns etc) along side it . I just really want a halo but not willing to give up 12 dollars for just 1 item i'm going to use on both of my players
  3. being that you decided to shut us down. can you atleast tell me a few things. atleast make us feel better. if you do stick to making a new fallen earth can you confirm our old g1 accounts will be carried over with out lost of items or names. can you keep a normal update list of the progress of the game. not like once a day or week i mean like month or when ever. or in 3r case atleast a single player version of this so we can still play this game while we wait for LO to decide on if they want to make a new fallen earth. i just feel like taking this one out in total might leave gaps for errors in a new version as there would be no way to compare feel from old to new which i do not want as i have played this game for a long time like many others and wish not to see you waste your time and money on a failure becuase there was no way to try and compare the old game play to the new one to see if it was better.
  4. well thanks for nothing i guess lo. really was hoping but you let me down here. oh well. seems apb was doomed to out last us from the start
  5. when the hell is the r-2 gonna be fixed. it's like an fbw but a rsa at the same time and it feels akward to use it in ethier fasion
  6. anyone else here playing along all normally then suddenly mobs stop spawning items stop removing or added to your pack or quest wont be accepted. then you relog and can't back in. then you fully log out then log in and all your toons are missing and all buttons but exit wont fuction. then you have to wait 30m to 1h to relog in and play. then it happens again half hour later. or is it just me
  7. cowhorseman

    4th of july

    is there gonna be an event for this holiday. just wondering i understand if you can't due to the amount of bs you gotta go through just to make anything work in this game.
  8. i fucking told you they would nto but you didnt belive me WHY DIDNT YOU BELIVE ME
  9. so i was thinking we can have stack spilting back, BUT now AH has a limit to how much you can place per a week on it. like 3 of what ever. yea sure dupers would make a ton of alts and what not but that makes them easier to spot. i know you don't give a flying fuck what i think and i'm gonna get told off but think about it. easier to spot dupers plus you can spilt off items now. or you know we can stick with what we got.
  10. try a new account, but this time try not to see how long you can make it
  11. so instead of a wipe why not a lock for high level toons. like 45-55 so that way new players can come in and get to 55 instead and start with items, or a level increase with that lock so new players can come in get to the new level first and make the items first. once said market is set we can unlock high levels and get to it last. you know like new sector and what not. also don't tell me about alts going past this and etc i know people will do that, but then again im expecting to be told to fuck off like normal so you know what ever
  12. how do you plan to make a wipe work. while keeping player base up. some people have items that are rare, or basicly stuck to there toon, and those of us who have made many many level 55 and other gear. i want to know also about names. becuase some people will steal anthor players toon name to piss them off or just becuase they want it. all i need to know is how they plan on making all this "server wipe" bs work while kepping it's older player base like me around.
  13. how in the god dam do you people plan to make a rest of the whole server and our toons work. like seroiusly how in the hell would that fuction with anything on here. from level 1s with nothing to alpha players with 600 billion items. how in the name of jesus will it work. explain to me becuase i ahve not wasted 5k hours of my life here to have it gone becuase some kiddies can't handle leveling alts or crafting or doing any work by themselfs
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