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  2. noobs. rushing people. people camping with osmaws or hvrs hiding around ladders object camping in corners come on man think. do more then play with the ntec
  3. there ok if you got the right mods on them. or you can use a random set of mods to annoy the living shit out of people like tyr with heavy barrel 1 or hel or with reflex sight 3
  4. sounds alot like the particle crash set partials in adv to zero step 2 crash when loading into the game solution don't do that
  5. huh funny you show up with this. quite convenient...isnt it?
  6. one i remeber is unequping all weapons and resupplying with grenades only makes them show up in your hand act act as a useable weapon. stupid little thing 2nd is opgl can be used to shoot around cornors due to the fucking things be made of rubber. if you got enough skill it's around corners through closed door ways there is also several spots i remember were if you drop an item it will be almost impossible to get it out effectively allowing you to win also the top of the mall is a kill zone in waterfront
  7. i want a new sector wtih a cap of 70 more missions to thje story and it to be balanced unliked alpha and OP. and yea i get the chatter of "mah ap weapons" well guess what fixes that. an upgrade kit. got 55 gear? upgrade kits 55 to 70 new stats etc for gt suit and ap weapons. and making factions useful i feel like at a 70 cap factions should have a role in armor. like instead of a mk2 gt suit you can have one with unqie style based around your faction with extra minor stats. like a 720k trav gt suit. why would the factions not tie this power armor in if there fighting for territory? and plus give us all something to do game is dead right now
  8. what? a person who is worse then tiggs who would kill you for standing on a rock becuase you "might bug out the game". players here would never ever be that petty. trust me i would know i only have around 8k hours in this godforsaken hell hole
  9. More then likey. WOuld explain some rando pming me with info they should not have on me or someone i know. it has happened in the past. but then again this game is full of kids who are angry at the world so they could be trying to pry at me with guesses. can't prove it either way
  10. game not ready again this is 10/1/2022 or what ever format you use for day month and year
  11. are you blind? can you not read? do you need to suffer the wrath of the hat of discipline?
  12. he isn't dead he is currently hiding under the name tony waffles
  13. you try telling me that when a whisper outclasses any stock gun by a landslide. or how easy it is to max a 3 slot rifle you should have to earn it's vry fair to new players or those who only spend via joker and it's an issue. ethier buy market or get fucked
  14. ah come on man have some fun. theres more then that. how about clearing out places way to low of a level. glitching into places like the outsiders bunker in s1. or seeing something odd out in nowere
  15. oh the stories some of us vets can tell like how many times i've pissed off people and they ganked me with 55s as a low level. or teaching newbs cheese tricks
  16. all points bulltion. it's a type of police report to give the cops info on a suspect
  17. pizza is a salad. it has bread veggies and meat. a good salad has croutons (bread) veggies and meat
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