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  1. Even with a decent pc anything on win10 runs like trash, i get to deal with stutter, random freezes between 1-120 seconds and inputs just not working on keyboard mouse and controller. Apb isn't the worst about this, but it's more noticable
  2. Do you sometimes do that thing were you see how far you can lunch a vegas? how about driving a mikro/jeep down the halls of asylum
  3. snow balls arc arcing it to hit excatly were i am hiding is fishy. do you do anything in this game aside from stand around lookin like a burnt marshmellow?
  4. I do remember one. where people were trying to get other to the top and 1 person joined in and made sure no one but them would be at time. Cheating yes they could kill me at the top from the ground even when i was behind cover. now why people do this? no idea it's a video game go and have fun let others have there turn, Hell when i would get all unlocks i'd just stand about and let people farm me.
  5. Isn't it fun when the same 3 people win over and over and you just want what ever title or weapon or what ever
  6. Not as long as people still buy from the market place, and besides look what happened when they shut down FE. it will happen to apb too.
  7. I think onces this gets to 50 pages i'm just gonna do a little poof and never come back into this dark hole
  8. I'm thinking at this point i can go to a school give "make apb items" as a task for 1st graders, have them work on it the whole year, and get a better result. I think i might try these games again if LO sells them off or matt gets his head out between emilys legs and do something for once
  9. this is boring someone post a car crash or something
  10. Main issue i ran into was the winners were always the same people, using discord to commuincate with each other meaning randoms or people with no friends had no chance. so riot turned into a get friends or get fucked game mode with little to no reward. Now if it did let you upgrade contacts that would be a new fun way to break up the mundane game play
  11. Riot was such a bad idea no one played more then 2 rounds
  12. This game needs a car mod that adds a massive weiner to the roof of our cars. Like the oscar mer wiener wagons you pervs
  13. It's been atleast 3-4 years. i got a 255 and after dealing with that the players who gotta win no matter what and learning the last contacts do not matter if you win or lose it takes 20 per a rank just made me never want to touch it again
  14. At this point i just need to log off these fourms and let the sweet lord take me away from these games.
  15. rumor around people i talk to is you done broke the game again oh well atleast i got memes
  16. Mostly what i get is them dodging the question threats or them unwilling to do anything becuase it would take time and effort to do a job your paid to do
  17. It takes a lot of engery to think about how to type "LMAO get fucked we are not going to help you, and don't push it becuase we can and will ban you lol NERD k thx bye"
  18. there are no: girls hackers support for apb what so ever, and only 1 of those might be true
  19. why are the fourms better then playing the game itself
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