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  1. fools you will never win as long as do not ban me from the fourms!
  2. you said 15, but s2 needs 25 mass
  3. cowhorseman

    spooky event

    apb got halloween were the fuck is our spooky event
  4. it was more of a swiss army knife. used it to ban mute kick or kill anyone. for any reason at any time. Mostly if she just didn't like you and/or was in a bad mood
  5. your a crafter...craft you know tonneus for free 100 slots and the barter-sector for more vault slots. you don't need all mats on you, you can split now and a tank crafter is easy just need cali around 174 which leads to 171 emp and good heals fact you can make a dome tank 1-9 crafter or the 1-10 medic as i said. which has 190 socail which means alot more chips when selling to the shops
  6. sweet jesus that build is awful In all my years of making and playing i never seen a build that was that thick in core stats you can minus 2 from perc all skills end at 195 Hell make it a dome 1-10 healer
  7. issue is how are they going to make this dated birthday turd look like fun
  8. your the kind of dude who uses dodge and perc and claim there better then armor use and power
  9. with bene you can keep healing during fights. you can also use bene and patchs at the same time to double heal, you can not do that with stanch. it also does not require having the right bandaids in your pack to use just gamma. you can also use reso between reloads to reg a small amount of hp as for alpha bosses all judge bosses south of end run are just stupid. they don't do alot of damage so as a compinsator they have ungodly hp, oh and one has a fire attack that does 10k damage if you do not spam suck it up on it
  10. always grab bene. the human legue camp is soloable, and so is the earth bound cave for the outsides. if your rifle or pistol make sure to have around 8-12k ammo becuase you will chew through it As for bullshoot bosses wait till you hit alpha or outpost, Other ones in s3 inclube the LB master for a trav quest. the three techs for a tech mission in chem town the boss mobs around briggs like grendels due to them having way to much HP. if your not careful the TW panther will rip you apart aswell as the other TW bosses. i won't count scav or gore due to those being a team event, while i'm sure you can solo gore bosses with the right build i know you can atleast solo the bight scav and the wolf pack scav if you play it smart
  11. Hey if they want to go melee they can suffer playing through this games finely aged combat system...until s3 when it falls apart becuase go go gadget 5k hp boss with BS attacks
  12. When you start. use shivs until you can craft the level 2 or level 4 light pistols, or a better slugthrower. The starting plats have a 6 flat reload and are just awful in every aspect
  13. come on do something. were bored as fuck and the only form of entertainment i have ingame now is bugging kaylee (fryes) or cindy, and even thats boring cause i know it gets to them Give me a halloween quest to shoot things in the face for crappy rewards i'll never use
  14. Your just so good at the game you trandsent it eniterly
  15. matt scott isnt FE or APBs daddy. hes a CEO trying his best to work with old defunct tech to improve the game play of two games g1 abused like a step child I'm not sure why after several years this has not been beat into peoples head, you seem to all think your tech wizards remaking the same post over and over. fairly sure judging by how long most of you hold grudges talk as well as treat behave. That is that most of you are little gremlins dwelling in a cave somewere, and have not seen a human or worked a job in X years Seriously if you ever went and screwed with code it isnt a drag drop copy paste boom done in 15 mins or less like your microwaved hotpockets. shit takes time, even longer when shit is broken. and not everything needs to be public.
  16. speaking of wierd things in fin. ever noticed theres a bridge (near the pb by beacon) and said bridge just does not seem to fit there. like at all?
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