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  1. For more context. the handle full that were normal quit when the pvpers pushed themselfs into rp and wanted it to be "more realistic" and shunned out alot of the old players who were less realistic atleast that is what i heard and saw. and well frankly i do not see a reason for realism when i hear about a man who can take on a seven foot woman and kick her patootie becuase he says so
  2. i would have more memes but apb sucks and runs at yes
  3. it's one of the conflict towns. can not remeber which one. might be waste farm
  4. well aroa it's almost like people play how they want. in a open world MMO. i have seen 55s that i saw way back in boneclaw a year or two a good. and for fuck sake you are a dense brick wall of stupid. you think that because YOU can buy a nice desktop/laptop that people are cheating? heres a hint honey. not everyone that works make a nice check some of us are not basement dwellers sucking on mommas tit for the rest of our lives, and yes the gms part is right i had a few who went unamed give out info on me they should not have. proof of this was getting pms from people about things they should not know about it but all you do is cry, and in pvp all you do is tun unless a nano medic is brown nosing you then you act tough. hell i saw you act tough to a person in 45 gear at 55 acting like your so much better for killing them in a fight. your room to talk is very thin girl and it would be best if you shut up becuase what you know isnt much and what you see is worse then a blind man If your going to bring input to this game do something useful for once. like host an event. gore market what ever craft and give out items. something
  5. yes aroa you are your "if i cry hard enough i will get my way" shut the fuck up honestly. g1 isnt here and your not there lap dog anymore. removing content will hurt and make people no longer want to play to start and 2 forcing a "fixed" res will do no good. not everyone can afford a nice fancy monitor and have to play on something lower or does not have a good pc and needs a lower res with there monitor what we need is this game being advertised and bug fixes/ mission rebalances. ever been to alpha? no you sit on your patootie and cry all day, reblalancing and fixing alpha would be a helpful start to it. buffing shotguns would help pvp rebalancing and fixing dome (mostly r9 and r10) would encourage people to play it. adding a new sector that's closer to s1 with a 70 level cap would drive people to play and grind with there 55s. this game needs content not the removal of it. and you did get 1 thing right for once. that is abusive gms, and yes there has been a handful but you can not inverveiw someone and know who they are or what they intend to do. and blood sports needs to be reverted if anything CTF is just a shitshow assault allowed for all players to play and do something ctf is pvper or GTFO. and it really shows when you got 3-4 nano medics healing 1-2 people you could not kill even with hornets seriously aora do you think or does your skull lack a brain?
  6. get the golden osmaw so you can annoy everyone
  7. theres like 100 million billion quadtillion videos of this. why post
  8. what do you mean. it's concuss or bust. fair and balanced. and don't you use percs or someone will rip your head off for not using concuss. because concuss is best and fair and balanced.
  9. Steam auto logs you in. if you download via steam you got cool and utterly useless achievements that you can or can not fully unlock Even if you log in on an alt account and get something steam will track it. I.E killing 1k blight wolfs on your alt non steam account will show up on steam Other then that it's just a easy no need to remember your password (mostly) log in
  10. you could kill someone if you were playing with two hands instead of one. now put on some pants and git gud
  11. context. when rpers did play fallen earth there was a small chance you might come across two of them buck naked in a house somewere role playing wierd sex and fetishes with each other, and they got very pissed when they saw your name or icon on the mini map
  12. the forums are more fun then both these games combined
  13. only names i can ever remeber here are zolerax magicskinflute robotskinflute and datpaper most people are just overly agressive man childern
  14. email address and g1 password or reset your steam account
  15. post random crap here like what ever you want i need something more entertaining then trying to play this game heres one to start when you need biochem for gunpowder
  16. do what ever you want. the only pvp you will get is whiney RFDC enfos in s2 or people playing (sometimes) ctf at 55.
  17. dajsdlkasdjsa;dlkjawolid;jaslkdnamlkwjdaolsd cornflakes
  18. https://thanata.com/planner/#370000414141414141414101010101010101010101010101828201010101010101010101 start there nothing has changed excluding no more shops and no more reward merchants
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