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  1. BAM BAM BAM. That was a decoy! you fell for one of the classic blunders!
  2. Maybe matt is stuck in a well. anyone seen lassie around here?
  3. yea but thats a girl, and i'm a guy. Shes going to beat me with her high heels and i know it.
  4. get him a garden hose no toilet paper will clean that off
  5. yea we need a spotter so no cheating. Get bruhd to do it i trust him enough
  6. ok we will both take a 700 NE walk ten paces turn then shoot
  7. The star is a good weapon. has very few issues can be used cqc to. See the thing is you gotta practice with the guns. i still remeber people giving me shit for using the odin or hel aswell as other non meta guns becuase they never play them therefore they do not know how to counter them.
  8. well thats no fun. i'll stick to being crim then. atleast i get free hotdogs that way
  9. whats your prize? do we get to go on a date with matt? do we get a pony? does fallen earth get an update? will the world finally end and we can be free of our meat cages and be one with the great cthulhu? oh boy oh boy oh boy! tell me what it will be!
  10. sat/sun have been known for being laggy days of the week, best time to play is mon-fri. Theres also issues that occur when relogging like quest missing mount missing, and your toon showing no gear on the char screen. if any of that occurs try a full relog from the desktop. If not wait till monday.
  11. or fix broken feature and/or bug fixes. however they can fully break something not in need of fixing.
  12. best LO can do is say sowwy uwu and give the finger followed by a swift kick to the patootie.
  13. like i said sour mood, and carmen does run his mouth a fair bit. but if you can name any regular day after day players that isnt ronald be my guest
  14. huh last i heard carmen was bragging about how they got all the good pvpers and domers. But this is from someone i know as i do not play. Then again when i played carmen ran his mouth 24/7 non stop 8 days a week so who knows if he's telling the truth, and the fact my friend there was in a sour mood that and theres a mx pop of 3-5 50-55s from what i hear so. fridays?
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