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  1. step 1 mount step 2 demount step 3 while demounting press alot of keys. 3-5 seems to work step 4 crash cause: shitty code fix: remove shitty code Hope this helps i was bored testing this for like an hour and seems to happen often ALso the eye bug. you know were you choice brown or something and then you log in and there default? thing thats linked to BS. i noted after leaving bs it would happen, but it could be time synce needs more testing
  2. i'm not surw how you expect them to fix something in an afternoon when for 3 plus months they can't even get a regular matince down for saturdays and sundays in fallen earth and don't you get me started on the bugs that have been here way longer then g1 for both of em
  3. when your starting out the best course of action is not to hang around bone claw it is the do the starter quest sell your nag craft a imp riding horse. that is horses 1 then imp horses 1 this will take around an hour or so but do the other quest then head to zanes if your rifle, the air rifle quest there is soild for south s1, and if your pistol go to depot 66 the two semi autos there are alright for s1 or if you want go to zanes for 1 pistol which is a reskinned GA-15 and go to north burb and find the quest for a normal GA-15. and theres around half a million quest for GA-8 and one in watch tower for a scoped magnum rifle That is all ALso i'm king of the fourms again! HA
  4. cowhorseman

    i got bored

    so i made a post on this fourm that is all you may call me stupid now
  5. I found some times using adv laucher without loading videos will keep you from crashing on them. can always try ye old windowed over full screen
  6. ever thought more content would bring back players? wait we already did this. talking to you is like talking to a child. i can run circles all day and end up no were oh and you must have some good patience seeign hwo your still putting up with my shit
  7. i see you have not played. go ahead and try to adjust. you got three weapons. ntec oca and colby 45 want to use anything? well get bent buddy becuase don,t 1 of those 3 can and will kill you tell me to get good? go play asylum or fin for an hour and come back here
  8. so what i understand is that if people streamed FE maybe it would to get an update? seems like your trying to make more cash by making things easier for people who stream games. which are also known for being whiny people who cry until devs make games like that want, even though there going to stop streaming it in 2-3 weeks more then likey oh and wears my traffic cone hat?
  9. i can translate this easy for anyone who can not read. Who wants a free virus? click this totally not a scam right now! it's free (may come with bitcoin mining)
  10. i do not like swiss, but the smoked provolone has my attention
  11. car balancing? you mean the sleds we drive around on that blow up for no reason and/or might clip into walls and kill us?
  12. heres a fun fact i learned on the final four contacts you will do to get yourself to 255. it takes ten missions win or lose in order to gain 1 level. that means two level 15 contacts, and two level 20 contacts Took me several months playing daily in order to get enough missions to get them both up. thats way to much god dam time to get to the very end game when you can just buy anything you need at 195.
  13. worrying about your reputation in apb is like worrying about the color of the dog poop at the park
  14. they really did fuck up trying to "balance" guns in this game. i spend more time on the loading screen waiting to respawn becuase all the meta kills me before i can think and anything outside of it i look like a dumbass trying to use it
  15. I never understood the nerfs for shotguns. like the showstopper was out fo aweek a fun useable gun then they said "mmmm how about 50% less damage" and now it's useless And the odd pellet sweeping makes them diffcult to use if your oppent is moving away from the spread due to the delay on it
  16. i swear they look at accounts and go "annnnnnnnnnnd well yeeeeeeeeeeeeeea fuck you" then your locked. was not locked for a week then suddenly i was locked for two idk what system i tripped but yea fun
  17. finally a use for the roughly 10k i have had for the last 6 years
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