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  1. Thanks for the planner. I just needed to know how many points into Dex and Perc? Max? Add some Cord and End? Do I need power with a pistol build, or can you add more self healing? Mayeb some must have skill lines to survive in PVP that also benefit you PVE. Etc Not many build guides on the interwebs these days.
  2. Hot damn it is rough outside. Come on October! Probably more like November...
  3. Hello, Just finding out that the servers are back up. Neat! Going to download after work. I hear that our old accounts have been wiped and characters gone? I remember having fun with my double pistol build. Is this still viable? Or what weapons are good these days? Important skills and where to concentrate on crafting/gathering? Any tips would be great. Looking forward to jumping back in. Have a good one
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