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  1. when in doubt swap to OPGL and start carpet bombing him untell he rage quits, or swaps to over to the flak jacket and goes after you only And besides most of these kids more then likey smell like 5 day old beef burrito so just ignore there whispers
  2. little orbit cares just enough to fart out one or two updates a year to satiste the few people that think these ten year old games got a chance.
  3. don't adress the issue give no answers move to a differnt section leave i love these gms and fourm modders. your job seesm to be "do as little as possible"
  4. horse can be used to poop on enimes and there cars. horses can scale anything as seen in such hit games like skyrim and fallen earth. and that one game people remember but don't horse can also kick people. horse is superior to any machine man has what you want passenger? most of your team steals your car flips you the bird then crashes it and blows up what you need passangers? HORSE IS YOUR PASSANGER also horse tell you when danger coming listen for the neighs horse is a 10/10 car is a 1/10
  5. i want an event were we can feel the love of LO like apb does. instead of sitting in the corner crying becuase papa matt hates us
  6. all hail the waffle house our lord and savoir death to all who worship grits. there sins will be there undoing!
  7. there ok use em but don't hack. being that the cross hier ingames only fuction is to tell you if you are in range or not as all shots are hit scan to the middle of it or i might be wrong do you trust some moron who you never met. or ask a gm if you can find one willing to do there job
  8. cowhorseman

    i got bored

    thana i know i'm stupid hence why i'm hanging around the fourms of a dead game sitting on forced life support. kinda like a fucked up family refusing to let there brain dead kid give up the ghost. also your the stupid one for still logging in
  9. your dam right. i bet the cheaters the hackers and the lag and ping and all what ever nots would just poof with it in the game
  10. People spend hours and hours making there female model just right so they can slap cat ears glass and a thong on her with some shitty tats and a nose ring.
  11. with the cool down right now if you time it right you can med spray back and forth, and with such shit skill not kill each other
  12. ah perfect inf med sprays i can not wait to never kill anyone becuase were bothing staring at eachother like couple of dumbasses after we run out of ammo.
  13. all here fourms are a cluster fuck. only 2-3 of them watch anything, and the fourm mom hands out temp bans like hot cakes
  14. yes but does she sell anything i want? anything i need? anything i might say "hey i want to waste irl money on jt for this girl" oh and the multi color nails are cool. to bad we can not get that in game
  15. can't armas is the only source of income they have
  16. looking into an issue? understanding? what in gods green earth are you on about!? people here just yell and hope there right, then cry when there wrong and blame you
  17. i need a chicken hat. do not ask why just add it
  18. step 1 mount step 2 demount step 3 while demounting press alot of keys. 3-5 seems to work step 4 crash cause: shitty code fix: remove shitty code Hope this helps i was bored testing this for like an hour and seems to happen often ALso the eye bug. you know were you choice brown or something and then you log in and there default? thing thats linked to BS. i noted after leaving bs it would happen, but it could be time synce needs more testing
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