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  1. i am in musical agony because i got a mix of club kung fu and glitter stuck in my fucking head and they refuse to leave my brain like some sort of musical parasite that has latched to my brain for godsake someone shoot me already
  2. why not have a item server were all items are stored so we can have as many items as we want.
  3. cowhorseman


    Not bad. Looks very clean and professionally made. Almost like if LO did update the UI to support 4k monitors and the such this is what they would pick to use,
  4. Don't be coming here linking us your mediocre youtube channel with 5 people watching it. talk to us like a man then get made fun of and we all all laugh and drink later
  5. I have no idea. Most of the time the server wants you to install "notavirustrustmelol.exe" to fix the textures
  6. Your not wrong there i was digging around vanilla ninja and found a handful of good songs there
  7. Not many are still playing it now. Most of the people i talk to have stopped and moved on else where. LAst iheard at most you would find maybe 15 on at a time, most of those being low levels.
  8. Atleast i have music Even if they make bad music ican head back to ye old 1950-99 and find something good i never heard. Kinda like how i found close to the flame a few months ago
  9. Eh been looking and so far not much has come to mind. or seems intresting. seems like video games compnaies are trying to cater to streamers now more then anything I miss when games could be made just for fun
  10. Now i just wait for 50 post here then i log out a poof into the night never to be seen again
  11. cowhorseman

    FPS Drops

    neigh tiggs does not look like or have any sort of sexual encounters with horses. i know this because i got muted at least twice for saying she did.
  12. I havent played in around 3 years. i decided not to long ago to log in and see whats up. social AND ah is dead. and districts are just kids crying about there team mates not able to 360 no scope people across the map or crying about hackers. Thinking imma just stay with 7 dtd for now, muliplier has just not been fun since like 2015
  13. EAC is like using a wet paper bag to stop a cannon ball
  14. cowhorseman

    FPS Drops

    Have you turned particles down to 5. zero crashes the game. Other then that try a smaller res.
  15. need something more then 1-3. what about most basic? most colorful. come on theres like 5 of you i know of that still play, have a bit of fun with it
  16. I would not mind have a big old party with the people i did enjoy playing with, but sadly for apb there was like 2 people, and i know 1 was just burned out on games, and for fallen earth they have all quit playing. so it's not really worth my time, but at least i got memories for the last ten years. and like 10k total wasted hours when i could have been doing something else with my life, but meh. guess i could have been with a fancy job but still feel sad on the inside
  17. EAC is like opera. you get a ban you get a ban he gets a ban she gets a ban YOUR ALL GETTING BANNED.
  18. eh i don't know how to go out with a bang when all that will happen is me getting dumpstered by kids with aimbot, and to much caffeine.
  19. Yea becuase like. what is there to do? keep fighting with cookie puss or who ever? talk to you three? almost everyone i ever wanted to talk to outside fallen earth i can already. these games are going no were and i'm just kinda bored with the internet. ALl websites and games feel the same.
  20. We should give this game to the goblin king
  21. Thats the fun part of working. every thing you plan can and will go wrong then everyone acts like your the one who is souly responsible for it
  22. If you know anything about big companies it's spending 5 dollars to make 500 dollars is something they can't stand the thought of because there having to spend money to make money, and that lost money means they have less profits. Even if they know it will be nothing but profits they still lose said money to get pure profits, and thats scary
  23. Can you shorten this down a bit some of us do not have time to read the great wall of text. as for the fourms being fair? nah. they never inform FE of anything and have most of the topics locked, and here the fourm mods get huffy for anything you do. There almost like Gmod admins.
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