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  1. Im just comming back to the game. I obviously noticed it gets really lagged out at times. Everyone just says "it needs a reset". Ok but what is causing the lag ? I noticed there were players in the game giving shout outs for freeze and lag ahead. Almost like they were griefing somehow and forcing the game to lag and then braging about it. Im not sure about that but it seamed like it. Do you guys know what is causing the crazy lag at times ? Is it just to many players for the servers? Just curious mainly. Like others I really like this game but when its so laggy it's bad.
  2. nimsosim


    Thank you. I enjoy creating and editing graphics. I still get ideas for it. Like tweaking the minimap icons. If anyone using this has suggestions let me know.
  3. nimsosim


    I made a UI for this game along while ago. I updated it a little today and fixed some of the icons that looked bad. Edit : I updated it again and made the mount and quest icons easier to see on the minimap. Now Slate v8 download link changed. Edit : Updated again with some minor alignment and color tweaks. Now Slate v9 link changed. Here is the link Slate V9
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