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  1. A new fashion contest is in town! Come and join P-Stars Fashion contest and Giveaway of special items on February 3rd at 6pm CET time at Embry Crossroads! It's time to show off your special outfits and win fabulous prizes! And if you're a lowbie we will be handing out basic clothes and dye kits you can use and wear to participate! 1st Place: Lucky Bullseye (Dome AP Light Pistols) 2nd Place: Battle Fastback Key 3rd Place: Volatile Meso/Hex Suit + Volatile Shark/Volatile Delta/Heater Clubs (depending on the build of the winner)
  2. Hi there, thank you for opening up this comunication channel I do have a question that comes from observing how things are going since the game has been brought back to life, and it's a question to you guys who own and administrate the game now: Do you see how much people like and care for this game? I think this is a rarity and something to consider, even all the fights on Discord show how much desire people still have to be in FE, not considering the usual ones in game. My next question is, do you care about it the same way we do? Do you intend to keep it alive and to bring it back to a larger audience and to invest time and money on it? For now, thank you for bringing it back, Jenny
  3. Commander kit Yellow keys (but also having instacraft back would be really cool!)
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