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  1. It's more like looking at the same picture of a horrible car accident over and over.
  2. if we all went naked the game would run much better Oh and adv you can turn down the graphics so much it looks like an Atari game
  3. this game is like a dog with the squirts dragging it's patootie across the carpet.
  4. i have killed a cheater before. he spent the rest of the tim i was playing chasing me around the map and making sure to kill me instead of playing honestly that was pretty funny to watch. he kept telling me how mad i was, even though i was to busy trying not to choke from laughing
  5. aliens are hacking in APB to make us stop playing so we go outside so they can abduct us
  6. do you ever think of a picture at like 2 am then you gotta wake up and go google it. that happen to me with the picture for the ask DNA album cover I mean look at it
  7. Reading this and thinking. what would happen if we all sent in a massive refund request for our g1c?
  8. thats not true we had riot. you surely remeber that successful game mode right. right? Merged. america has this fun thing of holding on to things forever and ignoring issues until it's time to panic over it and pray to god someone else will take care of it for them. and you should know that milk could harm someone if you mange to heat it to around 150F and throw at them, Or force it down there throat.
  9. It should have worked. the game may have been offline for matince at the time. you can also try reinstalling FE to see if that fixes the issue Support from LO is basically a giant middle finger and them telling you your SOL.
  10. i am not hip and often can not sleep because i think of the cosmic horrors that await me after death.
  11. this is america. we make holidays out of tragedys and never move on from them
  12. stop sharing a pc with your older brother and get your own
  13. they should have given the game a paddle ball weapon
  14. ritual hon. i'm so sorry, who ever forced you to post this needs to be kicked square in the balls. Merged. on the bottom it should say tip: uninstalling apb is the best way to play.
  15. last few times old glory has been for sale around 4th of july. It's a fairly decent weapon for medium ranges, and you can cqc with it but i recommend you do not.
  16. nah man they just play a lot of csgo and are really good at recoil control. Just ignore that VAC ban.
  17. he killed me now i'm upset therefore he is cheating because i am upset that i died in a video game
  18. Chips are easy enough to come by. If your having issues i suggest 1 melee farmer toon and 1 crafter toon and selling items you craft. Try to power level both of them to around 35-45 so you can make higher end gear thats worth more to players. Waiting for events is also a good idea getting an item someone with more money then brains is looking for can get you 9y in a few hours.
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