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  1. More then likey. WOuld explain some rando pming me with info they should not have on me or someone i know. it has happened in the past. but then again this game is full of kids who are angry at the world so they could be trying to pry at me with guesses. can't prove it either way
  2. game not ready again this is 10/1/2022 or what ever format you use for day month and year
  3. are you blind? can you not read? do you need to suffer the wrath of the hat of discipline?
  4. he isn't dead he is currently hiding under the name tony waffles
  5. you try telling me that when a whisper outclasses any stock gun by a landslide. or how easy it is to max a 3 slot rifle you should have to earn it's vry fair to new players or those who only spend via joker and it's an issue. ethier buy market or get fucked
  6. ah come on man have some fun. theres more then that. how about clearing out places way to low of a level. glitching into places like the outsiders bunker in s1. or seeing something odd out in nowere
  7. oh the stories some of us vets can tell like how many times i've pissed off people and they ganked me with 55s as a low level. or teaching newbs cheese tricks
  8. all points bulltion. it's a type of police report to give the cops info on a suspect
  9. pizza is a salad. it has bread veggies and meat. a good salad has croutons (bread) veggies and meat
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