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  1. i mean i can do alot of things over here. since you said you didnt want an answer i shall give you one. and the answer is nothing. flat nothing. while there is many a thing i can or claim i can do i shall do or try none of them because this is the internet. anything on here isnt worth wasting my time over. i just find annoying people here fun because they still take me seriously on anything i post after 10 years.
  2. you better watch out before i type some misspelled insults at you!
  3. since your a major patootie of the 3rd jackass division . i was asked the following or have heard the following ip adress(s) email adress(es) names of your toons items on said toons play times of said toons ranks or levels of said toons computer info (like parts and so on) people who can be used to vailded this info whether or not someone i might know could have possibly hacked the account if i can remember what the last password might have been and reset it if anyone else possibly uses this email and if should be the case of a data leak they would info me and i would have to deal with them on that. any thing else?
  4. support refuses to help anyone for any reason. as i tried to reclaim an account i lost the password to. even after proof names etc and so on they claimed i was trying to steal and threaten to ban my other accounts if i contunied to push it. i do not understand this i'm well aware that if they wanted to they could check ip adress log in history and several other factors to prove ownership. it simplely boils down to LO support being lazy and unfit to perform there job.
  5. you mean demo man spammers and people who run you over in there cars?
  6. when the pop hits less then 100 again they will post a minor fix or skin update and people will come back and go buckwild Or they will wait for the next holiday event
  7. it already has horns. however we can still add the mustache
  8. how about catching them or stop signs or other players in the bed of your truck. i can almost hear the half life 2 clipping sounds
  9. becuase i can contuine to pester the ever loving shit out of everyone untell one of the staff members has had it with my bullshoot and finally rids me of this hell i am in and that they might make an update that could add fun to ethier game, but eh game devoplment is hard and kids want there icecream here n now
  10. cowhorseman


    i know it closes itself randomly when you use an aiming heir. not sure whyunless its counted as cheating, but i would not understand why as i do have one ingame it's just hard to fucking see it grey on mostly grey backgrounds isnt a good idea. let me change the color to pink or neon yellow
  11. trust me he might be the dumbest of them. atleast he isnt telling people to figure out there own problems, or telling them to fuck off, or threating them with bans. or telling them to contact support to have there account shut off. i can keep going but since 2013 i've met some "fun" gms that are some really "nice and helpful" people
  12. nanichi is the kind of moron who flips his shit at the sight of someone using a mouse while playing any of the classic dooms
  13. you ban them they make new accounts so you ban em again. you know how to fix this? ban there graphics card. doubt they want to play after that paying 200-600 just to play a game?
  14. if we lived in a perfect world were we all fart butterflies and poop rainbows no one would be toxic. however i'm stuck in this hell hole much like you and it is built on suffering
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