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  1. fairly sure he isnt hiding at this point. he's just scared to give us news becuase he knows we will make fun of it like the all mighty test sphear
  2. i win because you gms are mean to me for no reason
  3. got to crack the runes so you can figure out there cheats. did he get a table? an index? a code? what cypher are they using?
  4. start typing words in and start looking around
  5. i wouldnt give 5 dollars for this game thats like giving five dolalrs to misses tooth jobs. you know it's going to be a bad deal in the end but you payed for it anyway hoping it wouldnt be AS bad
  6. why play fair when you can make everyone else miserable?
  7. gun is good. it has the same issues all guns have now you need just the right mods to play it, or your going to get creamed by anyone with an ounce of skill. it needs a buff to it's vanilla stats badly throw that one into the pile of "unmodded sucks" guns
  8. how about a quest person in each capital town who runs a daily quest with a random pool of market items. no level lock or anything just 1 per a sector (with a captial town) so that would be embry new flagstaff traders flat and los alamos. you can get 4 market rewards each day and they can swap the pools to be high reward at higher risk. like keyrings or gore stuff in LA. but paint kits and clothes in embry. needs tweaking on the idea i know
  9. yea i know your the one running the circus give us a real event all 55 content is dead no one wants alts and we got no reason to play people talk here you know that right? right? so give us something real for 4th of july not more water down crap give us a small one for june something for fun you know, but will delete this or ignore it better yet bet you will ban me for talking to you like a child and making demands that you step up to do something in this game and give us some feed back that isnt "we are busy" we talk to eachother as players talk to us as mangers and give us an event or news or something and radio silence
  10. why do people try to pull this rep card? your playing an old game only a handful of players still play and the rest moved on i just hang around here because the forums are more entertaining then the game itself and besides your rep isnt very high i don't know many that talk positive about you
  11. the edge on you is so unreal i don't want to get near it as i might have a deep wound and need to go to the ER. which i can not afford to do so. can you please tone it down a bit son
  12. good memories? in apb? were do i buy some? i can remeber you rockting my face over 150 times but never anything good
  13. 4 things must be in check do you have the points (unbuffed) do you have the previous verisons of the action? like you need grid 2 to learn grid 3 do you have the chips to buy it and are you at the right trainer. there is a bug were you open one trainer, then a second without closing the menu you get both there skills, but can only buy one. which is the right trainers skills
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