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  1. "exciting event" we listen to an old man make promises which he MAY uphold 1/3 of a 1/3 of a 1/3 of when pushing it to the live service. he will blame coding time management world events etc on why it isn't done maybe promise a new item that will be broken due to it being half finished by at least two teams working on the same project. oh and avoiding serious questions because your breaching some line in the EUL you did not read because it takes 2 and half hours to read the whole dam thing and it's been written in such a fashion it takes 4 collage professors and 3 lawyers to translate it into understandable English. Did i miss anything?
  2. Funfact: the last time i played this game. using one of the on screen cross heirs that came with my monitor would make EAC kick me from the game and refuse to let me play. who knew knowing were you were going to be aimming at, at all times was cheating in apb! Seriously thought what the fuck? i use the heirs in many games and never flag anti cheats except here. you guys need to get your shit together
  3. hmmm Theres like a lot of third first person games. like fallout gt1 v as you said. oh and fallen earth. Yes you can do it. it does not change the game by much. what it does do is give certain players advantages and disavatages. Like fallout NV and 3 aiming in 1st is a-ok but trying to hit anything 3rd is like giving your blind grandpa a shotgun and telling him to hit the broad side of a barn while he's standing inside of it.
  4. Thats not true! that one mod with the cat girl picture moves topics around all day
  5. Does not matter. some of these guys can sniff a girl gamer out like a blood hound There always fun to walk in on, and how mad they get at you for interruptting them. Go meet up at a hotel like a normal couple would do not in a public video game.
  6. Well you would fucking think for five seconds that if LO seeing how this is major news would have taken action or given us a word. and yes you are paid to defend them right. isn't that what that fancy title means? see i think your missing the point that theres exploits and LO sits on there hands just whistling camp town races because they could care less. and you should know companies like easy will not out right say they got an issue, becuase that hurts business. it's better to act like you got it under control then to panic and let others panic too. or do you just sit up on your high horse hefting shit at us like your the god of some mountain?
  7. My point. i'm just making sir mister fourm mod payed-to-defend-LOs "rep" understands that.
  8. You know they stated that the hacks from apex were at kernel level. You know what the kernel of a pc is right? that is your core. the whole center of your pc, someone gets in there your pc is now open up like a whores legs on 5 cent friday. Thats the issue people are having with EAC. The fact that they can risk there whole pc because of some 15 year old who has no life wanting to get back at them over a bunch of pixels. So yes something needs to be done about EAC before LO gets a few people that have there pc ruined or...well i would say lose players but both games got a less then 50 pop most days.
  9. cowhorseman


    huh worked for me
  10. Well remeber that people who have made tools or moddifactions to the game have been banned. LO seems to be one of those companies were its THERE game and you will play it by THERE rules or you will suffer the consequence for not doing so. I already know from the many games out there modding could add quite a bit of fun to this dull game
  11. For combat intel adds into thermal and precision first aid nano and group tatics. Precision increases your crit chance. If you plan on being a crafter you need 98 intel and 96 perc This will allow for you to craft anything. Outside of that it's up to you and your style of playing the game. Most crafters go with being a medic, but seeing how the game has a low pop GT might be better suited
  12. Did they fix the joker ammo machines? i remeber checking out the 64 bit and it was playing all the lines at once every half second.
  13. And for fallen earth they shut the game down, and due to some legal issues had to bring it back up. what content did they add? nothing. not a dam thing. infact they killed the player base by removing all items from everyone. Including the vets who had been playing fallen earth from it's alpha test days. Now if you still think they care well...
  14. If your scared of bugs just avoid spider hill, theres a few around warhall too and scattered randomly around the game world. Scorpions are largely packed in oden and around picus, again also around the map too, But remeber. This is a video game. you have a big gun and there a big bug. so just shoot it, and shoot it again. Then steal it's meat and cook it to ensure it is dead. and if you must. Snipers can hit up 60-70m, and power shot builds can kill them real far away.
  15. Email adress then password. Some times it might say that if the server is down. Has to be full, yes i know most know this, Like emailofemails@emailserver.com then emailpassword123123123
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