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  1. are you like the only person who can flip a server on server off switch, or are you the only one they trust with such godly powers
  2. holy shit your English is so bad. I've had four year olds insult me better. anyway i came in around 2013 i remember core suits being top of the line. do you? i remember people almost never wanted to go after them due to the fact you had to grind faction, then gore, then death toll, and on top of that harvesters because that was the only way you would get any sort of rothium. oh and good luck harving in tc like you can now. back then? nope you would get ganked 2-7 people for your harv because they knew you were going after stage 3. after gt came in? nope rarely happen you can wait out events kill mobs and farm nodes for your rothium made gore and gt easier. so tell me aroa seeing how your smarter then all of FE as a whole. tell me why in the fuck would players want to go back to a time were you grinded none stop to get a few items. these days you can do fine without ap or DT end game and a gt suit is easy enough for a solo to craft or buy and to add on top of that why only 3 sectors. s1-s3 is just boring theres more fun things to do in tc tw and deadfall alpha and outpost need a overhaul so for the love of god for once explain to me why you need s1-s3 pre gore 45 cap so badly, when the last time i saw you was around 3 months after relaunch. do you even want to fucking play this game or do you just want to cry here because you no longer got g1 wrapped around you flappy lose lips and you can not commanded them to give you shit and do it your way? and for fuck sake use english. you can look up a dictionary, infact here you go https://www.dictionary.com/
  3. how many times have you brought up removing content, and how many times have people told you it's a bad idea? you never listen you just want shit your way. we need to make an increase add more content make the level cap higher so older vets will stay and come back and will want there friends to come along. which in turn will draw random lowbies into clans and groups. (lets not forget removing poltices from global would help alot. i dont need to explain that one) People want encourgement. you really think all of those who have gt suits have gore have ap have builts set around this content and way want to fully restart a 3rd time so you can play for 2-3 months again then quit becuase A you got bullied or B you got bored now i can amit that past TW is just straight trash you can not do the missions in OP without a team and good luck as the reward is null, and alpha even r10 dome tanks struggle to solo bosses We need to start there and rework alpha and outpost then add in theta and south deadfall with a higher level cap at 70 or 75 giving alot more content to the game and giving factions a reason again will any of this happen? fuck no LO didn't want this game up and there to busy sucking off APB. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY REALLY NEED TO DO AROA? DO YOU? Thats right sell this fucking game off seprate from apb, to some devs as there project and there time. we been fucked for over ten god dam years as a step child to apb they need to let this game go to someone else only then can we honestly get somewere, and maybe then we will see changes A-Z 1-9 bitty bobity boo But seriously LO sell fallen earth to someone else, or make a single team for this game. i know you are not working on shit and i know dam well why you brought this game back online but you won't becuase you have money and think your smarter
  4. i was talking to people and they would not shut up about GEH 5 lasting an hour. change it to 24 so this subject never comes up when i talk to people about this game it's been like 2 years i'm sure it takes 5 seconds to swap some code, but knowing this janky patootie engine you will break every thing by doing so oh also revitalize 1 can not be used in combat like the rest of them and theres spelling errors and wrong info in the mutations info window also thermal still sucks balls also pepper jack cheese is the best type of cheese
  5. maybe the real prize is the friends we made along the way i mean even if i quit both of these games i can still shit post across the fourms
  6. cowhorseman

    Crash every day

    well i never knew that. explains why my old pc running what amounts to a set of chips mashed into each other can run apb much better then my newer hardware with a 1660 in it. and yea matt really isnt to blame hes the scape goat for all of g1s fuckery
  7. after 10 years were getting somewere boys. but dont piss yourselfs yet
  8. you bet buddy were on a mission to page 40 come help us
  9. if i can drive backwards at roughly mach 10 in a dumptruck apb would be fun
  10. how is changing the name again going to help make it popular. it's like people talk to eachother and will tell each other "hey that crappy apb game got renamed to "not a gta bootleg 2.0" but it still has all of the same issues as it did under apb reloaded
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