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  1. I just want my cat ears. Everything else was generic af and super fun to grind for the first time. I'll be glad to get rich off you people again starting from zero.
  2. I just need a tent to stand on. dont even need the game, just a tent and global1.
  3. I know I hated like hell the MONTHS that it took me to make my bulwark suit, and the day or so it took for my GT stage 1 defense suit was a huge breath of fresh air.
  4. If you wanna hang out with me any time soon, you better come play other games.
  5. God they need to get done so I can get back to standing on the lifenet in Embry. Or maybe a nice tent just outside of LA. I miss this damned game.
  6. I still miss helping new players in Kingman, and getting their ATV. I miss being PvP bait.
  7. It's the end of an era. I wasted a shit load of time in this game, made some good friends, and had a ton of fun. At least we are going out with a bang. Wonder where I am gonna get my drama and salt fix now?
  8. "QUICK, EVERYONE FORM A SUPER TIGHT FURBALL AND THEN ALL THE PISTOLEERS CAN JUST SHOOT IN THERE WITHOUT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT HITTING TEAM MATES!" Yeah, no, bad idea... I mean, I see where you are headed with that idea, some of us are omni because we have to be, not by choice.
  9. I mean, they unbanned the people that did really bad stuff already so at this point...
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