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  1. If anyone else stumbles upon this, the faction dudes are not the ones that sell this in Chemtown. There is a merchant that sells guns/weapons and also has this, but it isntthe tech faction merchant.
  2. Just gimme my cat ears back. Also the fedora is a nerd hat.
  3. What if I wanna start a fight with you both?
  4. "As was announced" -- It's the 17th, and that maint window already passed.
  5. SO looking forward to standing on a tent in LA.
  6. I just miss watching the toxicity. I miss the inter-faction drama. I miss the crafters begging me to tell little bean to leave them alone, like there was something I could do about him. I miss this stupid game. I miss wandering around TW looking for that damned chicken,
  7. Pretty sure the steam charts count if someone is in the launcher. I fired the launcher up since i was on an old system backup yesterday to see if it would clock hours in steam, and it does. Right now it says "1" person on, and I have the launcher up and running.
  8. I just want my cat ears. Everything else was generic af and super fun to grind for the first time. I'll be glad to get rich off you people again starting from zero.
  9. I just need a tent to stand on. dont even need the game, just a tent and global1.
  10. I know I hated like hell the MONTHS that it took me to make my bulwark suit, and the day or so it took for my GT stage 1 defense suit was a huge breath of fresh air.
  11. If you wanna hang out with me any time soon, you better come play other games.
  12. God they need to get done so I can get back to standing on the lifenet in Embry. Or maybe a nice tent just outside of LA. I miss this damned game.
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