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  1. Thanatosofone

    i got bored

    you're* and yes, I agree.
  2. Thanatosofone

    i got bored

    I could call you stupid before you made this post.
  3. Why are you still complaining about this game, Aroa? I haven't seen you in game in months.
  4. if you like that particular planner, i have hosted a copy of it for years now. https://thanata.com/planner
  5. Pepper jack is mid. I wanna taste the cheese, not whatever you packed into it. and that sandwich you mentioned is perfect for some baby swiss, or even some thin sliced smoked provolone.
  6. Look, American cheese is awesome (I am not talking about Kraft singles which are a pasteurized process cheese, which, tbh, is fine fo like, grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup) but no, it isn't the best. I would say that "the best" is a use case specific thing. Like, cream cheese is awesome for cheesecake ,, where as an aged sharp cheddar would kinda suck in that scenario. There is no best cheese, however, if there was, pepper jack wouldn't even live in the same zip code as that cheese.
  7. 1hour is fine rev 1 needs to be fixed i guess thermal OP af PepperJack is at best mid tier.
  8. In fairness to LO, two things: 1. They just removed the link i posted. 2. I didn't get banned because I reported a cheater, i got banned because when an actual GM deleted the link, and told me to not do that, I decided damn the torpedos full steam ahead, and told said GM that i would just spam it until they banned me. I spammed it, I got banned, lol. The ban was fair for what I did, even if I don't agree with removing the VIDEO PROOF, not my house, not my rules.
  9. If anyone else stumbles upon this, the faction dudes are not the ones that sell this in Chemtown. There is a merchant that sells guns/weapons and also has this, but it isntthe tech faction merchant.
  10. Just gimme my cat ears back. Also the fedora is a nerd hat.
  11. What if I wanna start a fight with you both?
  12. "As was announced" -- It's the 17th, and that maint window already passed.
  13. SO looking forward to standing on a tent in LA.
  14. I just miss watching the toxicity. I miss the inter-faction drama. I miss the crafters begging me to tell little bean to leave them alone, like there was something I could do about him. I miss this stupid game. I miss wandering around TW looking for that damned chicken,
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