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  1. I still miss helping new players in Kingman, and getting their ATV. I miss being PvP bait.
  2. It's the end of an era. I wasted a shit load of time in this game, made some good friends, and had a ton of fun. At least we are going out with a bang. Wonder where I am gonna get my drama and salt fix now?
  3. "QUICK, EVERYONE FORM A SUPER TIGHT FURBALL AND THEN ALL THE PISTOLEERS CAN JUST SHOOT IN THERE WITHOUT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT HITTING TEAM MATES!" Yeah, no, bad idea... I mean, I see where you are headed with that idea, some of us are omni because we have to be, not by choice.
  4. I mean, they unbanned the people that did really bad stuff already so at this point...
  5. One of the only things I agree with Aroa on. Yes, please get us a decent anticheat.
  6. You have told us more in 3 weeks then we got from G1 in the 5 years I have been here.
  7. An idea for a market place item might be a deattuner. You would sell a ton, another possible item might be a Clone Genetic Modifier, let you change the look of you toon, make it male/female, change teh size features etc.
  8. Any plans to get a rework on the mission rewards? It truly sucks to spend an hour on a mission chain to get a weapon that is 10 levels below any use.
  9. Welp, as long as I pay $16 a year for this server I will leave this up http://thanata.com/planner It is the rehosted one from planner.fe.ru or whatever that one was. Nysek fixed it a while back, so it should be reasonably accurate. I didn't make , so don't ask me build questions.
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